The Dark Frigate (2020)

The Dark Frigate Charles Boardman Hawes The Dark Frigate In seventeenth century England a terrible accident forces orphaned Philip Marsham to flee London in fear for his life Bred to the sea he signs on with the Rose of Devon a dark frigate bound for the
  • Title: The Dark Frigate
  • Author: Charles Boardman Hawes
  • ISBN: 9780316350099
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
The Dark Frigate Charles Boardman Hawes In seventeenth century England, a terrible accident forces orphaned Philip Marsham to flee London in fear for his life Bred to the sea, he signs on with the Rose of Devon, a dark frigate bound for the quiet shores of Newfoundland.Philip s bold spirit and knowledge of the sea soon win him his captain s regard But when the Rose of Devon is seized in midocean by a devioIn seventeenth century England, a terrible accident forces orphaned Philip Marsham to flee London in fear for his life Bred to the sea, he signs on with the Rose of Devon, a dark frigate bound for the quiet shores of Newfoundland.Philip s bold spirit and knowledge of the sea soon win him his captain s regard But when the Rose of Devon is seized in midocean by a devious group of men plucked from a floating wreck, Philip is forced to accompany these gentlemen of fortune on their murderous expeditions Like it or not, Philip Marsham is now a pirate with only the hangman awaiting his return to England.With its bloody battles, brutal buccaneers, and bold, spirited hero, this rousing tale will enthrall young listeners in search of seafaring adventure.
The Dark Frigate Charles Boardman Hawes

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    289 Charles Boardman Hawes
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One thought on “The Dark Frigate

  1. Duane

    Having won the Newbery Medal for children s literature in the 1920 s, it certainly wouldn t be considered children s literature today Complete with murdering pirates and filled with rather violent action, it reads like an adventure action novel, and may I add, a very good one It may be my favorite Newbery Medal book to date.1924 Newbery Medal winner.

  2. mitchell k dwyer

    As of March 27, 2008, I have now read and collected data from something like seventy of the eighty eight winners of the Newbery Medal When I set out to read them all, I dreaded the older books, for it was my impression that the early honorees were good for you books, and not necessarily good literature For the most part, this has proven true SeeGinger Pye,Smoky the Cow Horse,Miss Hickory, andInvincible Louisa.How pleasantly surprised I was by Charles Boardman Hawes s The Dark Frigate, which comb [...]

  3. Anita

    1924 Newbery Medal Winner The Dark Frigate is my third Newbery Medal book as I attempt to read my way through them all from the first It is a historical fiction set around the time of the English civil war about a 19 your old boy, Philip Marsham, who gets caught up with pirates I must admit that I had a rough start of it First I could not find a kindle edition, so I got a free audible trial I am not used to being read to, and sometimes my ears don t hear well Combine this with the older and arch [...]

  4. Phil Jensen

    Ar Want to read a salty sea tale Are you over 30 Then dig this one up Why won t children read this book Is it boring No There is action and adventure from page one.Is it too violent I don t think so If you re old enough to follow it, then you re old enough for the violence It is less disturbing than many others in the genre, such as The Slave Dancer and My Brother Sam Is Dead Really, if I read a pirate story without some spurting blood, I feel cheated.Is the main character too passive Eh A littl [...]

  5. Debbie

    For a children s book, this started off pretty slow I kept wondering why it was considered a children s book as the level of the language was pretty complex But then I remembered this got the Newbery in 1924 What worked as children s books then rarely do now The definition seems to be based on what children would enjoy as adults read the book to the children, not children reading themselves At that time, it was rare for children to own books or have access to libraries The pace did pick up and t [...]

  6. Joy

    1924 Newbery Medal WinnerI was intrigued about reading this book I was looking for a copy of it online, thinking it might be old enough to be public domain it s not, a few years and it will be My husband happened to find some reviews of it with parents saying they wouldn t let their children read it because of the violence in the book Made me want to read it even .I will first say that the English in the book is written in an older style Even though this book is almost a century old, it is actua [...]

