Koudegolf (2020)

Koudegolf Arnaldur Indriðason Willemien Werkman Koudegolf In een meer even ten zuiden van Reykjav k wordt het lichaam van een dode man ontdekt De waterspiegel is na een aardbeving drastisch gedaald waardoor het menselijke skelet zichtbaar is geworden Het lic
  • Title: Koudegolf
  • Author: Arnaldur Indriðason Willemien Werkman
  • ISBN: 9789056721831
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
Koudegolf Arnaldur Indriðason Willemien Werkman In een meer even ten zuiden van Reykjav k wordt het lichaam van een dode man ontdekt De waterspiegel is na een aardbeving drastisch gedaald waardoor het menselijke skelet zichtbaar is geworden Het lichaam blijkt vastgeketend, waarmee een natuurlijke dood is uitgesloten Gaat het hier om een afgedankte spion Erlendur, El nborg en Sigur ur li worden met deze zaak belast In een meer even ten zuiden van Reykjav k wordt het lichaam van een dode man ontdekt De waterspiegel is na een aardbeving drastisch gedaald waardoor het menselijke skelet zichtbaar is geworden Het lichaam blijkt vastgeketend, waarmee een natuurlijke dood is uitgesloten Gaat het hier om een afgedankte spion Erlendur, El nborg en Sigur ur li worden met deze zaak belast Hun naspeuringen leiden hen naar het naoorlogse Leipzig waar een tragische geschiedenis van liefde, verlies en ongekende wreedheid begon
Koudegolf Arnaldur Indriðason Willemien Werkman

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One thought on “Koudegolf

  1. Jim Fonseca

    Another murder mystery from the northlands Iceland this time A skeleton is revealed when a lake is naturally drained due to an earthquake The skeleton had been weighted down by Russian radio equipment Who can it be Our three Icelandic detectives start investigating people who disappeared around the time of the Cold War It turns out that several Communist leaning Icelandic students went to study in East Germany at that time, one of whom disappeared So quite a bit of the story takes us back to wha [...]

  2. Jeffrey Keeten

    He went away, but all the samehe ll never go away, she said with a sad smile playing across her lips I know, Erlendur said I know what you mean After an earthquake, a lake begins to disappear, revealing a skeleton with Cold War Russian technology wrapped around the neck to help it sink to the bottom of the lake bed and stay there The pathologists determine that the skeleton is male and has been there since the 1960s The Icelandic police department pulls all the missing person files from that era [...]

  3. Pantelis

    This is a murder mystery novel with an espionage sub plot It made me think of The spy who came in from the cold In this case, the spy came from the cold war into the icelandic cold Inspector Erlendur is designed to win the reader s sympathy If you want to follow a career as a homicide detective in a Nordic crime novel, you have to be mildly depressed, divorced, a semi failure as a parent and most preferably dealing with loss and trauma Otherwise, you are not qualified for the job

  4. Kristine Brancolini

    Arnaldur Indridason is my new favorite mystery author I m reading about one book in the series each week and anticipating the next book in the series I read other books, too, but I can t wait to get back to Indridason The Draining Lake reminds me of Silence of the Grave in a number of ways all positive This book features the discovery of a long buried skeleton and the mystery reaches into Iceland s past This time, the present connects to the Cold War, retelling the story of some Icelandic studen [...]

  5. Bonnie Brody

    I am smitten with this Icelandic mystery series Detective Erlandur is the most empathetic, eccentric and unique protagonist that I ve met in a suspense novel With his family baggage, his ever deepening interests in obscure aspects of a case, and steadfast honesty, he creates the backbone for Arnaldur Indridason s novels.In this novel, the reader is first met with a skeleton discovered in a lake whose surface level has been shrinking over the years It is determined that the skeleton is several de [...]

  6. Tulara

    I don t why I picked this book Sometimes I walk past the library shelves in Fiction and just pick one up If I like the cover I know so scientific , I ll read it.So, begins why I had this book It s written by an Icelandic writer, Arnaldur Indridason and it was translated into English On my last horrid plane ride with one stop 3 hours that took 10 hours , I met a man from Iceland one a stopover in Phoenix he and a friend were on their way to a dinner in Taos he was Wiccan He wore a long black cape [...]

