Shooting the Boh: A Woman's Voyage Down the Wildest River in Borneo (2020)

Shooting the Boh: A Woman's Voyage Down the Wildest River in Borneo Tracy Johnston Shooting the Boh A Woman s Voyage Down the Wildest River in Borneo A thrilling touching and densely instructive book Shooting the Boh is also a frank self portrait of a woman facing her most corrosive fears and triumphing over them with fortitude and unflagging wi
  • Title: Shooting the Boh: A Woman's Voyage Down the Wildest River in Borneo
  • Author: Tracy Johnston
  • ISBN: 9780679740100
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
Shooting the Boh: A Woman's Voyage Down the Wildest River in Borneo Tracy Johnston A thrilling, touching, and densely instructive book, Shooting the Boh is also a frank self portrait of a woman facing her most corrosive fears and triumphing over them with fortitude and unflagging wit A captivating and truly offbeat rite of passage Eric Hansen.
Shooting the Boh: A Woman's Voyage Down the Wildest River in Borneo Tracy Johnston

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    334 Tracy Johnston
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One thought on “Shooting the Boh: A Woman's Voyage Down the Wildest River in Borneo

  1. Mads

    I saw a copy of this book in the second hand shelf and was instantly mesmerized by the cover photo I don t know if its a composite but it shows a long, narrow boat overfilled with various characters whose clothes and expressions are so different from one another and oh, the boat is in the middle of wicked whitewater between menacing boulders I love the fact that their clothes don t seem to match the situation one has a cowboy hat it gives the impression that they re amateurs utterly unprepared t [...]

  2. Kaion

    The thing is, I don t think Tracy Johnston is a bad writer I think she s a good writer buried under a ton of bad writing habits And the source material for her travel memoir is fantastic a nightmare rafting trip down a stretch of the Boh river never before traversed, organized poorly and with little preparation by a company who mistakenly advertised it as only a medium difficulty three day sojourn It turned to 11 Johnston s bad writing habits 1 She uses zippy magazine y cliches to describe every [...]

  3. Chana

    I loved this book in a way it is so interesting and out of the ordinary What we have here is a group of adventurers, mostly unaware of the real circumstances of what they are getting into, who join a river rafting trip down the Boh River in Borneo It is through the adventure company of Sobek and supposedly has been run or at least mapped before It is billed as Class 3 white water hahahahaha Supposed to be a 3 day trip a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour Yes, it is a bit Gilligan Islandish, only with a [...]

  4. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance

    Gimme a second here pant, pant Let meh this leech off my leg Ouch Jeezother beesting Andwhat What the heck is that GROWING ON MY FEET Well, I ve definitely decided to cross the Bohoff my short list for our 25th wedding anniversarytrip.Great story Leaves me asking the question, Why would someone choose to raft down thewildest river in Borneo Side note Of all the horrors Johnston described,the most terrifying to me was the onset of menopause.

  5. W

    For some reason I kept turning the pages but the book felt fragmented and thrown together like a last minute Halloween costume so close but not quite there I m not a fan of writers going on adventures just so they have something to write about At times I was angry and annoyed with the author for her novice status in the river, potentially risking the lives of others Of course, we know she survived Sometimes when I read books like this I wonder if my anger is not at myself for not being brave en [...]

  6. Rachel Jackson

    Shooting the Boh, page 194 Dave was going to write about the trip also, he said He d noticed that the only explorers anyone remembered were the ones who were writers I agreed Then I told him that when my article was published he would probably be disappointed It will tell my story, I said, and not yours It will make you mad because I ll leave out your experience This quote is the single best example in this entire book of why I abhorred Tracy Johnston s story Through these few sentences, you imm [...]

  7. Betsy Ellis

    Johnston was in her mid forties and, unbeknownst to her, about to enter menopause, when she decided to join an expedition scheduled to raft down a previously unchartered section of the Boh river in Borneo I thought it was a great adventure story.

  8. Sue Jackson

    Shooting the Boh is an narrative about one woman s journey on a rafting expedition The author apparently is experienced with adventure and sets off with a group of 10 to raft in unchartered territories This book is easy to read but is unpredictable as far as content Tracy Johnston does set the stage, letting the reader know that this trek is one that has never been done before She gives examples of situations that she and others on this expedition face many of which are dangerous What should hav [...]

  9. Leonard

    I read this book when it was first published back in the 90s and now I read it again, and found it just as interesting and intriguing as it was the first time The author finds herself on a float trip down a whitewater river in Borneo, one of the first people ever to float that river After finding out what they plan to do, the local natives look at them as if they are already dead The river turns out to be longer and rougher than anyone expects, and the weird relationships between the people turn [...]

  10. Terye

    A true story The author, a journalist is over forty when she decides to take this trip The trip is doomed The company that put this expedition together, lied about their experience and also liked about the level of difficulty of the river, information also withheld, that this river had never been charted before At the beginning of their trip a tribesman announces that they will anger the river god with their adventure They don t heed the warning And to make matters worse, she s experiencing hot [...]

