Alice in Lace (2020)

Alice in Lace Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Alice in Lace Alice suddenly finds herself married Well sort of In an eighth grade health class she and her friends are each given a hypothetical situation to help them learn to make good decisions It s all great
  • Title: Alice in Lace
  • Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
  • ISBN: 9780689805974
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
Alice in Lace Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Alice suddenly finds herself married Well, sort of In an eighth grade health class, she and her friends are each given a hypothetical situation to help them learn to make good decisions It s all great fun until one of the students creates a problem that could have serious consequences for the whole class The first semester of eighth grade is both exciting and complicatAlice suddenly finds herself married Well, sort of In an eighth grade health class, she and her friends are each given a hypothetical situation to help them learn to make good decisions It s all great fun until one of the students creates a problem that could have serious consequences for the whole class The first semester of eighth grade is both exciting and complicated as Alice learns something about last year s English teacher, Miss Summers, who is dating her father, and when one of her brother s old girlfriends makes a startling announcement Then there is the problem of how to afford a wedding and honeymoon, the pranks with Pamela s pillow, a harrowing ride in a used car, Elizabeth s confession, Patrick s embarrassing request, and finally, a new person arrives on the scene.As usual, Alice has questions, but sometimes no one has the answers.
Alice in Lace Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

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    294 Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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One thought on “Alice in Lace

  1. Becky Ginther

    When Alice begins 8th grade in the book Alice in Lace, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, she is surprised to find herself already planning a wedding Fortunately for her, the wedding plans are an assignment for her health class during their unit on Critical Choices Her friends and classmates get assigned to various other activities that help them see what life is like as an adult, such as dealing with a teen pregnancy, buying a car, and arranging a burial for a family member Throughout the novel Alice [...]

  2. Jennifer Maloney

    I just love this series In a way it reminds me of the Ramona Quimby series, which I grew up reading Alice and Ramona are very similar characters I look forward to reading the rest of this series at some point.

  3. Kirsten

    As Alice gets older, the books get better, I think Each one is still pretty light weight, taken on its own, but the whole run adds up to something really nice.

  4. Maria

    Moving right alone with Alice 8 Alice starts eighth grade and learns all about choices and their consequences.Alice and her friends take a course on making critical life decisions, in which each student is given a hypothetical life altering situation marriage, unintended pregnancy, DUI and must figure out how to make the best decision given the cards their dealt This leads to arguments, laughs, and a lot of insight into what some of the hard facts of growing up entail.Outside the assignment, Ali [...]

  5. Marfita

    I d never read one of the Alice stories, so I thought I d read this one before shelving it Alice and her Health Class peers are assigned Real Life projects along the lines of What Are the Consequences of deciding to get married, getting caught shoplifting, getting pregnant, getting someone else pregnant, getting caught drunk and driving, etc This sounds like such a great idea for a class assignment, but I don t honestly see 8th graders doing such a great job winkling out the details of what happ [...]

  6. Crys

    Alice is back and this time she is starting eighth grade, and getting married She grows up fast, doesn t she Naylor delivers a solid story of growing up a little faster than we re ready for in the guise of a health class Alice and her friends are given different scenarios of life, and they must learn to deal with all the conflicts that come with dealing with each of those scenarios.Alice and Patrick as assigned the planning of a wedding, honeymoon, first apartment, and furniture all for 5,000 Th [...]

  7. Roxanne

    Wow, reading this at 13 and re reading it at 20 make me realize how different I ve become I pretty much agreed with Alice on most accounts when I first read this, and now I m definitely like Lester This is such a sweet book, and it was hilarious at a few points Pamela s so funny And then there were the sweet, sad points I love the Alice series, and this is probably one of my favourites I loved the idea of Critical Choices, and how it was executed A quick, light, heartwarming read that ll remind [...]

  8. Kathryn

    March 2012 re read Long live Alice This has always been my favorite Alice book especially the classroom wedding scene.