  7. Ângela Costa

    Diferente dos dois anteriores que li, mas mantendo a mesma qualidade Arnaldur, surpreendeu me com o seu livro La os de Sangue , desde logo fiquei com a sensa o que seria um autor a seguir e n o me enganei O Mist rio do Lago encheu me completamente as medidas, proporcionando me uma agrad vel e surpreendente leitura Fico aguardar o pr ximo

  8. Col

    Synopsis.In the wake of an earthquake, the water level of an Icelandic lake drops suddenly, revealing the skeleton of a man half buried in its sandy bed It is clear immediately that it has been there for many years There is a large hole in the skull Yet mysteriously, a heavy communication device is attached to it, possibly some sort of radio transmitter, bearing inscriptions in Russian.The police are called in and Erlendur, Elinborg and Sigurdur Oli begin their investigation, which gradually le [...]

  9. Nancy Oakes

    The story behind Erlendur s Draining Lake investigation begins not with the discovery of bones in a lake bed, but in the 1950s in Leipzig At that time it was part of the GDR, and students were being recruited to come to the university there to study Some Icelandic socialist students were part of the recruitment effort but many discovered that there was a catch to their free education once they had been there for a while Flashforward to the present, where a hydrologist examining a lake bed finds [...]

  10. Tanja Berg

    Rating 2.5 out of 5 I knew this wasn t really my cup of tea when I picked it up An old skeleton found at the bottom of a dried out lake with leads to communist Germany a zillion years ago It sounded like a sleeping pill, which it also turned out to be The reason I picked it up and kept reading is that I m quite enjoying this author and did not want to miss out on a book in the series, despite the fact that the themes presented weren t ones I relish Erlendur who investigates the cold case murder [...]

  11. Ed

    The un charasmatic but always engaging Detective Erlandur works a cold case on an exposed volcanic lake bed identifying the remains of someone who might have been murdered years ago Interestingly, the skeleton was wrapped in an obsolete Russian listening device This very cold case finds Erlandur and Co tracing socialist Icelandic students studying in the police state of East Germany in the post war period for possible connections A very complex, dynamic plot structure kept me turning pages in th [...]

  12. Tanuj Solanki

    The Pleasures of Stodginessthis article, about Arnaldur Indri ason s Inspector Erlendur series of novels, first appeared in Business Line s Saturday supplement, BLinkIt begins with the discovery of a corpse A brooding detective, usually male, and with a shattered private life, gets on the case He has a team of two or three, and they do the basic work of identifying the corpse The forensic report is likely to be delayed The investigation proceeds so slowly that it sometimes appears to be not prog [...]

  13. Gerti

    Ein au erordentlich gut geschriebener und seelische Tiefen auslotender Kriminalroman um Kommissar Erlendur.

  14. Ankit Agrawal

    I had read somewhere that Iceland has the highest ratio of number of books read per person than any other country in the world and also that every 1 of 10 Icelanders go on to become a writer or a poet I seriously don t know whether that is true or not but it seriously itched me to read something from Iceland I wondered despite of the low population in Iceland if there are so many writers and so many books read why haven t we seen any great write or great books emerging from the country The probl [...]

  15. Librariel

    Literaire thriller die deze kwalificatie verdient, een klein trapje hoger dan L ckberg, die net als Indridason en Gisa Kl nne erg goed is in het wisselen van vertelperspectief en het geloofwaardig, genuanceerd schetsen van de karakters van de personages.Mijn enige andere vergelijkingspunten in de Scandinavische misdaadliteratuur zijn Karin Fossum en Stieg Larsson.De eerste is niet slecht als schrijfster van psychologische thrillers, de andere was onderlegd en schreef een spannende maar niet lite [...]

  16. Calzean

    The book has the police, murder, mystery and a lot about Icelandic communists during the cold war.The murder is solved by a lot of assumptions and gut feelings with no real clues The extended parts of Icelandic students studying Leipzig could have been so much shorter Not enough in this book to make we want to read any in this series.

  17. Reinhold

    Hier zu besprechen ist der sechste Band der f nfte auf Deutsch erschienene aus der Reihe rund um Kommissar Erlendur von der Reykjaviker Polizei Durch das langsame Absinken des Wasserspiegels eines Sees wird ein Skelett freigelegt, das vor rund drei ig Jahren in diesem See versenkt wurde Sehr schnell wird klar, dass es sich um einen Mordfall handeln muss, ist doch der Sch del zertr mmert und das Skelett an ein russisches Abh rger t gebunden mit dem es auf dem Seeboden festgehalten wurde.Obwohl ke [...]

  18. Lawrence

    I have been ill lately and have turned to mysteries I d forgotten how satisfying and emotionally compelling they can be when written by a master like Camilleri or Dibden, Mankel or Arnaldur Indridason.Mr A.I is different from the others I listed For one thing, his environment is considerably bleak, and his characters even the brash Sigurdur Oli seem isolated, prone to unhappiness Also, on a less serious note, food and drink do not have a role in this book I note, though, that one character, E [...]

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