Honey, Baby, Sweetheart (2020)

Honey, Baby, Sweetheart Deb Caletti Amanda Ronconi Honey Baby Sweetheart It is summer in the Northwest town of Nine Mile Falls and sixteen year old Ruby McQueen ordinarily dubbed The Quiet Girl finds herself hanging out with gorgeous rich thrill seeking Travis Becker
  • Title: Honey, Baby, Sweetheart
  • Author: Deb Caletti Amanda Ronconi
  • ISBN: 9781423396444
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Audio CD
Honey, Baby, Sweetheart Deb Caletti Amanda Ronconi It is summer in the Northwest town of Nine Mile Falls, and sixteen year old Ruby McQueen, ordinarily dubbed The Quiet Girl, finds herself hanging out with gorgeous, rich, thrill seeking Travis Becker But Ruby is in over her head, and finds she is risking and when she s with him.In an effort to keep Ruby occupied, Ruby s mother, Ann, drags Ruby to the weekly bookIt is summer in the Northwest town of Nine Mile Falls, and sixteen year old Ruby McQueen, ordinarily dubbed The Quiet Girl, finds herself hanging out with gorgeous, rich, thrill seeking Travis Becker But Ruby is in over her head, and finds she is risking and when she s with him.In an effort to keep Ruby occupied, Ruby s mother, Ann, drags Ruby to the weekly book club she runs When it is discovered that one of the group s own members is the subject of the tragic love story they are reading, Ann and Ruby spearhead a reunion between the long ago lovers But for Ruby, this mission turns out to be much than just a road trip
Honey, Baby, Sweetheart Deb Caletti Amanda Ronconi

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    124 Deb Caletti Amanda Ronconi
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One thought on “Honey, Baby, Sweetheart

  1. Milly

    I don t often dislike books but this one I truly had a difficult time completing I started skimming through this book towards the middle of the book when I realized it was not getting any better I didn t want to just abandon it as I ve never ever abandoned a book before so I skimmed it all the way to the end It was just really sad that I found this book boring and insignificant I didn t find any of the characters appealing or interesting enough to follow their stories I just didn t connect with [...]

  2. Katy

    This is one of the greatest YA fiction novels I have ever read I went into it with skeptism because the person who recommended the book to me loves stories where one of the lovers in a relationship dies at the end and I hate those sorts of stories This was a lot than a story about summer love In fact, I guess it is nothing about that It s about love in general between family, friends, and your soul mate It s about finding and completing yourself not by someone else, but in yourself All too ofte [...]

  3. Dani

    I was on the line about whether to add this book to the enjoyably bad shelf, since I couldn t decide if it was actually bad Cheesy, fluffy, and overly quirky, sure, but bad Well, I m on disc 5 now, and I ve decided It is bad Still enjoyable, though What s best about this book dead on portrayal of bad love The teenage main character and her mother each have a dumbass bad boy in their life that they can t seem to quit The magnetism and idiocy of the boys and the addictive results of that very spec [...]

  4. Nic

    Rating A 3.5 stars This is a realistic and tender coming of age story I love Caletti writing style So thoughtful and beautiful I highlighted so many quotes from this book Enjoyed the plot at the beginning but about two thirds of the way in I got a little bored If it had a strong plot it could have been a brilliant read All the characters were interesting and well rounded Overall another good book from Caletti but not quite as strong Stay which I read recently also Sorry for the lack of review bu [...]

  5. Books and Literature for Teens

    Once again Caletti has created a vividly adventurous and humorous home spun coming of age story My first Caletti novel was The Secret Life of Prince Charming and oh the characters It s the same with Honey, Baby, Sweetheart The characters are jewelsd the story is so familiar yet so enjoyable.Ruby McQueen doesn t hang out with boys She s a good girl, has one girlfriend, a love sick insecure librarian mother, a little brother, and a chewing machine of a dog Typical family, typical girl falls for th [...]

  6. Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)

    For the most part, I liked this When it wasn t focused on the bad boy subplot But I liked how it got resolved at least.I found myself interested in the mom s book club members and helping out a fellow member That also includes a road trip And Ruby and her family bonding along the way, etc.Other than that, this was an okay but good in moments kind of read.

  7. Nomes

    I have mixed feelings about my first Deb Caletti read.I loved the idea of this book the Quiet Girl and the rich, wild boy and one summer where everything goes a little crazy.I also loved portions of the prose Every now and then a sentence paragraph sentiment would just be perfectly captured you could highlight this little book like crazy with all those hidden gems.Unfortunately, those gems do get hidden drowning in often over written passages If I were to edit this book I would pare it right bac [...]

