La Prisonniere (2020)

La Prisonniere Marcel Proust La Prisonniere La Prisonniere est le cinquieme tome d A la recherche du temps perdu de Marcel Proust publie en a titre posthume Le theme principal de ce volume est l amour possessif et jaloux qu eprouve le narr
  • Title: La Prisonniere
  • Author: Marcel Proust
  • ISBN: 9782080703767
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
La Prisonniere Marcel Proust La Prisonniere est le cinquieme tome d A la recherche du temps perdu de Marcel Proust publie en 1925 a titre posthume Le theme principal de ce volume est l amour possessif et jaloux qu eprouve le narrateur pour Albertine Il la fait surveiller, la soupconne de liaisons homosexuelles, essaie de la retenir chez lui.
La Prisonniere Marcel Proust

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    206 Marcel Proust
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  1. Ahmad Sharabiani

    685 Remembrance of Things Past Marcel ProustLa Prisonni re la recherche du temps perdu, 5 6 , Marcel Proust 1995 1369 9643054810 1387 20 1925

  2. Fionnuala

    It will soon be a year since I read this book so writing a review of it now seems almost impossible How can I ever retrieve all the thoughts I had about the fifth book in Proust s seven volume series actually the eight in my ten volume edition It begins to seem like a sadly futile recherche du temps perdu.And yet, the urge to write something, I often wonder for whom I write my reviews, of course for myself most definitely, it bothers me a lot to leave a book unreviewed now that I have adopted th [...]

  3. Teresa

    If I didn t already know from previous volumes that our narrator tells us everything, all of his emotions and thoughts, flitting and fleeting, I might ve been thinking at the start of this that he s a psychopath He anticipates that, as he seems to anticipate everything, by later telling us If the reader has no than a faint impression of these, that is because, as narrator, I reveal my sentiments to him at the same time as I repeat my words But if I concealed the former and he were acquainted on [...]

  4. Darwin8u

    We remember the truth because it has a name, is rooted in the past, but a makeshift lie is quickly forgotten Marcel Proust, The Captive or perhaps The Fugitive I have now forgotten which This is the fifth volume of Proust s In Search of Lost Time Remembrance of Things Past In the Captive, Proust s narrator is concerned about who Obama is in love with The ardor of Speaker Boehner is face to face with the serenity of the House s hatred The happiness that Congress knows is impossible, their fear th [...]

  5. Teresa Proença

    Eug ne Vidal, Girl restings on her arms A arte extra da do real mais familiar existe efectivamente, e o seu dom nio talvez seja o mais vasto Mas n o menos certo que um grande interesse, e s vezes beleza, pode nascer de ac es decorrentes de uma forma de esp rito t o distante de tudo aquilo que sentimos, de tudo aquilo em que acreditamos, que nem sequer conseguimos compreend las, de tal modo que se desenrolam nossa frente como um espect culo sem causa Que existir de mais po tico que Xerxes, filho [...]

  6. Luís C.

    Volume 5, this block of 400 pages of obsessive and paranoid love, and its effects induced.Published in 1923, the first of three volumes released after Proust s death, La Prisonni re, volume 5 of La Recherche , is also the only one with the time found to propose no division into chapters, and this is in my opinion not at all insignificant, when one has been able to gauge, during the four preceding volumes, the extremely precise roles that Proust assigns to these divisions and their alternations o [...]

  7. Yann

    Encore un tome sympathique, qui se d vore, et qui nous plonge cette fois dans les m andres de la jalousie et de la frustration du narrateur L auteur prend tout le temps n cessaire pour examiner les moindres mouvements de l me de son h ros, sans jamais craindre d tre trop long en coupant les cheveux en quatre Mais on le suit sans rechigner.Suave, mari magno, turbantibus aequora ventis, e terra magnum alterius spectare laborem non quia vexari quemquamst iucunda voluptas, sed quibus ipse malis care [...]

