Fidèle à son clan (2020)

Fidèle à son clan Pamela Clare Fid le son clan Au Nouveau Monde des rangers celtes enr l s par les Anglais s ment la mort derri re eux Quand leur chef Morgan McKinnon tombe entre les mains des Fran ais ces derniers d cident de le soumettre
  • Title: Fidèle à son clan
  • Author: Pamela Clare
  • ISBN: 9782290020845
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Fidèle à son clan Pamela Clare 1759 Au Nouveau Monde, des rangers celtes enr l s par les Anglais s ment la mort derri re eux Quand leur chef Morgan McKinnon tombe entre les mains des Fran ais, ces derniers d cident de le soumettre un interrogatoire avant de le livrer la tribu des Ab naquis Trop gravement bless pour parler, le prisonnier est d abord confi la pupille du commandant du fort, Amal1759 Au Nouveau Monde, des rangers celtes enr l s par les Anglais s ment la mort derri re eux Quand leur chef Morgan McKinnon tombe entre les mains des Fran ais, ces derniers d cident de le soumettre un interrogatoire avant de le livrer la tribu des Ab naquis Trop gravement bless pour parler, le prisonnier est d abord confi la pupille du commandant du fort, Amalie Tout devrait lui faire ha r cet homme Ne fait il pas partie des barbares qui ont tu son p re et tant de ses fr res indiens Mais, contre toute attente, son coeur s enflamme mesure que Morgan se r tablit Pourtant, elle le sait vou une mort atroce
Fidèle à son clan Pamela Clare

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  1. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    I d like to begin this review by listing some reasons that Morgan is a Hero to Die For 1 Gorgeous, sexy, virile, delicious, with long dark hair and dark blue eyes, and a big, hard muscled body Swoon.2 He s an immensely capable warrior, a much loved leader to his men.3 His unimpeachable sense of honor, even when it put his life in jeopardy.4 The gentle, loving way he treated Amalie.5 The fact that he wasn t going to let anything stand between Amalie and him.Aah Okay, I admit that Iain is still my [...]

  2. Shawna

    5 stars Colonial American Frontier Historical RomanceWOW I don t know how I can possibly do this book justice with a review, but I ll try to at least convey what makes it so astounding As irrevocably moved as I was by Surrender, I loved Untamed just as much, if not It s utterly enthrallingI simply couldn t put it down and never wanted it to end The MacKinnon s Rangers is an amazing series with an exciting, perfect combination of history, action, drama, and sensual romance that s uniquely set du [...]

  3. Auntee

    Fantabulous romance Riveting suspense Original storyline with unique plot twists A hero and heroine you ll fall in love with Many tear jerking moments Smokin hot love scenes Beautifully satisfying epilogue A book that just leaves you wanting MORE Can you tell I adored it How often does a historical romance actually make you search out a history book to read about the life and time period of the story you ve just read I found myself actually looking for reference books detailing the time period [...]

  4. Buggy

    Opening Line Major Morgan Mackinnon lay on his belly, looking down from the summit of Rattlesnake Mountain to the French fort at Ticonderoga below Och lassies, Pamela Clare has done it again Tis no fair, I dinnae ken i twas possible for her to top the sheer bonnie ness of Surrender I ll stop now or that she could possibly create another hero capable of capturing my heart the way Iain did yes Iain of the hundred lashes Iain but then I hadn t properly met his brother Morgan yet either and damn if [...]

  5. Kristen

    Huge 5 stars.I honestly didn t think I would like Untamed, the second book in Pamela Clare s MacKinnon s Rangers trilogy, as much as I liked the first book Surrender Boy, was I wrong Once again, Pamela Clare took me on an exciting journey replete with adventure, suspense, and intrigue, coupled with a beautiful and passionate romance I can easily say that everything I look for in an historical romance is in this book Excellent writing, a tight and riveting plot, lovable and engaging characters, a [...]

  6. MelissaB

    The MacKinnon brothers story started in Surrender continues with Morgan s story in Untamed.Morgan MacKinnon takes over as captain of MacKinnon s Rangers after his older brother Iain is allowed to leave the service and return to the family farm with his wife Annie and their son Morgan gets captured by the French at Fort Ticonderoga after he is gravely injured while helping save the life of one of his men The French intend to try to save his life so he can be interrogated then given to the Abenaki [...]

  7. ♡Karlyn P♡

    2012 Wonderful reading it for the second time, cried like a baby at the end Heart melting, intense, and steamy what a perect kind of romance Now let s bring on Connor s story 2008 Read it yesterday and absolutely loved it It s the sequel to Clare s book Surrender and tells Morgan s story, the middle of three MacKinnon brothers In short, it is an incredibly compelling, heart moving story that at times makes you feel as if a happy ending is simply impossible The romance between Morgan and Amelia w [...]

