The Nesting Dolls (2020)

The Nesting Dolls Gail Bowen The Nesting Dolls Just hours before her body is found in a car in a parking lot a young woman hands her baby to a perfect stranger and disappears The stranger is the daughter of Delia Wainberg a lawyer in the same fi
  • Title: The Nesting Dolls
  • Author: Gail Bowen
  • ISBN: 9780771012754
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
The Nesting Dolls Gail Bowen Just hours before her body is found in a car in a parking lot, a young woman hands her baby to a perfect stranger and disappears The stranger is the daughter of Delia Wainberg, a lawyer in the same firm as Joanne Kilbourn s husband One close look at the child suggests that there might be a family relationship, and soon the truth about the child Delia gave up for adoptionJust hours before her body is found in a car in a parking lot, a young woman hands her baby to a perfect stranger and disappears The stranger is the daughter of Delia Wainberg, a lawyer in the same firm as Joanne Kilbourn s husband One close look at the child suggests that there might be a family relationship, and soon the truth about the child Delia gave up for adoption years ago comes out The boy must be Delia s grandson Then his mother is found dead, sexually assaulted and murdered Not only is there a killer on the loose, but the dead woman s partner is demanding custody of the child.From the Hardcover edition.
The Nesting Dolls Gail Bowen

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    486 Gail Bowen
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One thought on “The Nesting Dolls

  1. Tara (Fiction Folio)

    When I first chose this book, I didn t realize that it was part of a series When I found out afterwards, I was a little nervous that I would be totally lost and not know enough of the back story to be able to understand the storyline Thankfully, this was not the case at all.The story begins with Joanne and Zack, a couple that is thrown into a situation involving Zack s close friend and business partner I immediately fell in love with the couple because they have such a strong, understanding, and [...]

  2. Lori

    Good story Appreciate the setting Regina at Christmas All the family Kodak moments do get a bit tiresome Would have liked to see time spent fleshing out the mystery and less on the perfect and somewhat unbelievable Joanna s family life is.

  3. Anie

    The situations and events in this book are so unlikely as to make the story absurd The author didn t bother to spend any time on research, she just cranked out something that was no doubt published only because of previous successes Even little things, like a person in a wheelchair hanging out on a hotel balcony think about it, have you eve seen an accessible balcony n a ron that is mot accessible or a wood carving being produced in a matter of days, added to my annoyance at having wasted my tim [...]

  4. Lyn

    Christmas in Regina, Saskatchewan Great setting for Gail Bowen latest book If you want to read an excellent mystery series, this is it.Christmas in Regina, Saskatchewan, takes a sinister turn that involves academic Joanne Kilbourn married to successful lawyer Zach Shreve in a mystery surrounding a baby and his missing mother.Delia Wainberg, one Zack s law partners, gave up a child for adoption at the beginning of her career When her adopted parents die, Delia s daughter Abigail, a new mother her [...]

  5. Sheila

    Easy read and rather predictable but non the less enjoyable A baby is thrust into the arms of a student during a school concert, the baby s mother first making sure that isobel was Delia s daughter Abby, the baby s mother had been born to Delia many years ago and was given up for adoption to a Port Hope couple The father was unknown After Jacob the baby is cared for by Delia s husband and investigations ensue to find the father so their adoption could be legalised Long story short, Zack and Joan [...]

  6. Bobbi

    I read this book for a book club and thoroughly enjoyed it We didn t realize it was part of a series when we chose and and although it read as a good stand alone novel, I think that reading the other books in the series first would have built onto the characterization, especially of Jo.I found it very hard not to steam roll through this book and try to keep to our chapter reading each week and a few of the others in our group felt the same way I must have changed my theory on who dun it a millio [...]

  7. Craig M

    Abby Michaels gives her baby, Jacob, over to Delia Wainberg one of Zach s associate lawyers Abby is Delia s Joanne is being pressured to include Theo Brokaw, a retired judge, as a part of a TV program on the Supreme Court I am just trying to read a couple of Bowen s earlier books that I had not read I am not enjoying them like I used to The Zack Joanne relationship is too perfect, and there is no character development Bowen s plots do not seem to be as interesting as they once were The character [...]