  8. Chachic

    Originally posted here.Based on the summary above, you d think that this is just a contemporary YA novel with a love story While the romance is a huge aspect of the novel, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart contains much This is a story about a teenage girl finding herself She believes she s in love with a bad boy when in fact, she s in love with the idea of falling in love I could totally relate to Ruby even though she s known as The Quiet Girl and I ve never been the shy type In fact, I m the opposite [...]

  9. Savannah (Books With Bite)

    What I liked most was the love and self discovery in this book Have you ever fallen in love with a boy who is just all wrong for you He gets you to lie, do bad things and even almost gets you seriously hurt The MC discover who she really is and not who the boy defines her as Ruby meets a boy who not only make her fall fast but he knows it as well Ruby thinks that because age loves him she can t be who she is Her mother is a great role She has been through a lot and shows Ruby what love really is [...]

  10. Thomas

    The unavoidable factor that underlies all of Deb Calleti s books is their uniqueness Sometimes, the uniqueness is good streamlined writing, interesting characters that are not too quirky, and a well defined plot Other times, it is bad This was one of the bad ones.This being my third book by Deb Calleti, I was not quite sure what to expect One of her other books I had given two stars, while her most recent novel I had given five On the other hand, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart is a National Book Award [...]

  11. Cherylann

    Based on the cover and the title and a little bit of the flap copy , I thought this was going to be your typical YA chicklit book I won t name any names here, but there were a few authors I was thinking of as I picked this up Boy, was I ever wrong Okay, okay There was the quiet, good girl who fell for the bad boy And yes, you knew he was trouble from the first moment Ruby spied his motorcycle parked on the front lawn of his house What I didn t expect when I picked up this book were the Casserole [...]

  12. Cara

    My sister reviewed this book and made it sound so delicious, I had to get it By the time it arrived, I had forgotten any of the details of her review just a halo of Dani over the book so I was expecting it to be really good I started reading, and it was kind of horrible I kept going, getting and appalled, thinking, She thought this was good What on earth am I going to say to her It was only when I interrupted my reading for a BBQ potato chip quest that I remembered she shelved it enjoyably bad [...]

  13. NTE

    Ruby McQueen s summer is not turning out at all like she d thought it would this Quiet Girl is managing to be loud in all sorts of unexpected ways There so much about this book, and these characters that I loved Ruby was as real to me as a fictional character can be Sixteen year old NTE was right there with her while she did all sorts of stupid things, not knowing how to make herself stop There was the relationship between Ruby and her mother, Ann, which felt so true that it almost hurt or the e [...]

  14. Gaby Méndez

    I heard that she was a great author but I honestly hated this book Was really boring and nothing important or interesting happened It s not worth it reading this book.

  15. Melanie Barrall

    Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti 308 pagesIn the book Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, by Deb Caletti, Ruby Mc Queen, the protagonist, is 16 years old and lives in the small town of Nine Mile Falls, Texas with her mom, Ann and her brother, Chip Jr Her dad, Chip had left her family a little after Chip Jr was born hoping for luck in the music business Ann still loved Chip and so whenever he came to visit, she would be in a great mood and buy expensive food for them, even though it was hard because s [...]

  16. Someoneyouknow

    I ve read this book several months ago and I didn t particularly enjoy it The writing style is pretty good, but I had a problem with the characters and the way the author tells her story like it s a cautionary tale and it should teach teenagers what to avoid in life and how to behave I absolutely hate it when the author tries to teach the readers a lesson The moral of this tale is simple you shouldn t let other people influence you in a bad way, you shouldn t value your boyfriend s opinions tha [...]

  17. Jordyn

    I was surprised by how great this book was I couldn t put it down It was meaningful but also funny I loved her and her brother s little games and the old people They were hilarious If you ever, and I mean EVER use anything you learned in chemistry in your real adult life, I want you to call me From wherever you are Even if you re eighty, I want that call Sydney, I actually used something I learned in chemistry class Promise me My feelings exactly We are thickly layered, page lying upon page, beh [...]

  18. Julie Spohn

    I loved this book it truly to me to another world I could picture everything so perfectly I love ruby she is a very likable person I totally get her and all the characterseven travis I presonly love him and I think he actually a good person I think he was wounded by his parents and that why he acts the way he dose If I was ruby I would have fallen for him too, a girl always wants to make a bad boy goodso Rudy s relationship with her brother reminds me of mine with my bro.ohhh I can t even explai [...]

