The Grand Ellipse (2020)

The Grand Ellipse Paula Volsky The Grand Ellipse The Grand EllipseIn the modern civilized republic of Vonahr a land blessed with gaslight steam engines and indoor plumbing the need for magic seems a thing of the past But soon the Vonahrish will
  • Title: The Grand Ellipse
  • Author: Paula Volsky
  • ISBN: 9780553108040
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
The Grand Ellipse Paula Volsky The Grand EllipseIn the modern, civilized republic of Vonahr, a land blessed with gaslight, steam engines, and indoor plumbing, the need for magic seems a thing of the past But soon the Vonahrish will find that magic is their only hope for an unstoppable evil is on the march The Grewzians, an imperialistic race of fanatics, are intent on conquering the world Nation aftThe Grand EllipseIn the modern, civilized republic of Vonahr, a land blessed with gaslight, steam engines, and indoor plumbing, the need for magic seems a thing of the past But soon the Vonahrish will find that magic is their only hope for an unstoppable evil is on the march The Grewzians, an imperialistic race of fanatics, are intent on conquering the world Nation after nation has disappeared down the maw of these barbaric invaders No one has been able to halt them and now they are massing on Vonahr s borders But the Vonahrish still have one slim chance for salvation In a nearby neutral kingdom, a brilliant savant has conjured up the ultimate weapon Sentient Fire, a miraculous flame that responds to the command of its maker The potential military value of such a discovery is immeasurable But Low Hetz s mad, flamboyant king refuses to relinquish the secret and jeopardize his nation s neutrality And so the desperate government of Vonahr, unable to take no for an answer, has come up with an enterprising plan Her name is Luzelle Devaire An intrepid adventurer of rare beauty, she is exactly the sort to appeal to the king s weakness for exquisite women There is just one drawback To obtain an audience, Luzelle must enter and win the Grand Ellipse, King Miltzin s extraordinary test of endurance, ingenuity, and valor a race that will cover distant lands and harsh terrain To the daring Luzelle, it is a challenge worth taking, for she has her own reasons for wanting to win But it won t be easy ahead lie obstacles, mystery, and perils than she ever dreamed The race is ond the future of the world rests on its outcome Superbly written and imbued with drama and magic, poignancy and power, The Grand Ellipse is fantasy at its finest unforgettable and deliciously entertaining.
The Grand Ellipse Paula Volsky

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One thought on “The Grand Ellipse

  1. Tamara

    Well, this is an odd one Mostly it s a rather good, light, very readable steampunk romp with a likeable heroine with conveniently 21st century sensibilities The main flaw in this respect is that while theres a certain lip service paid to the Evils of Colonialism, with lots of suffering downtrodden natives and so on, all the actual non psuedo european characters who appear are firmly meesteerious easterners or savage southerners.But then theres the political subplot While the main story is lots o [...]

  2. Dafydd

    I think the book actually deserves three and a half stars, but can t bring myself to round up to four stars because of a few elements I found problematic.Volsky is one of those rare writers of fiction who is good at plotting, characterization, and prose Most can do one, a few can do two, but Volsky can do all three However, because of this I may actually have found myself a little less willing to overlook flaws in the book It s like how the movies I tend to be the most frustrated with are the on [...]

  3. Jenn

    Teaser As two countries are on the brink of war, a great race, across several lands and seas, is being held The prize is extremely valuable the winner gets an audience with the king of the outcast country.A strong willed anthropologist a profession and attitude that sickens her traditional parents gets approached to compete in the race Her audience with the outcast King is crucial to prevent the impeding war She has an undeniable thirst for adventure and reluctantly agrees to participate As she [...]

  4. Michael

    I don t know of another fantasy writer like Paula Volsky Her books are set in the same loosely connected world, which is much like ours in the late 18th and early 19th century This story takes place about 100 years after the events depicted in Illusion.The protagonist is a very interesting young woman who reminds me a great deal of Gertrude Bell The Grand Ellipse is a race in a grand ellipse around the world, and Luzelle is one of the contestants She is impulsive, bright, determined, and unafrai [...]

  5. Earl Solper

    The Grand Ellipse asks and seeks to answer the questions 1 Is Colonialism evil 2 Should women be equal citizens 3 Can individual citizens of a country with a wicked foreign policy be good If you answered maybe or no to any of these questions, I recommend 1 Reading Heart of Darkness2 Talking to your mother or sister3 Reading the history of your own countrybecause although The Grand Ellipse answers these questions affirmatively, it does so in such an overt and heavy handed manner that it s less li [...]

  6. Emily Snyder

    Probably the second most complete of Ms Volsky s books and well worth the wait, since we get to see of Volsky s impressive world than ever before Her attention to detail, even down to how fantasy characters deal with a multiplicity of languages, makes the book a must read for fantasy aficionados as well as anyone who likes a good romping adventure Unfortunately, this book is at present also her last A shame since Ms Volsky s work is incomprable to any other.

