The Fatal Eggs (2020)

The Fatal Eggs Mikhail Bulgakov Michael Karpelson The Fatal Eggs As the turbulent years following the Russian revolution of settle down into a new Soviet reality the brilliant and eccentric zoologist Persikov discovers an amazing ray that drastically increase
  • Title: The Fatal Eggs
  • Author: Mikhail Bulgakov Michael Karpelson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Fatal Eggs Mikhail Bulgakov Michael Karpelson As the turbulent years following the Russian revolution of 1917 settle down into a new Soviet reality, the brilliant and eccentric zoologist Persikov discovers an amazing ray that drastically increases the size and reproductive rate of living organisms At the same time, a mysterious plague wipes out all the chickens in the Soviet republics The government expropriates PerAs the turbulent years following the Russian revolution of 1917 settle down into a new Soviet reality, the brilliant and eccentric zoologist Persikov discovers an amazing ray that drastically increases the size and reproductive rate of living organisms At the same time, a mysterious plague wipes out all the chickens in the Soviet republics The government expropriates Persikov s untested invention in order to rebuild the poultry industry, but a horrible mix up quickly leads to a disaster that could threaten the entire world This H G Wells inspired novel by the legendary Mikhail Bulgakov is the only one of his larger works to have been published in its entirety during the author s lifetime A poignant work of social science fiction and a brilliant satire on the Soviet revolution, it can now be enjoyed by English speaking audiences through this accurate new translation Includes annotations and afterword.
The Fatal Eggs Mikhail Bulgakov Michael Karpelson

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    208 Mikhail Bulgakov Michael Karpelson
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One thought on “The Fatal Eggs

  1. Ahmad Sharabiani

    The Fatal Eggs, Mikhail BulgakovThe Fatal Eggs Russian is a science fiction novella by Mikhail Bulgakov, a Soviet novelist and playwright whose most famous work is The Master and Margarita It was written in 1924 and first published in 1925 The book became quite popular, but was much criticised by some Soviet critics as a satire of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the leadership of Soviet Russia.The Fatal Eggs can be described as a science fiction novel Its main protagonist is an aging zoologis [...]

  2. Fernando

    Mija l Bulg kov es uno de los mejores escritores que le y descubr este a o Hasta la fecha no hay libro que me haya gustado tanto como El Maestro y Margarita , al que considero una verdadera joya literaria Ha superado mis expectativas incluso sobre libros como Los Hermanos Karamazov o Stoner, ambos de notable prestigio y belleza.En el caso de este libro, Los Huevos Fatales me ha vuelto a agradar su narrativa tan amena y sus argumentos tan originales La manera que ten a este gran escritor de imple [...]

  3. MJ Nicholls

    A slim sci fi novel la about a ray of life birthing mutant cockerels, snakes, and ostriches which run amok in 1920s Moscow Biting satirical larks from Russia s best ever satirist.N.B This story is included in Diaboliad Vintage Classics with other short stories You might want to save money and get that collection.

  4. TheSkepticalReader

    First half of this book almost reads like a witty story of manners second half reads like a cheesy horror flick of the 30s which I wouldn t consider bad as I love a good ol fashioned horror classic as long it has sufficient cheese.I ultimately really liked this book However it is highly likely that the second half will throw many people off as laziness The way I see it, there are two possible interpretations one might make of the second portion of this story either Bulgakov just lost hold of the [...]

  5. Vit Babenco

    The Fatal Eggs is fun In this outlandish novelette Mikhail Bulgakov wickedly satirized the new Soviet soulless bureaucracy.Monsters beget greater monsters Shukin fired a few shots in the direction of the conservatory, smashing several panes of glass But behind him a huge olive coloured coil sprang out of a cellar window, slithered over the yard, covering it entirely with its ten yard long body and wound itself round Shukin s legs in a flash.It dashed him to the ground, and the shiny revolver bo [...]

