The Case of the Counterfeit Eye (2020)

The Case of the Counterfeit Eye Erle Stanley Gardner The Case of the Counterfeit Eye After wealthy businessman Hartley Bassett s apparent suicide Perry Mason discovers too many suspects who may have wanted him dead to believe the obvious evidence of a suicide note and three guns near
  • Title: The Case of the Counterfeit Eye
  • Author: Erle Stanley Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780345331953
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
The Case of the Counterfeit Eye Erle Stanley Gardner After wealthy businessman Hartley Bassett s apparent suicide, Perry Mason discovers too many suspects who may have wanted him dead to believe the obvious evidence of a suicide note and three guns near the body.
The Case of the Counterfeit Eye Erle Stanley Gardner

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    371 Erle Stanley Gardner
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One thought on “The Case of the Counterfeit Eye

  1. Evgeny

    A guy came to Perry Mason s office with a very unusual problem To explain it I and any reader of this installment had to learn a lot about artificial eyes in US of early thirties.The info is not boring by the way Anyhow, we are talking about high quality glass eyes made by very rare specialists To fool people into thinking both of your eyes are fine and natural, people with one eye missing lost in an accident for example had to use several artificial ones through the day In the morning one has t [...]

  2. James Thane

    This is an early Perry Mason novel As is the case with most of these books, the plot is very convoluted and only a wizard like Perry Mason could ever explain it The case begins when a man loses his glass eye and show up in Perry s office, asking Perry to represent him He is afraid that his lost eye might turn up at the scene of a murder that has not yet been committed and needs Perry s protection Most attorneys, of course, would be completely flummoxed by such a request, but Perry takes it in st [...]

  3. Lisa

    3.5 starsEnjoyable cosy mystery delivered by super lawyer Perry Mason Artful and mischievous as always this plot is pretty complicated building to an excellent conclusion.These stories are fast paced, addictive and lots of fun.

  4. John Defrog

    I ve read Erle Stanley Gardner once before but I ve never read his Perry Mason books which is remarkable since 1 I liked the TV show, and 2 my mom had a bunch of them on her bookshelf when I was a kid Now that somewhat hilariously the American Bar Association is reprinting the Mason series, I decided it was time to try one This is one of the earlier ones, which starts with a one eyed client who claims someone stole his glass eye and he wants Mason to provide him with insurance in case the eye sh [...]

  5. Jeff Miller

    I picked this up as a daily deal I have never read any of the Perry Mason books, just grew up on the reruns of the TV show.Still i was not prepared for how good this was and just how interesting the character of the detective lawyer Perry Mason was The show presented some of this, but once again the book is always better.

  6. Harold

    Still enjoying these I m not one to write plot summaries and enough of the reviewers do to make any summary by me superflous This book marks Hamilton Burger s first appearance and perhaps sets the stage for Sgt Holcomb s retirement Perhaps to make the way for Lieut Tragg.

  7. Boremomsn.Com

    This is the first Perry Mason novel that the D.A Hamilton Burger appears in Back from the old TV shows, I ve often wondered if the name Ham Burger wasn t in the back of Stanley Gardner s mind This was a hard mystery to follow as the plot was very convoluted There were a lot of characters, a lot of red herrings, and while it resolved in the end, it just wasn t as good a story as others It is fast paced, only 201 pages, and it has all the elements an Erle Stanley Gardner fan expects Still, it is t [...]

  8. Carl

    Erle Stanley Gardner s famous lawyer Perry Mason is back in The Case of the Counterfeit Eye This is one of his earlier stories, which starts with a one eyed client who has one glass eye Having grown up in the 50 s, I almost grew up watching Raymond Burr as Perry Mason Recently, I started reading the novels, and these Mason novels just keep getting better I really enjoy them they are good and relatively quick, easy reads.In this story, the one eyed client claims someone stole his expensive glass [...]

  9. William

    While there is a lot here that could be better ergo, my three star rating , this is still a fun read, especially for those interested in the history of the detective mystery novel.The archaic qualities are a glimpse into history misogyny aplenty, of course, and countless cigarettes but also just an interesting of life as it was almost a hundred years ago Mason even wears a smoking jacket while alone at home I loved what passed for hard boiled writing back then Now where s the stunt , Nerts , he [...]

  10. susan haris

    Not exceptional The word cinch was used a lot I want to smile lugubriously in life And if I am very successful, at work I want to smile urbanely When asked why this female bluebeard, Hazel Fenwick, does what she does, Perry Mason says it is a kind of a disease and a phrase I liked very much a mental quirk.

  11. Lorilee

    I love this series I have been working towards reading the entire series I love how old fashioned they are As a woman it is shocking how they treat and talk to women Such a different time Good reminder that things have changed even if it is not perfect.

  12. Coleen

    Publishd in 1935, this Perry Mason story had to be one of the first P.M s written by Gardner Not THE first, but one of them In this book, Perry goes head to head with Hamilton Burger for the first time The plot is intricate, complex, and of course, interesting, as are his other stories He is edgy and daring, doing things that he would not get away with on television and in later stories, no doubt But in the 1930 s, lawyers could try whatever they thought they could do to help win their case The [...]