  9. Celinda Reyes

    I feel like a broken record at this point but every Alice book is amazing than the last During my re read of these books, I definitely feel that I now appreciate love these stories even than I did as a teenager In this story Alice and her friends learn about the important of planning how their choices will start to deeply affect their futures now that they re getting older Again we get of Alice being the funniest, most interesting protagonist ever well maybe I m being dramatic but she s defin [...]

  10. Melody

    Another great Alice book This one follows Alice and her friends as they all have different assignments for different life changes The goal is to see what kinds of decisions they would have to make given their unique circumstances It was fun to see how each of the girls carried out their assignment research Pamela was hilarious pretending to be pregnant with a pillow Lester is in his Marilyn phase in this book, but Crystal makes an appearance toward the end with a surprise for Lester I won t spoi [...]

  11. Joyce

    I think this was the last book I remember reading in the series back in elementary school possibly middle school I remember I really liked it the interesting scenarios that were assigned as projects Very entertaining as always From now on I have no idea what to expect, except I read a ton of spoilers and summaries

  12. MarinnaC

    Alice was an enjoyable character to follow, and this was one of the first books in this series where the plot actually takes off Well, as much as it can about an 8th grade without a supernatural plot It s sweet and the characters are nice to follow.

  13. Brooke — brooklynnnnereads

    Another good installment in the Alice series I wouldn t say that there was anything that made this novel amazing but I did think the concept of her class project with hypothetical scenarios was truly interesting I wish I did something like that when I was younger because I think it really would have been an eye opening learning experience.Even though this specific installment in the series didn t stand out to me, I believe each installment brings something to the series as a whole I really would [...]

  14. Amy H

    I love this series I read them in middle school, but forgot all about them Thank god my library still has them as e books Alice is now in 8th grade and in health class they all got projects to make important decisions Alice was getting married to Patrick and they had to plan the wedding, honeymoon, get a house, and furniture for only 5000 So, since Patrick and Alice are still dating they found it fun to start talking about weddings and houses This will lead to a nice fight because they realized [...]

  15. Logan Hughes

    Alice and Patrick have to plan a pretend wedding for a health class assignment about life choices and planning Patrick upsets Alice by grumpily describing their plan, which actually sounds kind of nice, as an el cheapo wedding Friends have hijinks with their own assignments, such as Elizabeth researching cars and Pamela pretending to be pregnant A climactic plotline of the book revolves around the cool guy health teacher, who is described as being Robert Redford cute this book came out in the 80 [...]

  16. Sarah Sparkle

    Unfortunately, I did not get to read the Alice books in order, so Alice in Lace , which I bought from alongside Alice the Brave was a novelty One thing that bothered me about this book is the false sexual harassment allegation against her teacher by another girl that Alice intervenes in It s not that I think her response was wrong, but I was like really Other books in the series talk about genuine sexual assault, but it still felt like a tired narrative to use people overestimate the amount of f [...]

  17. Samantha

    My favorite Alice book yet Alice is in 8th grade and gets an interesting assignment get married In reality she has been set the task to plan a wedding, honeymoon, find an apartment, and buy furniture on a budget of 5,000 Her friends Pamela and Elizabeth have been assigned pregnancy and buy a car, respectively Meanwhile, Alice spends a lot of time worrying about Miss Summer and her father s relationship Will they settle down and get married or has the romance fizzled And Lester s girl troubles wa [...]

  18. Beatrice Goyer

    I loved this book I actually love all Alice McKinley books because it showed a hilarious side to growing up In the 8th grade, Alice and her health class each have to face a grown up problem and try to work it out, sharing their progress with the class Alice s assignment is to plan a wedding with her actual boyfriend, Patrick, on a budget of 5,000 dollars Other kids in her class have things like unplanned pregnancies, DUIs, getting a girl pregnant, shoplifting, among other things Not only does Al [...]

  19. Jennifer Dines

    I was probably just a little too old for the Alice series when it came out in the mid 90 s This book would ve been perfect for me it was about a girl whose Dad owns a music shop The Melody Inn and who is growing up in Maryland where I grew up I found out about this book because it had been a very controversial book, probably because 8th grader Alice naturally wonders about sexuality This book harkened back to simpler times when in school, you might actually learn something practical, such as a u [...]