  6. Guillermo Macbeth

    Un libro magn fico Frente a un mismo problema hist rico pol tico se pueden ensayar distintas respuestas Algunas respuestas pueden ser l cidas, otras no tanto, otras puede ser fuertes, otras no tanto Personalmente, me interesan las l cidas, no importa que sean fuertes o d biles Ante el problema de la dictadura rusa que sigui a la revoluci n de octubre de 1917 que en realidad fue en noviembre si se toma el calendario gregoriano occidental en lugar del oriental juliano algunos artistas tuvieron res [...]

  7. Başak Çolular

    Do an n i leyi ine m dahale etmek ne kadar do ru , Bilimsel geli meler, yanl ki iler ve yanl ama larla kullan ld nda ne gibi felaketlere yol a abilir , Devrim niteli indeki bulu lar, farkl nedenlerden t r irili ufakl felaketlere d n t nde su , bu devrimi ba latanda m yoksa farkl yollara s r kleyenlerde midir gibi envai e it soruyu zihninize yerle tirecek, ak c , zg n bir kitap.

  8. Sandra

    Questo racconto di Bulgakov non mi piaciuto particolarmente, comunque meno di Cuore di cane Forte la satira bulgakoviana alla politica e al regime comunista il racconto stato scritto nel 1924, in pieno regime , ai politici ottusi e burocrati che pretendono, nella loro ignoranza, di prendere in mano la scienza e servirsene senza le conoscenze adatte per gestirla e cos facendo provocano danni incontrollabili alle popolazioni Un racconto definito di fantascienza, certo lo era per l epoca, ma con il [...]

  9. Ali

    thefataleggsFor some time now I have been reading a lot about Bulgakov and his books on Kaggsy s bookish ramblings her enthusiasm for him made me want to read some of his work I wasn t sure which of his novels I would attempt first, but when I came across a copy of this very slight novel in the library I thought it might be a good one to start with.The Fatal Eggs is a novel which is a kind of sci fi satire on Stalinist Russia right out of my comfort zone really I took the book away with me for t [...]

  10. Sookie

    An odd read even for Bulgakov The clever and budgeted writer that he is, slows down the narration in the second half of this tiny book The novella starts off as a hilarious satire on absurd investigations under the guise of science A bland look on the bureaucratic nonsense that surrounds a professor and his frog egg investigation, Bulgakov gently points at the Russian secret police, propaganda politics and the headaches that come with insipid helpers.Enjoyed but didn t love.

  11. Bjorn

    Only Bulgakov can get from satire of Soviet bureaucracy to GIANT MONSTERS EATING THE COUNTRYSIDE in a short story and have it make perfect sense Please, nobody tell the SyFy network about this or they ll buy the film rights in 10 seconds.

  12. Daavid (דוד)

    This is a science fiction novella combining the likes of two literary writers Mary Shelley s Frankenstein with the theme of the scientist whose experiments lead to dire consequences , and H.G Wells s The Island of Doctor Moreau with the blurred distinction between animals and humans , further combined with satirizing the times, that of the early Communist regime 1920s of the former USSR.The book shows how its communist government used to intervene the lives of scientists and their yet incomplete [...]

  13. Emanuela

    Sebbene mi sia piaciuto lo stile di Bulgakov, a tratti anche ironico, questo un genere che non fa proprio per me Per fortuna era un romanzo breve, non avrei retto un libro pi lungo Interessante il messaggio lanciato da Bulgakov, uno spaccato della societ russa degli anni venti, con la politica che vuole interferire anche nelle scoperte scientifiche e che, non avendo le giuste conoscenze, provoca danni incontrollabili.

  14. Ana Rînceanu

    If you have any doubts that Bulgakov was a doctor, then read this novel There are so many laboratory scenes and there is so much enjoyment in explaining the scientific process It s nice to see a book where the science isn t the problem, the scientist is not hell bent on gaining knowledge at any cost The people who want to use it before it s been properly tested are however another matter.

  15. Dave

    Great short satire I m told this isn t Bulgakov s best work It really has me enthusiastic about the rest.