  11. Jeannie

    Amy Tan s review I loved this book Johnston is a dream of a writer funny, intelligent, and hilariously observant set the tone for me I knew when I read that I would love this book and I did.I was consumed by the story I lived it while reading it, I thought about it as I moved about my day and it even invaded my dreams at night What a horrific trip this turned into, a trip the author was totally unprepared for Her sense of humor kept the story light enough to be enjoyed and her odd mixing her sto [...]

  12. Anica Wong

    It s always nice to read about a female explorer I was intrigued by the location of her adventure, especially since it happened on a big, scary river, something that I am not very familiar with Tracy s conversational style of writing made me feel like she was telling me her story face to face I really liked that she didn t shy away from the fact that she started to go through menopause while on the trip She could have decided to keep that private, but it showed her vulnerability I felt like she [...]

  13. Lisa Vegan

    Author does a great job of writing about this arduous trip in a really exciting and fascinating manner I couldn t put this book down Really interesting adventure story, with reporting about relationships among those on this trip and some helpful history thrown in Particularly enjoyed how I could identify with her in so many adventure books the participants are professionals at risky endeavors she was not, so I could imagine myself in her place but preferably on a better planned and executed trip [...]

  14. Leslie

    A planned 3 day raft expedition through the Boh River in the Borneo rain forest turns into a 9 day ordeal When they reach their destination they look dead than alive Except for the French super model one of 11 voyagers She was just as clean, just as healthy, and just as beautiful as the day the trip began She wore a blue shirt unbuttoned down to her bra, which was white and lace trimmed Next to her tan skin it looked like some kind of hypercolor Next to our mildewed, dirty T shirts, it seemed a [...]

  15. Monica

    I loved this book Johnston, over 40, decides to take a guided test run whitewater rafting trip on the Boh River in Borneo Immediately, Johnston is confronted with the loss of her luggage Uh oh The group soon finds out that the local tribal people believe evil spirits live in the river, but of course as westerners they scoff at this They soon learn that the natives avoid the river for many reasons, among them intense rapids and tons of bees The writing is good, and the story is gripping things ke [...]

  16. Carol

    This book makes me feel better about that approaching middle age A few day whitewater adventure turns into a much longer and far arduous trip than anticipated Lost luggage, insects, a group of people whom the author knows nothing about, hot flashes in the middle of the what s not to love about this book I really appreciate the guts it took to make this trip and survive with a sense of humor intact A great adventure read.

  17. Rebecka

    This is a fun armchair travel book, since it reminds you how lucky you are to not have lost luggage attacking leeches life threatening whitewater situations to deal with I read it over Christmas break re read, after many years and appreciated the anecdotes about Indonesian cuisine and the character descriptions I still got lots of the male characters mixed up since they mostly have generic names John, Bill, Raymond Makes me kind of not want to go to Borneo D

  18. Darlene

    Having rafted a few rivers, I could appreciate the discomforts and dangers and doubts that Tracy Johnston describes in her Boh River adventure I recently concluded that I didn t need to add to my rafting resume and this story convinces me that my mettle and luck on wild water needs no further testing.

  19. Rae

    What a wild ride The author joins a group rafting a previously uncharted section of the Boh River in Borneo Her experience includes Borneo natives, off the chart rapids, foot rot, sweat bees, giant leeches, hot flashes, and bizarre critters with spines and thorns I love to read accounts of wild adventures that I would never contemplate participating in myself This is a great one.

  20. Alison

    This book was disappointing The writer turns a really great adventure with potential for an awesome book into a series of complaints about her travel companions, her natural surroundings, and menopause You don t end up liking any of the characters, including the author I really just wanted to ask her, Why did you go on this trip

  21. Care

    just bookmooched from andilit 9 17There is NO WAY I could ever have signed up to do what this lady did leeches and constant swarming of bees and FEAR of dying with no rescue plan in place no way but she is a good writer.

  22. Patti

    Such an uncomfortable read, I found myself swatting away invisible bees Johnston s experience of taking on this awful trip, while trying to come to terms with a new phase of her womanhood through menopause, was a subject I hadn t read about before.

  23. Tesszi

    I ve given away many copies of this book and recommended it many It has everything I want in the sub genre of what can go wrong traveling and is one of the few that delves into women traveling.

  24. Marsha

    This was a pretty amazing story, and I enjoyed it, despite being sometimes annoyed by the author s lamentations that, entering menopause, she was no longer pretty, or attractive to men I did admire her courage, if not her judgment

  25. Becky

    Very interesting book, but it is hard to know how to rate a book about leeches and sweat bees Makes me want to stay away from books that don t have snow in them.

  26. Barb

    this book was alternately hilarious and scary a great whitewater rafting adventure Johnston was my role model for coping with menopause.

  27. Jeannette

    As well as being a good adventure read, it s a commentary on menopause and changing self image I also love whitewater rafting and devour any adventure books on the subject.

  28. Maggi

    One of my other very favorite books Fascinating, funny, easy to relate to even if you ve never been on a river raft expedition

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