Leonardo and the Flying Boy (2020)

Leonardo and the Flying Boy Laurence Anholt Leonardo and the Flying Boy There were no spaceships or airplanes when Zoro was a boy He lived in Italy during the era we now call the Renaissance a time when the sky belonged to the birds But one unusual man dreamed of incredi
  • Title: Leonardo and the Flying Boy
  • Author: Laurence Anholt
  • ISBN: 9780764152252
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
Leonardo and the Flying Boy Laurence Anholt There were no spaceships or airplanes when Zoro was a boy He lived in Italy during the era we now call the Renaissance, a time when the sky belonged to the birds But one unusual man dreamed of incredible flying machines One day, Zoro, he told his pupil, people will sail through the clouds and look down at the world below Zoro was curious He knew that his teacher dThere were no spaceships or airplanes when Zoro was a boy He lived in Italy during the era we now call the Renaissance, a time when the sky belonged to the birds But one unusual man dreamed of incredible flying machines One day, Zoro, he told his pupil, people will sail through the clouds and look down at the world below Zoro was curious He knew that his teacher did than merely dream about the future, but was an important artist and inventor Then Zoro made an astonishing discovery His teacher was building a mysterious machine A machine intended to fly Here begins a fascinating story based on a true event, for Zoro s master was the famous artist and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci Full color illustrations throughout this beautiful book include reproductions of some of Leonardo s famous artworks.
Leonardo and the Flying Boy Laurence Anholt

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    Laurence Anholt

One thought on “Leonardo and the Flying Boy

  1. Kelly

    Leonardo DaVinci took in a young boy who was terrible trouble for his mother This story is about that boy and another boy who befriended DaVinci, and a little about DaVinci himself Not enough about DaVinci.

  2. Jeremy

    Zoro succumbs to peer pressure and suffers the consequences Zoro s enthusiasm for the project makes Leonardo continue working on his invention Good illustrations.Kate read parts of this.

  3. Dillon

    The illustrations were done through paint Anholt does a great job illustrating the scenes in the story, and either has the pictures take up the whole page or keep them within a small frame For the historical aspects of the story she includes the actual images i.e the painting of Mona Lisa There were a few pages in the book where Anholt illustrated the images in brown colored pencil These images were only inventions that Leonardo Da Vinci dreamed up, so I m guessing that s why they re in brown co [...]

  4. Kristanne Duncan

    In a time when there were no spaceships and no airplane, Leonardo da Vinci told his student Zoro that anything is possible Da Vinci, a man with a dream, was a profoundly skilled artist and a self taught scientist and engineer Leonardo and the Flying Boy is a great story about the great mind of Leonardo da Vinci The books discusses how we must try to understand everything Laurence Anholt did a wonderful job filling this book with sketches from Leonardo s sketch books and bright colorful illustrat [...]

  5. Kat

    Zoro is a boy living in the 17th century but he has a very special job He is the apprentice to none other than Leonardo da Vinci.What makes this job so special is he is helping da Vinci with the plans for his flying machine Zoro brings job and innocence to da Vinci s life as he is creating the model for his airplane.This book is so enjoyable because it shows a side to da Vinci that is not shown often, which is his relationships with someone around him While this story may not be true, it is hear [...]

  6. Brittney Sabatini

    Zoro is a young boy who is an apprentice for the great artist and inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci This book takes you through the artworks and inventions by Da Vinci Zoro is curious about Leonardo s secret room and all the strange noises that come from it It isn t until the end that he discovers Leonardo is building something wonderful a flying machine I feel that this book would be great to use for an art class or for a lesson plan about past artist inventors I think it s a fun way to show students [...]

  7. Cruth

    From Anholt s artists collection we get the story of da Vinci s apprentice Zoro and how he flew and crashed on one of da Vinci s greatest inventions Beautifully illustrated in the style of da Vinci, Anholt gives the reader a peak into the artist s life.30ish pages, easy vocabulary, full colour, full page illustrations along with sketches drawn from da Vinci s notebooks.Plot is good da Vinci as seen through a lowly but real young apprentice s eyes, and his flying the machine Given my daughter s r [...]