  16. John

    I m sure all of us can look back at a few books that stand as, so to speak, milestones along the road of our lives books that changed us in some way, usually in our way of thinking For me, one of these has been Mikhail Bulgakov s The Master and Margarita, which I was bowled over sideways by in the excellent Michael Glenny translation when I was about 20.Translated Russian novels, even moderately thick ones, could be fantasticated and fun Who knew Certainly not me, at that age.The odd thing is th [...]

  17. Asha Seth

    A medical experiment gone bizarre and the whole of Moscow is hit by a catastrophe noone can ever imagine Poor Professor Persikov, though Those who have read Bulgakov know full well that his works were a satire on Stalin s regime in Soviet Russia and this is another extraordinary book so well done Utter madness, this book is, just like THE HEART OF A DOG, just like THE MASTER AND MARGARITA, but man, did I love it

  18. Marc Gerstein

    A short, tightly written straightforward satirical view of the post revolutionary Soviet Union Borrowing ideas from the then still relatively new science fiction genre Wells in particular , Bulgakov presents the story of powerful potentially wonderful invention wreaking havoc when its co opted by state operatives obsessed with quick action rather than thoughtful progress, sort of like the short lived rapidly imploded Trump Ryan health care plan That s when you know satire works, when it speaks a [...]

  19. Alex Sarll

    Weirdly reminiscent of a terrible Asylum monster flick in its none cliched plot Some science happens But then The Man takes the science away from the scientist who made the science, so it does monsters Oh no The army are not very good at fighting monsters Fortunately, deus ex machina.Hell, it even keeps the monsters off screen most of the time And when you do see them, they even read like bad special effects.The difference, of course, is that this was written in Soviet Russia in 1924 and, unlik [...]

  20. Çağatay Boz

    Pek l K pek K lbi kadar sevdi im bir Bulgakov eseri Nedendir bilemiyorum, Bat da genel olarak Sovyetler Birli i nin satirize edildi i bir kitap olarak g r l yor Evet, Sovyetler Birli i ve zellikle o d nemde ya anan uygulamalar da satirize ediliyor l kin ok daha ince noktalar da mevcut kitapta En basitinden a ustos ay nda gelen don, yani s cakl n s f r n alt na d mesi l h m dahaleye bir at f, hem de bariz bir at f.S z n z , kitab Sovyet b rokrasinin satiri olarak nitelendirmek, kitab epeyce basit [...]

  21. Maureen Lo

    What a terrible end for Persikov, Professor of Zoology The media and the state bureaucrats are to be blamed for the horrifying catastrophe when they took the untested invention called the ray of life and started producing mutants Not realising that the eggs they were using were not of chickens but of reptiles due to a cock up delivery Frenzied Moscowian blamed the professor for his accidental discovery, killed him and destroyed his home and lab This is the 3rd Bulgokov I ve read A Brilliant and [...]

  22. Pečivo

    Oproti Mark tce a z pisk m doktora celkem slabota Ruskej v dec najde v roce 1928 zp sob jak pomoc paprsku rozmno ovat by Mezit m za nou jinde chcipat slepice Nejakej jouda z vl dy p ijde za v dcem a sebere mu v r mci n rodn ho dobra paprsek a s v dom m, e mno slepice, vytvo monstrhady, kter mu v echno poserou se erou man elku a tak Tak e n co jako hadi v letadle, zkou el jsem si p edstavovat, ze v dec vypad jako Samuel L Jackson, ale ani to moc nepomohlo dnej full frontal, nikde ani n znak vodky [...]

  23. rosshalde

    Okudu um di er Bulgakov eserlerinin bir ad m gerisinde kalmas na ra men be endi im bir kitap oldu Bulgakov un sistem ele tirisi yaparken kulland dil okuyucu rahats z etmiyor Ancak Usta ve Margarita ile K pek Kalbi yle k yaslad mda benim i in bir ad m geride kald.

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