  8. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

    This is the 2nd installment of the MacKinnon s Rangers trilogy and was every bit as good as the 1st, if not better In this story, loyalties are tested and we learn that not everything is as it seems The characters are people I care about and the storyline is, once again, unique to the Highlander genre Untamed is a fast paced, funny and sexy read If you re already a Pamela Clare fan, or interested in learning about her and her books, be sure to stop by our Pamela Clare Fan Group here on

  9. Beanbag Love

    I really liked this story Morgan and Amalie are great leads, even though I sometimes worried she was going to become TSTL or mewling She didn t She reasoned things out and came to correct conclusions almost every time And had incredible faith in Morgan Usually I know pretty much how a story is going to work itself out There may be a few surprises here and there, but mostly I know the path it s going to go I really didn t know what was going to happen next with this, and yet, every part of the st [...]

  10. Julie (jjmachshev)

    Reviewed for queuemyreview book release Dec08Want to know a secret My least favored romance genre is historic American Why I have no idea I ve wondered about it time and again, but still haven t been able to figure it out they just don t send me I say this as an explanation for why I was a bit worried about reviewing Untamed , but with Pamela Clare as the author, I really should have known better than to be concerned She managed to make even my least favorite genre exciting and interesting.Amali [...]

  11. Ally

    Winner Winner Pamela Clare can do almost no wrong.I have to say almost, I mean come on, the heroine from the first book in this series made me a wee bit cray Just a wee Read for the Historical Romance Book Club Romance Across the Ages challenge, American Revolution category And yes, I realized this book takes place during the French Indian war which preceded the AR by 10 years, but I was halfway through the book when I figured that bit out SoSeries Oh yesSexy times A few times Ok, than a few, b [...]

  12. ~V~

    4 1 2 starsI think i may have liked this one just a tiny bit than the first book I really liked Iain and Annie s love story from book one but there s just something about Morgan He was strong, courageous, sexy and soooo sweet with Amaliet only did he display these qualities in his own book but we were reminded of everything he did in the first book for Annie Twas Morgan who held me when Iain was flogged Twas he who bought my weddin gown Twas he who sheltered me when Iain faced my accursed uncle [...]

  13. Cheryl

    After reading Surrender, the first book in Pamela Clare s MacKinnon s Rangers series, I quite honestly fell completely and hopelessly in love with the MacKinnon brothers I thought Iain from Surrender was amazing and he and his brothers stole my heart and I knew from the start that I was lost to them Morgan, the brother featured in Untamed, was just as to die for as Iain and his book was just as spectacular, if not even brilliant than the first 5 big stars but in my head I m giving it 10 I felt [...]

  14. Kathrynn

    I didn t enjoy this one as much as Surrender book 1 in this series The characters weren t as compelling and it dragged in places Having said that, the author did a nice job changing the plot around for Morgan brother 2 Having him captured by the French and held prisoner, how he met Amalie, courted her, etc was vastly different from the first book Kudos However, the characters just did not hold my interest and I was upset with how the plot unraveled I did not care for the ending at all and though [...]

  15. Ingela

    A heartwarming wonderful historical romance, 4 1 2 Huge Stars.This series belongs to the very best Every time I opened this second book in the series, I realized I love everything in it The author, Pamela Clare, has given me wonderful main and second characters I also enjoy to read the scottish english speaking in the dialogue and of course all about the brave MacKinnon s Rangers.This book was about the bullet wounded Scottish Morgan MacKinnon who is captured by French troops In captivity he fal [...]

  16. Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R

    Astounding roman bien crit Astounding well written novel Pamela Clare has done it once again I loved the first novel she wrote in this series Surrender and this one Untamed is yet another enthralling story I fell in love with Morgan MacKinnon,when reading the previous book continued to enjoy him even in this novel It s hard not to fall in love with these Scottish manly warriors.Let me just say, I m a sucker for tortured hero s Morgan definitely plays that role.Loyalty is what gets him in the me [...]

  17. TJ

    Pamela Clare is by far one of the brightest stars in the romance firmament Every single thing a reader could want is contained in each one of her books, and Untamed is the perfect example Do you like realistic historical Clare envelopes true, sometimes gritty historical facts, events and people in a fictional story so deftly that one doesn t even realize there is learning taking place Do you like strong characters that stay true to the nature written Her characters are some of the most superbly [...]