  20. Leigha's Little Library

    Child me 5 starsAdult me 5 stars For the first book in a child teen middlegrade nostalgic book, I am going with the rating younger me would have gone with, then if I read on in the series, I will rate the books what adult me believes it should be rated If the book is a stand alone, I will go with whatever rating I feel most comfortable giving the book Please note, I do not really think books should have an age limit People should read what they want to regardless of the intended age group, excep [...]

  21. Jennifer

    Alice is in the first semester of 8th grade, and is given an assignment in her health class She is told she must plan a wedding with a limited amount of money She has it easier than other classmates Pamela is pregnant and Elizabeth has to buy a car.With these real life scenarios, the girls need to figure out how they would handle these situations Hilarity ensues, but so does thoughtful and meaningful planning Alice discovers that some parts in life require planning i.e dentist appointments and o [...]

  22. Brian

    Alice is getting marriedd no, she s not a child bride It s part of an assignment in her class to learn about life responsibilities Her friend Elizabeth is buying a car and Pamela is pregnant This was a cute and fun read, one of my favorite so far The side plots of Lester choosing a girl is always amusing, but there are a few twists in this one I will be sad when the series starts going downhill, but it is still strong I will be cranking out quite a few of these this weekend, as I have the next [...]

  23. Elissa

    Alice and her friends have to learn critical life skills in a new unit at school She and Patrick have to plan a wedding, Pamela s assignment is to figure out what to do after getting pregnant, and Elizabeth has to buy a car Book takes place First semester of 8th grade.Alice s life lessons You can t plan everything in life, but it s good to be prepared.Best Alice moment s Drama with Sorringer Jill s accusation against Mr Everett Pamela and Donald Sheavers at the mall Alice and Patrick s fake wedd [...]

  24. Lindsey

    In this edition, Alice has started 8th grade and is in health class with all her friends They are doing a project where they are given a scenario and told they have to investigate their options for dealing with the scenario and the consequences of those decisions For instance, Pamela is a pregnant unwed teenager, Alice and Patrick are getting married, and Elizabeth has to buy a car It gets Alice thinking about the importance of planning Evenutally she realizes that you can have plans as long as [...]

  25. Tina

    I loved this series when I was younger It s not very long, and not terribly deep or complicated It s actually kind of like Judy Blume lite, but that s not a bad thing I think it s a testament to Naylor s work that I can revisit this series and still enjoy it as much as I did when I was a teenager, and not think it s corny Some books series can t stand the test of time, but this one could, and did.

  26. ♡ Kristina

    Banned Books 2011Reasons nudity offensive language religious viewpointBanned Books 2006Reasons offensive language and sexually explicitBanned Books 2003Reasons sexual content, offensive language, unsuited to age groupBanned Books 2002Reasons homosexuality, sexually explicit, unsuited to age groupBanned Books 2001Reasons sexually explicit, unsuited to age group

  27. Ale

    In this effervescent eighth entry in the wildly popular series, Alice isn t really getting married But she and her boyfriend, Patrick, are thinking about it for a health class assignment And as she and her classmates research the nitty gritty details of planning a wedding they discover that being truly grown up can be much complicated than they ever imagined.

  28. Emma

    I think this is my favorite of the series thus far Alice and the gang have to complete a school assignment that forces them to face grown up decisions This assignment helps them each to grow and realize that you can t always plan for life, sometimes it just happens.

  29. B

    Alice 11 and one of my favorites In health class all the kids are given adult situation assignments one girl has to bury her grandmother, another has to contend with a drunk driving accident, and Alice and Patrick are marrying on 5000.00.

  30. Kricket

    book 8 in which alice and her classmates get to take a fascinating course on critical choices alice patrick have to pretend to get married and study all the planning involved, pamela must pretend she is unexpectedly pregnant lester gets a surprise from an old girlfriend.

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