  8. Lbaker

    Wow my favourite in this series I couldn t put it down, and had to hold myself back to not peek at the end to see if my guess was correct it was nearly but not exactly Joanne Kilbourn and her extended family are great, they re flawed, funny, quirky, grumpy, sexy, and just so real I want a picture painted by Taylor, and to recommend my daughter work for Mieka I even am tempted to visit Regina and for a born and bred west coast Canadian that is amazing.

  9. Jennifer Eagle

    I found the relationship between Joanne Killbourn and her husband somehow too precious there were serious ethical dilemmas between them and I wondered if a couple would truly breeze through them so easily I found the wonderful tension that was created at the beginning of the book over the duelling custody of the mystery child kind of fizzed out into this melting pot of agreeableness Haha I suppose I am a reader that needs sustained tension rather than mediation in a murder novel.

  10. Joanne

    Delia Noah Wainberg Young woman gives them her baby woman is Delia s daughter whom she gave up for adoption years before Myra and Judge Brokaw he s suffered a brain injury from a fall she wants Joanne to do a program about the Judge on Nationtv Abbey, Delia s daughter, is found murdered and raped Nadine Abbey s partner who wants to fight for custody of the child Zack is felled by the flu complicated by his parapalegia

  11. Naomi

    I thought the characters were interesting but the ending was a little too tidy for me.I found it hard to believe that Delia and Noah were the parents of Abby Michaels Then the fact that Judge Brokaw had befriended Abby and was the father of her baby Jacob was a little unbelievable It was fun to read about different parts of the city of Regina

  12. Cynthia Naden

    This was my pick for the Vroman s Mystery Reading Group and I did enjoy it Well written, good character development and not just about the murder mystery Bowen develops her characters and the Canadian setting lends itself well of course Bowen is a Canadian and her books take place there I would probably read another one of Bowen s books.

  13. David W.

    So am wondering what happens next bookDoes Joanne s daughter Mieka marry the new lawyer in the firm, go back to her ex, or go after the hunk physiotherapist who is looking after Zack And what happens to Zack Does the progression of the sore lead to his death.And I have to wait until the library gets it for me.

  14. Peggy

    An enjoyable series with likeable characters and interesting issues In this one, the emphasis is on one of Joanne s husband s law partners, Delia Wainberg, who has been a character in previous books Her long lost daughter given up for adoption at birth suddenly appears, but is just as suddenly murdered.

  15. Leslie Smith

    Bowen invests each of her novels with the extraordinariness of the ordinary and an eye for the complexity of family dynamics She never shows us evil wholly prevailing because she has created a central character who carries within her the goodness of humanity Bowen s mysteries are full of the tiny details of life and capture her subjects with a jeweller s eye.

  16. Christal Lee

    Gail Bowen s books are a true delight Every new book develops Zack s character in detail and adds layers to his relationship with Joanne An unexpected twist at the end wraps the story up nicely.

  17. Deb

    A nice read, characters fitting to the story I was most pleased by the portrayal of Joanne and Zack Being a paraplegic, the character of Zack was defined by his intelligence and kindness than his disability I truly enjoyed that aspect of the story.

  18. Debbie

    Yeah, not one of my favourites of hers Spent time on her personal life than the actual mystery which I figured out in the first 50 pages Also didn t like how she made everything politically correct at the end Had a chance for edginess and blew it.

  19. Penny

    Needed an easy read after Jacob de Zoet and this fit the bill I do enjoy this series but Gail Bowen is becoming so politically correct it makes my teeth hurt and so culturally snobbish it makes me laugh a bit.

  20. Joy

    I thought this was a pretty good entry into the series I did not see the ending coming unlike some of the other books in this series.

  21. Heather Anderson

    This series is always a pleasant, easy read a Canadian cosy, maybe a little too much sugar.

  22. Clare

    Another winner I love tucking in with Joanne and Zack and kids and going along for the ride as they solve the crimes that come their way.

  23. Sylvia McNicoll

    Set in Regina at Christmas time, The Nesting Dolls is a gentle mystery full of the family life, concerts and parties of the well to do A comfortable fast paced read.

  24. Mary Shelton

    Snow Candles Good food Canada A loving couple A cute baby Some funny dogs A murder victim What s not to like

  25. Lester

    I did like this bookgood storyred the baseshappy, sad, bit of mystery One of the most noticable thingsCANADIAN spelling Words such as honour and colour jumped off the pages Yay

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