  13. Pallavi

    A wealthy person in banking sector kills himself and a glass eye is found in the dead body s hand Perry Mason is handling a case in which his client has lost his glass eye and was found with the dead body The homicide department thinks that this was murder not suicide and three guns are found on the crime seen Now Mason has to protect his client and the women who was married to the wealthy person That wealthy person has a adopted son and a wife, who also is the prime witness of the crime The way [...]

  14. Elderberrywine

    A nifty little puzzle that never actually ends up going on trial, wherein I learned a good deal of information regarding the manufacture and wearing of glass eyes.It s also memorable for the introduction of Hamilton Burger, Perry s usual adversary He stops by Perry s office, before he s involved in the case in question, to introduce himself as the new DA, noting though Perry seems to use a lot of dramatic tricks in court, they are usually for the purpose of clearing an innocent victim, adding th [...]

  15. Rich Meyer

    Another good Perry Mason mystery, though much like the last, the ending is a bit rushed and forced While Perry again makes it to court, it s not in an actual trial yet just in the preliminaries to see if there s enough evidence to bring charges against the accused This one has Perry doing a mess o things he probably shouldn t be doing, and it s hard to understand why he wasn t thrown in jail himself, other than to consider that it was the thirties and the law was different back then Well written [...]

  16. Ruthmgon

    This one is pretty great lots of fiddling with the evidence and witnesses it seems to be the first time Perry Mason meets Hamilton Burger They shout back and forth and pontificate in front of the very annoyed judge You can t get upset about Perry s lack of honesty here or you just won t enjoy it The original story also involves all kinds of glass eyes The creep factor is high with them seemingly everywhere In the TV version they changed the story to be I believe a toupee instead of eyes and not [...]

  17. Jessi

    Notable for being Perry s first run in with Hamilton Burger, this has to be one of the earlier Mason stories This one opens with a brother and sister coming in for help The brother, an insouciant ass, is being blackmailed and his sister is insisting he ask Perry for help As Perry works the case, the blackmailer, who of course has no end of enemies, turns up dead And then its a race against the cops who are trying to pin the murder on another client of Perry s, the man with one eye who is looking [...]

  18. Robyn

    Kindle Owners Lending Library I m really glad that I discovered that most of the Perry Mason mysteries are available free via KOLL, I m enjoying them quite a bit, especially since it means I can only read one each month, so there s enough time between books to not be bothered by the formulaic writing I meant to read them as close to in order as possible, but I downloaded my June book when I wasn t near an internet capable device, so I couldn t look up which was next It was very loosely placed in [...]

  19. Ed

    6 in the Perry Mason A unique plot twist elevates this 1935 series entry.Perry Mason series Peter Brunold has had his bloodshot false eye stolen Harry McLane has embezzled funds from Hartley Basset and won t reveal the name of his accomplice Basset winds up dead, an apparent suicide except for the presence of 3 guns 2 of which were fired Clutched in Basset s hand is a bloodshot eye DA Hamilton Burger makes first appearance.

  20. Shruti

    Perry Masons are always amazing D This one didn t disappoint view spoiler I really loved what Mason did with Thelma Bevins as Hazel Really good idea, IMO Though there were so many things that could have gone wrong with that I never even remotely suspected Coleman hide spoiler The thing is, in Gardner s books, you don t understand exactly what s going on until you read the last few pages After that, you feel like a genius D

  21. Lee Ann

    Good but the deus ex machina is getting annoying And isn t hiring someone to impersonate a witness rather unethical It may be an early book in the series Hamilton Burger is introduced as a new character He s a new DA who doesn t want to prosecute an innocent man, then goes all Nifong on us He s not as much of a caricature as he later becomes.

  22. Jo

    Great classicThis is one of the earliest in the series Gardner s wily attorney comes up against Prosecutor Hamilton Burger for the first time and sparks fly in the courtroom like it s the fourth of July.

  23. A Michael

    It s a shame that whomever types the Perry Mason books for electronic publication has made several disconcerting typographical errors in each of the ones that I ve read so far But they are nonetheless enjoyable and fast paced murderer mysteries.

  24. Emily

    I know I ve read this one before, but I forgot pretty much the entire plot, especially the B and C plots But it s a rip roaring good time, like all Perry Mason novels, and I didn t guess the culprit until quite late I say that s a good mystery.

  25. Phil

    Contains the introduction of the character DA Hamilton Burger I enjoyed contrasting the book characters with the TV representations The convoluted plot lost me and the denouement didn t quite satisfy, but it was fun hearing the voices of Raymond Burr and William Talman in my head.

  26. Doug Dams

    A man asks for Perry s help when one of his artificial eyes he has six is stolen and then found at a murder scene Because the eyes are custom made the police are convinced they have their man Perry has a lot to investigate to clear his client The glass eyes provide a nice twist in this story.

  27. Rebecca

    Content So many plot twists and lovely confusing details And you gotta love the pandemonium that breaks out in the court room.Mechanics Gardner writes especially well when the setting is in the court room Squeaky Clean some bad language.

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