  7. Jared

    This book reminds me rather strongly of a couple of movies The Great Race, and the recent version of Around the World in 80 Days Like those two movies I haven t read the book version of Around the World in 80 Days, so I can t comment on that , there s essentially a race to get around the world.The impelling reason for the race is a little thin, but the characters are fun There are a few parts that are gruesome than I would like I may read it again sometime.

  8. Kamilla

    Really cool book It takes the victorian era of our world and adds magic to it It s basically a quest novel where you know that no matter what, the main girl is gonna win and get her guy, which still only manages to dampen the novels spark a little bit The writing is all there, the characters are awesome, and while it does read as a re make of Around the World in 80 Days, it still holds its own plot wise I d recommend this to most any voracious reader.

  9. Tracey

    The Grand Ellipse is the tale of a pseudo 19th century international balloon race, which had a strong flavor of Jules Verne, blending strangely with the fantasy elements It was good ish Didn t hate it, but didn t love it didn t love the characters, though they were interesting than in many VLFN s thought the attempt at light Regency esque froth was a little forced Not her best.

  10. Ethan

    I really enjoyed the strong female character in the book and the fascinating world I admired Volsky s chracterization her characters are likeable, memorable, and interesting, and nobody s perfect The pacing is good, with plenty of twists and turns All in all a great read.

  11. Jill

    Nice light read, highly reminiscent of Around the World in 80 Days There is a message, but Volsky is smart enough not to whack the reader over the head with it Might be considered steampunk by some.

  12. Jim Skinner

    It reads like a Victorian version of the Amazing Race Steamships, balloons, gliders, and a liberal spoonful of the arcane Fun read, well written.The heroine has several romantic entanglements, so if you like romance novels this will appeal to you.

  13. Wealhtheow

    Adventuress seeks to save her country from invasion To do this, she needs the secret of Sentient Fire and to get that, she needs to win the Grand Ellipse This story is basically Around the World in 80 Days in an alternate WWII era Europe.

  14. Kate St.

    One of my all time favorites I read almost once a year I never tire of the the worlds Volsky creates.

  15. John

    This book takes Around the World in 80 days and turns it into a race not only to see who can complete the Grade Ellipse first, but also to see if anyone can stop a brutal empire is on the road to enslaving the world.While the point of view shifts between characters, Luzelle Devaire, adventureress in a mock Victorian world is the heroine Volsky does a fantastic job of showing us a woman in a man s world who will just not give up If she wins, she has a shot at saving her country and is guaranteed [...]

  16. Milli Linnea

    What can I say about this book I loved parts of it, for instance the setting this world is fantastic Some of the characters were great I was so disappointed when some of them were just dumped along the way, or died The heroine is a naive, selfish and not very smart woman As you might be able to tell I don t like her very much, and that s a major drawback The plot was disappointing too The race The Grand Ellipse from the title was fascinating It took the characters around the world, letting them [...]

  17. Rif Saurous

    Around the World in 80 Days in a world with a little magic Oh, also a thinly veiled World War II allegory The main character is a dashing female adventurer in an age when women aren t really supposed to travel alone Unfortunately, she s fairly irritating and not very bright There s a bit of an interesting love triangle between her, the one good Grewzian errr German who realizes his country s dreams of conquest are wrong, and the aristocrat she was formerly engaged with but left because she was t [...]

  18. Sandra

    This is a long and good adventure story But wow the ending was way too quick, tidy, and unemotional I go through 600 pages only to have everything slapped together I needed a fleshed out ending, this felt like Paula had a deadline breathing down her neck and she had to stay up late to slam it all closed Also it would have been great to see Luzell s father s reaction at the end because didn t think, as a woman, she should be learning, exploring, and giving lectures I would have eaten up a scene [...]

  19. Isana

    It was indeed an entertaining read It started a bit slow and went slowly but after a while, it was interesting enough that I didn t mind It was a bit ridiculous and predictable as far as the parallels to today s world which make me roll my eyes because it means that nothing truly compelling occurred I stand by that it was entertaining and for that I thank Paula Volsky.

  20. CJ

    This was an amazingly fun read, and it spurred me to get back into writing adventure fantasy and not the psychological stuff I was writing It s heavily influenced by Jules Verne and the turn of the century adventure writers, but there is a definite modern sensibility to it as well.

  21. Anna-Lisa

    I stopped reading it after two chapters I can t read this Maybe it mostly is the German translation but the language is so damn bad and the world which is created by the author is so uninteresting for me It s a pity because I was so looking forward reading this book.

  22. Èlia

    meh It was good at times but mostly boring or slow to read Luzelle was a good heroine but at times she seemed a bit sexist wich completely contradicts her image of fighter and andventurer But if you like fantasy and want a female lead novel that s easy to read go for it

  23. Mary

    The plot is like a fantasy version of The Amazing Race I liked the story and there were parts of the book that I liked, but between the obnoxious dialogue and the author s tendency to constantly state what the characters are thinking, the book just became annoying to read.

  24. Anthony Faber

    Pretty amusing fantasy It s set in a world that s has late 19th century tech plus magic Well written and no glaring implausibilities.

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