  19. Kim

    This YA novel was a finalist for the National Book Award Deb Caletti is rapidly becoming one of my favorite YA authors In HBS, Ruby s voice is fresh, clever and dear I especially loved the relationship between Ruby and her Mom Caletti is especially skilled at creating rich teenage voices who have equally rich adults in their lives All her characters are layered, flawed, funny and real.

  20. Sarah Marie

    3.5 maybe a 3.25 This is something that I m going to have to write my review on and fully flesh out my thoughts I think I appreciated it a lot now than when I had originally read it Review to come.Honey, Baby, Sweetheart was a good read and the characters were likeable I liked how Ruby learned to a lesson and became a stronger character.

  21. Monique

    Originally posted here.To say that I was utterly conflicted about this book would be an understatement I was incredulous at some of the characters, I had difficulty digesting what the author really wanted to convey, and I had trouble joining together the two seemingly disjointed sub stories involved.Sixteen year old Ruby McQueen is dubbed The Quiet Girl until she no longer is quiet, that is all thanks to filthy rich, motorcycle riding bad boy Travis Becker Suddenly, all she ever thought she was [...]

  22. Brenda Lane

    Wow this book was awesome, I m surprised it has such a low score here on like truly don t understand the negativity, honestly the writing was actually PHENOMENAL there were times when it legitimately left me breathless as to the plot it was quite amazing sure it s not the most action packed book in history but it was so poetic and deep and I was able to personally relate to the main character I love all the secondary characters they were so real and well created I m quite sure this is one of my [...]

  23. Andreia Silva

    Deb Caletti , oficialmente, uma das minhas autoras favoritas Quero ler tudo o que esta mulher escreve o que n o assim t o pouco, para minha alegria O que eu mais gosto nestes livro que, apesar de serem rotulados de YA e s o, na realidade e de terem como protagonistas de hist ria adolescentes, s o livros profundos, complexos e acima de tudo inspiradores Honey, Baby, Sweetheart traz nos uma quiet girl, aquele menina que faz tudo para que o mundo passe por ela e n o a reconhe a, que lhe permita fic [...]

  24. Derrith

    If you are looking for a typical teen love story,look elsewhere Yes, it s true that a portion of the book is taken up with the story of how Ruby falls for Travis But from the beginning,we know things will not work out Travis is a bad boy, and not just because he rides his motorcycle too fast He makes Ruby do things that cause pain for herself and those she cares about Once she figures this out, or accurately, acknowledges what she has always known, she throws herself into the adventure of reuni [...]

  25. Bette

    This book was highlighted in the textbook I use to teach my YA lit class college level One of my students had given it a good review, so I gave it a try I was very frustrated with the main character, who is attracted to a rich, good looking bad boy w a motorcycle and a penchant for stealing Though his motivation remains elusive why would he steal when he s already so rich I can see why a shy girl like Ruby would be attracted to this boy, but when she helps him rob her employer, who also is an ol [...]

  26. Shannon

    First of all I would normally not be particularly interested in a book called Honey, Baby, sweetheart because it sounds like your run of the mill revoltingly cutesy romance, but alas this was not the case I have read other novels by Deb Caletti and I have found them not only intensely satisfying but also very emotionally riveting I would certainly not label this book the pinnacle point in her writing career but the story did contain some, dare I say, beautiful qualities The complexity of the rel [...]

  27. Brandy Painter

    This book has a misleading title and cover I never would have read it if I hadn t read this review written by my friend Chachic This is a book about breaking out of destructive cycles, learning from your mistakes, and second chances It is not just Ruby s story but also her mother s story and the story of the Casserole Queens I liked the multi generational relationships portrayed in the novel The commentary on women and their motivations for seeking love is spot on, if a little didactic This is a [...]

  28. KRISTI♫ ♪

    Hahaha Wow Some parts in this book are SSSOOOOO funny Like the parts where it mentions shit, shit Hahahahahaha Anyways, this book is a book above l3ve Duh.It s really touching and it s really good too Very entertaining 308 pages, I finished it in three days I would recommend this book to people who like reading romance And guys COULD read this if they wanted too but it would be a little weird There is also a little bit of mystery in it Just a tad bit in the middle and the rest is romance.

  29. Amy

    I love Deb so much Not only is she a wonderful woman, but she writes with no fear She takes what could be a generic YA story about a boy and a girl, and instead makes it real The boy is not the prince and the girl makes mistakes It s gritty, heart wrenching and real, but at the same time uplifting, warm and loving The Queens steal the show in this book that really teaches us all some needed lessons and reminds us of all the ups and downs in life.

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