Crocodile Tears (2020)

Crocodile Tears Anthony Horowitz Crocodile Tears A charity broker con artist has raised millions of dollars in donations only to invest them in a form of genetically modified corn that has the power to release an airborne strain of virus so powerfu
  • Title: Crocodile Tears
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Crocodile Tears Anthony Horowitz A charity broker con artist has raised millions of dollars in donations, only to invest them in a form of genetically modified corn that has the power to release an airborne strain of virus so powerful it can knock out an entire country in one windy day A catastrophe so far reaching that it would raise millions of dollars in charitable donations, all of which would bA charity broker con artist has raised millions of dollars in donations, only to invest them in a form of genetically modified corn that has the power to release an airborne strain of virus so powerful it can knock out an entire country in one windy day A catastrophe so far reaching that it would raise millions of dollars in charitable donations, all of which would be embezzled by one man The antidote Alex Rider, of course, who survives gunfire, explosions, and hand to hand combat with mercenaries just another day in the life of an average kid.
Crocodile Tears Anthony Horowitz

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    Anthony Horowitz

One thought on “Crocodile Tears

  1. Ahmad Sharabiani

    Crocodile Tears Alex Rider, 8 , Anthony HorowitzCrocodile Tears is the eighth novel in the Alex Rider series by British author Anthony Horowitz It was released in the UK on 12 November 2009, published by Walker Books, and in the U.S on 17 November 2009 On 17 December 2008, the title was revealed in code to be Crocodile Tears The book was succeeded by Scorpia Rising, released in March 2011.A nuclear technician in India planted a bomb on a dumpster in a nuclear power station in Jowada but was kill [...]

  2. Imani

    Another awesome book in the series However Sigh Dont get me wrong, I love Anthony Horowitz s Alex Rider series I ve been reading them for 2 years ever since a librarian recommended his first story in the series Bute stories all have one thing in common thats really starting to bother me.Villians that seem like a joke then a threat What I mean by this is the Im going to tell you all my plans and let my minons kill you instead of killing you myself No I will not kill you at this exact moment, eve [...]

  3. Emily

    James Bond 14.I had picked up Stormbreaker the first book in this series There s also a movie, but don t waste your time on a whim I wanted to see how and why a 14 year old boy would be recruited to be a spy for M16 Much to my surprise it was a perfectly plausible reason This series is a lot of fun Lots of cool spy stuff and some over the top action In one of the books Alex goes into outer space Jumping the shark Maybe Did I still read it You bet My only complains are after a while the villains [...]

  4. Tahera

    In his 8th outing, Alex begins the book in Scotland where he is vacationing with the Pleasures and attends a New Years Eve party where he meets his new adversary, the Reverend Desmond McCain, a rich philanthropist whom he beats in a poker game in true James Bond style and in true Alex Rider style he ends up welcoming the New Year not by enjoying the fireworks but once again working against time and the elements to save himself and Sabina and her father from an icy graveis incident leads to a yet [...]

  5. Tigger

    Anthony Horowitz needs to realise that eight books on, his formula is starting to get a liiiiitle bit old it works when you are younger, but I guess the series just doesn t hold the same appeal for me any Alex comes back to school, flirts with Sabina for a bit, notices a few things which become important later on, get asked by MI6 to do something which ends up getting waaaay out of hand and saves the day alone, but ends up getting shot injured burned as a thank you It seemed like there was no ch [...]

  6. Tien Dao

    Do you like action Adventure James Bond If you do, it is a great book to read It comprises of high octane action and surprises in all corners of the story It will leave you suspended, heart broken, and joy.So this book is basically about a 14 year old boy named Alex Rider He works for MI6, which is a spy agency for Great Britain He tries to stop bad people from doing things that would create crisis throughout the world Anthony Horrowitz also loves to use syntax throughout his book to excite and [...]

  7. Mariah Mccashland

    Crocodile Tears by Anthony Horowitz Review by Mariah McCashland I m not a spy, but Anthony Horowitz made me feel like I was in Africa fighting along side Alex as he struggled to save the world yet again Alex Rider is a forteen year old spy who works for M16, even though he never chose to be a spy He was first introduced to the British intelligence agency when his uncle was murdered on a mission, and Alex was recruited to go and finish the job Since then, he s been on six missions for M16 Alex do [...]

  8. Moe

    Three Words Awesome, Amazing, Fantastic I haven t read any others yeah I know that it is bad to start a book in the middle of a series but I must say that I am very excited to read the others The whole 007 agent under cover takes reading to a new level What tops that, the spy is a 14 YEAR OLD This is definitely going to be a new and unique series that I can probably relate to from when I was a kid.