  18. Kübra Yağmur

    MacKinnon karde lerin ne de ayr ayr bay l yorum ama Morgon, bende bamba ka bir etki b rakt nk o l mc l yaras yla hayatta kalma sava verirken bir yandan da ailesi, dostlar , verdi i s zler ile a k aras nda kalan bir sava Bir klan efinin Amerika ya ka m torunlar ndan ikincisi olan Morgon, tehditle dahil olduklar sava ta a abeyinin b rakt yerden komutanl k g revini stlenmi ti ilk kitab b rakt m z yerde Burada da ba ar l bir lider olarak silah arkada lar n korumak i in geride kal yor ve yaralanarak [...]

  19. Zeek

    Untamed, the second in her MacKinnon Rangers trilogy continues soon after Surrender the first in the series left off Morgan, Ian MacKinnon s younger brother Surrender , is now leading the Rangers that band of Scots and Irish warriors who have learned to make war like no other in the colonies before the establishment of the United States A band impressed into service by the sneaky Wentworth King George s grandson to fight for the Brits during the French and Indian Wars, even though, as Scots, the [...]

  20. Saly

    Pamela Clare is a talented author I loved the conflict in this one Hero is fighting for the British while the heroine is French.

  21. valee

    I m not sure why but I just didn t like this one as much as I did book 1.Possible reasons 1 Probably because I started it right after I finished book 1 and for this very same reason everything just seemed of the same I should have left some time in between or read a book from another genre before starting this one.2 I completely adored the hero and his family but this heroine was not of my favorites She was just too nice and goody goody while he was the warrior type, the one who got captured by [...]

  22. Amanda

    This is good follow up However, due to the fact that I read Surrender and Untamed back to back, I can t help but noticed some similarities, especially a few dialogues and phrases that were spoken between both the H h This also make a lesser impact to me than Surrender because it lack momentous scene There were a couple of scene from Surrender that etched in my mind, but Untamed didn t have that Nonetheless, Morgan still deserve a 4 stars I think is unfair that I keep comparing him to his elder b [...]

  23. Sha Mslvoe

    Another wonderful story that I couldn t put it down After reading two books from MacKinnon s Ranger series, I m asking myself Why did it take me so long to read her books I never thought I would love her books Frankly speaking, her previous cover art make me turn off to read it Again, I m wrong She is a wonderful storyteller I loved everything about this book The author makes you feel as if you were there Strongly recommended.

  24. Yomi M.

    Rating Clarification 3.5 stars I knew from the start that I was not going to like this book that much I thought Amalie was annoying and she irritated me with with what she asked of Morgan Morgan was alright, I did hate him but I didn t love him either There were some part where I also find myself skimming because I just wanted to get the story over with With that said, Pamela Clare s writing was superb and I look forward to read Connor s story.

  25. Mitzi

    Bk 2 in MacKinnon Ranger trilogy Morgan MacKinnon A Scot is now in charge of the Rangers Ian wed Annie and quit the Rangers He is captured by the French and forced to help them and while he is there h falls in love with a convent bred French girl Amalie He wants her, but he must find a way to get back to his post Great love story And another hot one too Looking forward to of Pamela s stories.

  26. Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️

    Audio Book, narrated by Kaleo Griffith.Another fantastic Pamela Clare book I love how her brilliant writing ability transport s us to another time and makes it feel like realtime.I love and adore the MacKinnon Brothers Morgan is sweet, sexy, loyal, fun, and did I say sexy and absolutely yummy Looking forward to Defiant, I preordered my audio book and can t wait for KG to read it to me As much as I love this, Surrender and Iain are my favorite in the MacKinnon trilogySo far.

  27. Ruth

    I loved this one as much as Surrender The author has done a great job of using the same setting and characters and using a slice of action of actual events as the backdrop for a great romance, involving two intelligent, lonely people There is so much about these stories I love, from the characters the heroine is innocence itself, but handled in such a way as to not irritate , to small details and descriptions of fortifications, armoury, to plot development it s small but I really like that her c [...]

  28. Miss Kim

    Och Satan s arse This made me laugh every time I really liked this sequel to Surrender, however, I think it was a bit dragged out and could have been 50 pages shorter Morgan was an endearing hero I can t wait for Conner s story Highly recommended

  29. Yolanda

    Me ha gustado un mont n Me gusta mucho Pamela Clare, adoro la serie Team I Quer a ver qu tal escrib a Pamela en rom ntica hist rica y me ha encantado.

  30. Jessie

    Had I not read Surrender first, this would ve been a total 5 star read Unlike Surrender, in which I was completely captivated by the story from the beginning to the very end, in this books while many scenes were simply un put downable, there were other scenes when I found myself drifting off.Morgan is like the mirror image of his brother Iain, he is a fierce leader and a passionate lover However, in Iain s book where EVERYTHING he did was out of love of Annie, Morgan here still loved Amelie with [...]

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