  7. Kristen

    Newbery Medal Winner 1924Once you get past the outdated language and sailor speak, this book has some rousing adventure and intrigue The problem is, I m not a big fan of pirate tales, so even then the appeal for me was only so so The ending in particular grabbed my attention once the focus came back to Phillip and his plans for escape I can see why a story like this was popular in its time, but I need a little bit in my adventure stories.

  8. Wendy

    The story was OK, especially in the middle, but I can only assume the Committee was looking for something very different in its early years Other reviewers seemed to find the prose clear and lyrical I thought it was unnecessarily dense and convoluted.

  9. Kelly Buchanan

    Part of a project to read all of the Newbery Award winners This onehas not aged well Amongst the first winners of this award for children s literature, this book dates from the 1920 s Given this, there are significant differences in both vocabulary and subject matter that would be appropriate for children Neither fully explain my problems with the book, which I simply found to be awkwardly paced long stretches of nothing and then jumpy and disjointed action crammed into a five page span and freq [...]

  10. Fred Kohn

    This guy really turns a good phrase, and he did a good job of making you feel like you were in the 17th century That s really the only good thing one can say about this book The plot felt like one random thing following the other with no necessary connection between them Not recommended for young people, old people, or in between people.

  11. Jen

    The son of a pirate type goes sailing across the sea, encounters various men of honor and dishonor, survives than a few scrapes with death, and in so doing becomes a man There The Dark Frigate in a nutshell It isn t much to say that I liked the story better than my fellow readers It was a long read and a somewhat pieced together story with a few highlights here and there I got my hopes up in chapter 6 when Hawes introduced some lovely forboding descriptions of The Rose of Devon the pirate ship [...]

  12. Aimee

    My biggest fear right now as I write about these books, is that I will maintain and perhaps expand my reputation as a whiner I don t WANT to whine, but I cannot praise this book My kids can praise it, I think I was so busy reading it or trying to that they got lots of extra computer time in order for me to bribe them into leaving me alone Gotta watch that in the future I m trying to be a role model here.The reviews I read were good and encouraging a sea faring yarn complete with pirates and a ne [...]

  13. Ensiform

    The third Newbery winner, this is a pirate tale set in the days just before the English Civil Wars Philip Marsham sets off to sea, and the ship is overtaken by pirates Marsham must sail with them for a while, then escapes only to be captured and tried with the crew.It s an interesting book for the historical detail down to the rather hard to follow speech and arcane vocabulary and for Hawes unwillingness to be trite or shallow some characters loom large and then fade away, as in life, and the vi [...]

  14. Andrea

    Great adventure book for lovers of Treasure Island and Pirates of Caribbean Especially if you like well researched Historical fiction along the lines of Bernard Cornwell s Sharpe s series or C.S Forester s Hornblower series Unfortunately for this book, todays young readers are much interested in a direct story then in beautifully crafted language Also, the in depth knowledge of 17th century sailing vessels left me needing an glossary or schematic A glossary of language terms would also add to t [...]

  15. Linds

    It was a bit hard for me to read, language wise I can remember trying to read this when I was a runt, and failing If I could get a little comfortable with the writing style, this would probably pose as a thoroughly adventurous, dun dun dun sort of tale I was fully invested by the end, so perhaps that s how long it took me to adapt I imagine with future readings my appreciation for this book will grow I read another book by this author that didn t have the sea language, and I quite enjoyed it So [...]

  16. Mitchell

    Continuing my Newbery Winner read re read And this one is a reminder that all new Newbery s are not good This one was just plain confused The plot just wandered to no good point The characters were just hints that started interesting and then added no depth Sure I m never a big fan of a sailing book, but this one just added nothing to that And it was not especially readable It was not overly long, but it felt long And then in the end it crammed 20 plus years of life into a couple of pages for no [...]