  9. LolaReviewer

    Whenever I get a bad read a read that really disappointed me and even made me question whether I enjoy a genre or not I like to turn to an all time favorite or a book that I am quite certain I will enjoy.I like to turn to Alex Rider or The Mortal Instruments In this case, I needed action than I needed fantasy, so I decided to continue with this series The book in question that bummed me out was Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, and Alex reminded me that a reader can become very attached to a fic [...]

  10. Mara

    I ve looked for a good spy series and I was simply delighted when I finally picked up the Alex Rider series Seven books later and I was dearly wishing that poor Alex would get a break from everything I was glad when Anthony Horowitz ended the series with Snakehead.But then this one came out and I was a little worried Series, even good ones, can carry on only for so long From the very beginning, Crocodile Tears was not my favorite, but I wasn t disappointed, either The very first page contained t [...]

  11. Jaap Akkermans

    The wanted spy named Alex finds himself going to a party with his girlfriend in Scotland in a house of someone very rich who owned a charity called first aid Alex wanted to enjoy this party as much as he could He somehow got into a game of poker against the rich guy called Desmond and 5 other people He didn t want to play, but he couldn t refuse because Desmond was inviting him Alex made a spectacular move and won the game After the party, Desmond sends a sniper to blow one of the wheels off of [...]

  12. Elsa Qazi

    We have only one, Blunt replied There is only one Alex Rider I couldn t agree with Blunt There is indeed only one Alex Rider and only one Anthony Horowitz In this book Alex takes on another vile and cruel villain view spoiler This one was trying to create disaster in Africa with the help of genetically modified crops He would then use the money people send in to his charity to become rich hide spoiler Alex being Alex stops him before any innocent lives are lost.Now here s what I love about the [...]

  13. Amy

    I think this is the 7th or 8th in the series and I am getting a little tired of Alex Rider He is still a 14 year old boy and still a fantastic spy The plot is pretty similar to the other books There is a crazy madman who is plotting to do something horrible Alex must stop him What drives me nuts is the bad guy always catches Alex and then proceeds to tell him exactly what he is going to do thus revealing his genius plans Alex always escapes and is able to stop the plan Maybe if the evil genius w [...]

  14. Nick Pearson

    In the book, crocodile tears, by Anthony Horowitz is about a teen who is being used by the m16, the British CIA Alex Rider was sent on a mission to infiltrate a base but gets caught up in a room full of poison flowers, plants and animals This room was meant for studying poison but also can be used for a death building I would rate the book a 3 5 because there is a lot of action but some parts are hard to understand The British slang is difficult to learn Alex has to go through all of this and ha [...]

  15. Rachel

    When I first heard of its existence, I refused to believe it I d rid myself of the Alex Rider series at last, and Anthony Horowitz had said that Snakehead would be his last, and it ended satisfactorily I don t even remember the ending any I can t remember where I read him saying it, but damnit he did And then, when I saw this at the book sale, I was furious There was a total dramatic Nooooo moment right then and there at the warehouse, and people were staring, but I didn t care Damnit he promise [...]

  16. Vikas

    Wow what a year 14 been for Alex Rider what with completing 8 missions in a year at age 14, Bravo kid Really poor Alex can t get away from the trouble and it catches him all the time This time Alex meets and annoys the villain on his own MI6 is in the picture but only on the sidelines.The story starts with an attack in my India and we have another character from India.I liked the story and it was as much fun as I believe the stories to be.Would go for the next 2 books as well as I finished the f [...]

  17. WyrmbergSabrina

    Another entertaining entry in the Alex Rider series, although how this lad is still alive I have no idea This time, Alex gets mixed up in the plans of another maniac who wants money, mostly by accident There s some actually nerve racking moments, where you really wonder how on earth Alex s going to get out of this one There s also a beautifully set up moment, where you know a certain place is exactly where Alex will end up It s satisfying Read if you like Bond like tales with a heavy dose of Tin [...]

  18. Anders

    This book was a lot like all the others in his series however it was still really interesting and action packed Overall I thought it was a well thought out book.

  19. Brock Brunner

    Personal Response I thought this was a good book in the series, but not the best I still enjoyed it however, and it was pretty suspenseful and action packed throughout Even though it wasn t the greatest book in the series to me, I still give it 5 out of 5 stars SummaryCrocodile starts off with Alex and his girlfriend, Sabina, and her father who are going to a New Years Eve party at a castle in Scotland Soon after they arrive, Alex drifts off and finds himself in a large room with several games b [...]