  8. Isabel

    P 302 H certos desejos , s vezes circunscritos boca, que, uma vez que os deix mos crescer, exigem ser satisfeitos, sejam quais forem as consequ ncias, j n o podemos resistir tenta o de beijar um ombro decotado que h muito estamos contemplando e sobre o qual os nossos l bios se lan am como a serpente sobre o passarinho, ou de deitar a m o a um bolo a m o fascinada por uma fome irresist vel, ou de renunciar admira o, perplexidade, dor ou alegria que vamos provocar numa alma com palavras imprevista [...]

  9. Greg

    This is the only volume of the series that I ve read thus far t0 take on a singular issue a doomed relationship between our narrator Proust and Albertine as they share the Paris apartment of Proust s parents He only wants, physically, a kiss from Albertine after he climbs into bed but before she proceeds to her own bedroom in his childhood, he couldn t get to sleep until his mother kissed him goodnight He is extremely jealous of Albertine s affection for anyone else, particularly her girlfriends [...]

  10. Laila

    Okuduk a daha da i ine girdi imiz yk de, Proust un beyninin k vr mlar nda dola r gibi hissettim kendimi Combray da ba layan hikaye Albertine ve Proust aras kurgu do rultusunda ilerlerken kim mahpus sorudunu sordurtan bir kurguda ilerliyor Verdurinlerin aile ya am na ve o zamana bak lar ndaki snoblu un, Charlus Baronu nun tav rlar ndaki sebeplerin anlat m n okurken kendinizi g r nmez olmu da olaylar canli hissediyor gibi g r yorsunuz Bu kitapta en ok dikkatimi eken ey Vinteuil ile ilgili b l mler [...]

  11. Michael Finocchiaro

    In this book, we see dissected like a frog in a laboratory, the obsessive possessive behaviour of the narrator who is hopelessly in love with Albertine and wished to capture her and hold her prisonner but does not seem to realize that Albertine is not just a bird in a cage but a free spirit needing release he will learn this very painfully later one It is the shortest book of La Recherche I believe and there was a beautiful French movie made from it with Romain Duris It ends in tragedy which lea [...]

  12. Carloesse

    Ripresa la lettura dopo la sosta , con la stessa soddisfazione e il ritrovato entusiasmo nel procedere delle pagine Riservandomi come sempre il commento completo solo alla fine dell opera, mi soffermo solo per riassumere brevemente che l intero volume tratta della breve convivenza forse meno di un anno di Albertine a casa di Marcel, nel ruolo di sua ospite provvisoria ma da Marcel avvertito sempre pi come una prigione, che ingabbia lei da qui il titolo ma anche lui stesso Nell alternanza tra des [...]

  13. Vale

    La prigioniera Albertine, la donna amata, ma anche l anima del narratore perch l a, scrive Proust, tanto pi intenso quanto pi impossibile.Albertine, la giovane fanciulla in fiore, ha amori saffici e colora la realt di menzogne mal architettate che gettano il narratore nello sconforto pi assoluto, ma soprattutto monopolizzano la sua mente, innescano la gelosia, perch egli sa che lei non lo ama Difatti tutte le possibili azioni di Albertine avvenivano dentro di me Di tutti gli esseri che conosciam [...]

  14. Nelson Zagalo

    Depois de no volume anterior Proust nos ter torrado a paci ncia com a snoberia social, neste volume afunda totalmente em si, arrastando nos para o interior de si Por um fluxo de consci ncia escrito, abre nos um acesso directo at sua n o consci ncia Temos quase todo o livro dedicado s interroga es de Marcel, a prop sito do seu amor ci me chegando ao sadismo por Albertine, que passa todo o livro prisioneira em casa deste Contudo, Proust consegue fazer deste quinto volume o mais agitado, criando me [...]

  15. Leonard

    More than a commentary on Swann s jealousy or M Charlus s homosexuality or the frivolity of the Guermantes sorties, Marcel Proust s monumental work In Search of Lost Time paints the unsuccessful reconstruction of a forgone world and a lost existence from fickle memories, which like morning mists would fade with the rising sun The narrator Marcel, longing for a past that didn t exist but must be created, sought to experience Bergson s continuous time rather than the fragmented and still framed in [...]