  8. Catherine

    Can you believe I was in Hay on Wye and did not set foot in a book shop We were staying overnight in the hall opposite the Conservative club for those of you who know the place and, having been one of the people who unloaded the van, made copious cups of tea and got dinner on the go, decided I would not be able to do them justice in the half hour or so for which they were likely to remain open So when those who had run out to explore in spite of aching feet returned with their booty, the area ar [...]

  9. Book Bazaar

    I disagree with the other reviewer this is a great picture book I read this book with my daughter and she really enjoyed finding out about the early inventions of Leonardo DaVinci and she now wants to visit the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa This series is great for kids who like to know about the world they live in and get an insight into a famous artist of the past The story is lively and engaging and there are all sorts of facts sprinkled lightly throughout the narrative.Highly recommendedfor 4 [...]

  10. Janelle

    A children s book about Leonardo da Vinci, told from the point of view of his student Zoro modeled after an actual apprentice The illustrations are colorful and are mingled with real da Vinci sketchings It highlights some of his most famous inventions and studies I love the scene with the birds as inspiration for his flying machine I think it s wonderful for children to look back on history to see where some of the daily conveniences we take for granted come from This is just one book in a serie [...]

  11. Jessica

    This book really engaged my eldest daughter when she was 4 and in kindergarten We are reading it again in 1st grade and it still captivates her She s noticing details, asks questions, and enjoys it even .We all enjoy the illustrations and the parts of history that are incorporated My girls ask if we have the other art books in this series We have a few but they ask for I think I may have to oblige them.

  12. Amy

    With few facts and much fabrication, this book still could have overcome these failings except the story fell as flat as the boy Zoro, who hurts himself by sneakily using Leonardo s flying machine It might interest a preschool or early elementary aged child in Leonardo da Vinci for me, both the educational value and the story are scattered and inadequate.

  13. Heather

    An interesting story based loosely on actual events We enjoyed the illustrations mixed with da Vinci s actual drawings I didn t much care for the fact that the boys stole the flying machine, the bad boy causing the good boy to choose the wrong We enjoyed the last page of actual information the most.Recommended as long as you talk about the poor moral choices of the boys.

  14. Relyn

    This is my least favorite of the books in this series The illustrations are still whimsical and wonderful But, this one feels fake As though it didnt really happen I m sure it did, but it doesn t flow as well to me Still, kids will totally love it It has the Sloane seal of approval, anyway.

  15. Jackie

    The genius of Leonardo Da Vinci is creatively portrayed in this fictionalized account of the master and his two young apprentices, Zoro and Salai His imagination and creativity were unsurpassed and throughout the ages, they become even insightful and wondrous A great introduction into the biographical history of Da Vinci.

  16. Karen Dransfield

    A great picture book about a part of Leonardo s life Would be great as a starter book for a unit study.The book tells of Leonardo s love of flying and about 2 of the children he took under his wing.

  17. Alison Tripp

    The book jumped around in places but it did a good job introducing a lot of the different contributions Leonardo made in the world of art and science This would be a good introduction into either a scientist or artist lesson The illustrations are different, wispy, coloful and fun.

  18. Louise (A Strong Belief in Wicker)

    It s not often that I find a picture book that I have to put down half way through, but I did that with this one, then I didn t pick it up for a couple of days Rather boring The last page, the information page, is really quite interesting.

  19. Susan

    Beautiful pictures, as usual for this series, but the story does not flow from page to page While reading this aloud to students, I had to prepare myself for the best way to read each next page so as to help along the story A bit fantastic but the kids liked it.

  20. Karen

    We like all the historical biography books by this author Illustrations are always great and the story is so interesting Read for cc2 wk6b 10 24 16

  21. Nichole

    This is the first book that ice read that shared insight about pupils of Leonardo It was a pleasure to read about others that Leonardo influenced.

  22. Nora

    A patron clued me in to this marvelous series I am in love Not only do they have biographical info, but the illustrations are in the style of the subject Wonderful

  23. Matt

    Clever and inventive, like his other books in the seriesbut this one feels like a stretch with regard to historical facts.

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