  20. J. White

    Like all the other Alex Rider books I ve read, this book was simply amazing Anthony Horowitz has yet again done it He s made me interested and his writing style is astonishing.In this spy book, Alex Rider really goes through a lot, making the book 404 pages long This is fine as I don t mind reading long books at all.I can t actually think of any negitivity about Crocodile Tear s For me, it was perfect.I highly recommend.

  21. Erin

    This book was much slower beginning than many of the others The tension built slowly, but one could sense that it was building to something mysterious and dangerous It might have been also due to the presence of the Pleasures again that it took longer for me to get into this book Fortunately, we are spared too much annoyance from Sabina She is mercifully plugged into her iPod most of the time she is in the story Most of Alex s interaction is with her father, and that turns out being much inter [...]

  22. PurplyCookie

    The book starts off with a bang literally as a bomb is exploded in a nuclear power station in India and along the way there is a charity black tie card game, poison needles, car crashes, bullets, and exploding gel pens The action then moves to Scotland where Alex is holidaying with the Pleasure family He attends a lavish New Year s Eve party in a remote Scottish castle hosted by wealthy philanthropist Desmond McCain, who runs an international charity, First Aid Alex is disturbed by his first enc [...]

  23. Henry Lim

    I liked this book a lot I prefer this is the second best book next to Scorpio.Well this book began with Alex Rider going to a party with Sabrina There he met a ex boxer named Mccain Alex Rider beat him in Texas Hold Em and won 25,000 Instead, he donated that money to McCain s own charity When Alex Rider, Sabrina, and Sabrina s was in the car going back home, they car tire exploded and the car went into the freezing water Luckily, Alex Rider was a kid James Bond, and he was able to save himself a [...]

  24. Anna

    Where do I even begin This book is so emotional or maybe that s just me, realising I m getting nearer to the end.This has got to be one of my favourites in the series I love the change of focus as Alex spends time at home and at school in this book rather than off in another country I don t know why, but I ve always loved books which have school focused plots.Regardless of his location, Alex still finds himself swept up in a madman s plot and in danger.Without spoiling it, there isn t much I ca [...]

  25. Simon Yu

    Alex Rider, one of the M16 agents, was very relaxed being a normal kid He hangs out with his girlfriend, Sabina and her family in Scotland They went to a party in a castle hosted by a rich businessman named Desmond McCain It was a party for donation of poor people from storms or any disasters that made them unfortunate When Alex and Sabina left with Sabina s dad to go home, they had a car accident Her dad s car tires exploded and the whole car went into a lake A sniper shot the tire of their car [...]

  26. Zaid

    I have recently had the joy of reading Crocodile Tears 8th book in the Alex Rider series , this book was the best in an already amazing series Crocodile Tears was written by Anthony Horowitz The story takes place from England to Kenya The story is about a fourteen year old boy named Alex Rider who works for the MI6 as a field agent When Alex is ordered to snoop around a power plant during his field trip he discovers something deep He then gets wrapped into a huge dark scam involving a rich and d [...]

  27. Yulia

    I would say I give this book 3.5 I mean I did enjoy it but lately I just feel like this series is dragging on for too long I have 2 books left and at this point I just can t wait to get them done with so I can read something different which is really not a good attitude when it comes to reading for fun Anyways So this is the 8th book in the Alex rider series, and since I read it during my exams it took me quite a while to finish The characters where interesting but at this point it was getting a [...]

  28. Jake

    This book is about a teen spy named Alex Rider who works for the British Secret service In the first book Alex s Uncle dies and his parents died in an explosion while on a plane In this book though Alex is sent to go on a school trip to Greenfields Bio Laboratory where Genetically Modified plants are created Alex has been told by the Secret Service that the owner of Greenfields has been acting suspicious and that Alex should hack into his computer and look for any information that might prove th [...]

  29. Bailey

    This was an awesome book It had great action, lots of mystery, and a very dramatic end I think that it definitely got too violent at some points, but overall the story was pretty good.As I read Crocodile Tears, which, by the way, is a brilliant and totally deep title for this book , I realized that throughout the series, it seems like the author, Anthony Horowitz, has been subtly shifting his writing style with each new book to fit that tale emphasizing different aspects of each one, making each [...]

  30. Rogerio

    Back in London it seems Alex is finally settling into normality and concluded his relationship with MI6 During his Christmas and New Year s holiday he will spend time with Sabina Pleasure and her parents The New Year s party is at a castle where a charity maker, ex boxer, Desmond McCain is hosting an entire entourage of celebrities with proceeds going for First Aid On leaving the party, a car accident Alex believes was caused by a gunshot puts the wheel in motion for another story What is less k [...]

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