  16. Greg

    On through the next installment of Marcel Proust s opus In this book the reader is finally given the narrator s name, or possibly given it since he only makes a side mention that it might be the same as the author, and that for the sake of the passage he s writing to think of it as Marcel It s a little weird that possibly a couple of thousand pages went by before him having to even give cause to use his name The lack of names for anyone in his family is something that I keep finding interesting, [...]

  17. Richard

    Relatively speaking there was a lot of suspense in this volume There are the usual themes the self, especially during the moment between sleeping and waking, art, time, eternity, happiness, etc.But there are also moments of high drama, carefully prepared Will the wily yet transparent Monsieur de Charlus gain ascendancy over the domineering and manipulative Madame Verdurin Will the narrator tame the seemingly docile yet wilful Albertine More importantly will he ever do anything of significance wi [...]

  18. Laura

    The original French text is available at La Biblioth que lectronique du Qu bec 1ere partie.The original French text is available at La Biblioth que lectronique du Qu bec 2eme partie.Le narrateur est de retour Paris, dans la maison de ses parents, absents pour le moment Il y vit avec Albertine, et Fran oise, la bonne Les deux amants ont chacun leur chambre et leur salle de bains Le narrateur fait tout pour contr ler la vie d Albertine, afin d viter qu elle donne des rendez vous des femmes Il la m [...]

  19. Lada Fleur

    Un tome de La Recherche vraiment extraordinaire Deux espaces deux temps Une realte et des reves Un beau exterieur Un interieur porteur de secret L ame qui se derobe dans l espace meconnu Un tome qui est beau sur le pouvoir d amour et l Amour comme impossibilite de percevoir le secret au cours de son deroulement

  20. Mike Clinton

    This fifth volume of Proust s A la recherche opus left me with mixed feelings At times the repeated rounds of unhinged jealousy, intense ardor, reassurance and indifference that the Narrator describes struck me as tedious and predictable His mercurial emotional character and manipulative possessiveness also made him unlikable in a way that I hadn t found him to be in the previous volumes Still, it s such a pleasure to read that my occasional irritation with these aspects don t eclipse my enjoyme [...]

  21. Xandra

    Volume 5 goes deep into creepy territory and dispels all remaining doubts that the narrator has any chance of ever passing a psychological evaluation As much as he tries to hide under an umbrella of universal truths , his jealousy and possessiveness aren t solely displeasing, common human traits They are alarming and pathological He says things like Jealousy is often only an anxious need to be tyrannical applied to matters of love and we nod approvingly What level of tyranny are we talking about [...]

  22. Licinius

    Haletant Suant Etouffant La Prisonni re est un livre presque part, une enclave dans cette recherche du temps perdu, un d sert d illusions D un c t , le Narrateur Marcel compl tement rong par la jalousie, qui d cide d atteindre l absolu, c est dire de ne plus tre s par de celle qui le rend jaloux traduire amoureux , en enfermant l objet de sa jalousie maladive chez lui Albertine est sa Prisonni re Mais curieusement, c est surtout le Narrateur qui est prisonnier dans ce roman Prisonnier de chez lu [...]

  23. Noreen

    It s hard to believe this is my third time through this thing ISOLT I swear that I am never reading it again though I suppose I m not the first person to say that while reading this particular volume Thank god that Time Regained is just around the corner.

  24. Caroline

    When I was about midway through A la Recherche I read that Nabokov said it that the first half was one of the four or three or five or whatever best books of the 20th century I m not in that camp quite yet, but leaning toward it Things are definitely slowing down in the second half When Proust takes out his palette to talk about the wider Parisian society, and sometimes when he writes about memory, time, etc he is wonderful But the endless pages on love and obsession are too much I have stated r [...]

  25. Jose Angel Tejero

    El t tulo de este quinto volumen es muy oportuno Marcel, terriblemente angustiado por los celos, desea una Albertina d cil y esclava, encerrada en su mundo Pero esto no calma su angustia, pues sabe que Albertina se siente empeque ecida a su lado El dolor aparece como una terrible paradoja por un lado es la llama que mantiene viva su pasi n por Albertina, pero es un dolor t xico del que quiere desprenderse No le ser nada f cil, quiz porque el dolor es precisamente lo nico que le mantiene unido a [...]

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