  17. James

    A Newberry award winner I thought it might be a decent pirate yarn ,but was surprised It is a good pirate yarn well enough,but Oh so much A tale of honor, courage, and tall sailing ships The bad guys are bad and our hero is well, heroic.

  18. Kimberly

    1924 Newbery No idea why this won a Newbery, except for maybe the cover The archaic language makes it especially unreadable even for adults, and the storyline doesn t live up to the fanfare of the subtitle I doubt any kid ever enjoyed this.

  19. Heather

    1924 Newbery Medal WinnerThe great guns ranged along the deck each bound fast by its new breechings with their linstocks and sponges and ladles and rammers, made no idle show of warlike strength There was too often need to let their grim voices sound at bay, for those were wild, lawless days.Such a ship as the Rose of Devon frigate, standing out for the open sea, is a sight the world no longer affords Those ships are gone, gone, gone with lost Atlantis p 71 Phil Marsham s father dies, and, havin [...]

  20. Jackie

    Newbery Medal 1924Philip Marsham, having a father who is unquestionably a scoundrel and a grandfather who has disowned both, hears the sea calling after his father dies He boards the ship, Rose of Devon and Philip is regarded as invaluable for his work and his knowledge of seafaring Yet, when the ship is overtaken by pirates, Philip has no choice but to commit to their dastardly ways or face death.Full of high seas adventures, murder, mayhem, and downright nastiness, The Dark Frigate is both puz [...]

  21. AE

    I was really pleasantly surprised by the tone and style The book doesn t try to dumb down or oversimplify just because it s meant for children The story is weirdly real, and not all threads are tied or fixed, plus the characters are portrayed in complex ways, far than I d expect out of an old timey boys adventure novel Overall I really enjoyed it and it kept my interest well.My one complaint is how quick the last part was I know the focus was on the ship adventure but I d have liked to see abo [...]

  22. Janice

    An early Newberry award winner and, you can tell, it is dated Phillip Marsham is orphaned and is forced to go on the run when he has an accident with a gun He falls in with some questionable types and has adventures.A hard read because of the terminology and language I think kids today would have a hard time reading this It would be a good adventure story if updated But Phil didn t seem to stay true to how he began He, at first, seems clumsy then trusting then he s supposed to be smart then naiv [...]

  23. Wayne Walker

    In seventeenth century England, nineteen year old Philip Marsham s mother had died when he was young, and his ship captain father Thomas raised him on the sea Philip would have been with his father when Thomas s ship went down and he was lost, but the son had become ill and was being nursed in London by his father s hopeful fianc e Moll Stevens But an unfortunate accident forces him to flee London He meets up with a couple of sailors headed for a ship at Bideford, and Philip goes with them Along [...]

  24. Peter

    A quick summary Philip Marsham, age nineteen, gets orphaned, kicked out of his lodgings, and falls in with a disreputable fat drunk guy in short order He swears to marry a tavern wench, earns the respect of a manor lord by having a fistfight with the lord s gamekeeper, and lands a job on a sailing ship along with the fat guy Sailing ship is pirated by pirates whom the fat guy knows, Philip hangs around with them for a while, runs away, gets awkwardly captured as one of them it s complicated , is [...]

  25. Michael Fitzgerald

    A very enjoyable read Sadly, it is probably inaccessible to most younger readers of today because they haven t been exposed to enough older books with complex writing styles, vocabulary even discounting the now archaic nautical terms , and pacing The historical subject matter probably also isn t immediately attractive to many kids in this age of airplanes and space exploration and, of course, virtual fantasy worlds of the digital variety Those educators tying fiction in with the study of histor [...]

  26. Jill

    I had to take this book back to the library for a few months I came back to it only after I had almost completely finished the Newbery winner list I thought maybe after a few months it wouldn t be as tedious a read as I remembered, but no, it was And unexpectedly violent in parts ere are times when it takes death to maintain the discipline that will save many lives Here s an example of the length of some of the author s sentences I like the description, but it s incredibly long But whereas many [...]

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