Yoga The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillness (2020)

Yoga The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillness Erich Schiffmann Trish O'Reilly Trish O'Rielly Yoga The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillness Discover the path to inner peace with this guidebook that combines hatha yoga and meditation strategies from world renowned yoga master Erich Shiffmann World renowned yoga master Erich Schiffmann offe
  • Title: Yoga The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillness
  • Author: Erich Schiffmann Trish O'Reilly Trish O'Rielly
  • ISBN: 9780671534806
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
Yoga The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillness Erich Schiffmann Trish O'Reilly Trish O'Rielly Discover the path to inner peace with this guidebook that combines hatha yoga and meditation strategies from world renowned yoga master Erich Shiffmann.World renowned yoga master Erich Schiffmann offers an easy to follow, exciting new techniques the first to combine hatha yoga and meditation to all who are seeking healthful beauty and inner peace.
Yoga The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillness Erich Schiffmann Trish O'Reilly Trish O'Rielly

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    207 Erich Schiffmann Trish O'Reilly Trish O'Rielly
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One thought on “Yoga The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillness

  1. Flissy

    This is absolutely my favorite yoga book It s beautifully written and immediately gets to the heart of what practicing yoga is about in easy to understand terms without all the fluffy new agey stuff The photogragphs and explanations of the asanas are clear and easy to understand Get it, read it, love it I reference it constantly for my own practice as well as for teaching.

  2. K.S.R.

    Although I learned from Schiffmann s DVD with Ali MacGraw which I practiced with for the longest time during the long Vermont winters several years ago, I also bought this book which was very helpful, because the explanations and reasons behind the poses was described in great detail My favorite yoga book is one that I no longer have, nor do I know the title I bought it in a used book store in a remote town halfway between Montreal and Quebec City It s from that book that I learned about pranay [...]

  3. Carole

    This is by far my all time best yoga book There could be no better yoga teacher that Erich Mind, body, spirit, breathing, energy he addresses all aspects When you are ready the yoga teacher will appear Namaste.

  4. Alexandra Rosenblum

    This book has so much good stuff to say about meditation and energy and the asanas and I was totally in it and getting a ton out of it and the the last few section he just said gods will one too many times Maybe semantics Still I don t think the last quarter worked for me the way the rest did Also, I really hate in books onMediation when the advice is let your thoughts pass like balloons clear your mind Think about nothing Yeah Um, ok That s why I m reading this book Clearly that is really reall [...]

  5. Rita Brown

    I will read this book again and again My yoga teacher considers Erich Schiffmann to be one of the great yoga teachers of our time She studies with him every opportunity While I have not taken his classes, the book is amazing It is NOT a yoga how to book It describes the spiritual journey into the depth of yoga He is an incredibly loving and compassionate writer There is extensive meditation guidance in this book, all very warm and easy to follow I cannot recommend this book enough.

  6. Tamara

    this book has been on my currently reading shelf since i first joined i thought of creating a currently and forever reading shelf, but i chose to move it to read with a disclaimeris book will always be at the top of the stack of books at my bedside just as there is no end to our practice, there is no end to reading this book.

  7. Jan

    Good information, but take it with a grain of salt Schiffmann s cues and sequences are not very safe, in my opinion I say this in reference to the vast majority of Yoga students over 25 in the US A good reference.

  8. Elena Johansen

    Despite the high rating I gave this, I m actually divided on it As a guide to the poses of yoga, it s brilliant, with clear photographs of each pose, and for the difficult ones, a breakdown of working up to the poses in easier stages It s going to be invaluable as a reference.As a text explaining meditation, daily routine, and all the non pose related aspects of yoga, I found it incredibly wordy, repetitive, and preachy I understand that the pose guides need to be complete for the reference asp [...]

  9. Susan

    Excellent explanation of various yoga poses and meditation techniques that can be incorporated into your life, so that you can live yoga, every moment of every day.Quote from book of the most rewarding side effects of yoga practice and meditation is the renewed zest of life you will experience When you go within and expand beyond your usual sense of self Then you realize there is no such thing as practice Never was There is only the real thing, ever and always.

  10. Claire Elizabeth

    This book got a 2 because it wasn t for me However, I did enjoy the read.The most important thing in this book, to me, is Chapter 9 on asanas The instructions are fantastic The levels of difficulty are available, and the benefits are stated I learned that the most stable sitting position for meditation is lotus because it makes it easy to sit straight.The most annoying thing, to me, about this book was the author s use of second person You will come alive, You will sense the creative movement, Y [...]

  11. Craig Shoemake

    The book opens with an inspiring yoga bio, then divides into four sections 1 Mr Schiffmann s yogic philosophy or approach, 2 an overview of how to approach asanas, breathing and energy, 3 asana instructions divided by type standing postures, forward bends, backward bends, etc , and 4 meditation This struck me as a totally reasonable way of going about things and is sufficient to whet any would be yogi s appetites Regarding the first part, occupying pages 3 40 Schiffmann is definitely a New Agey, [...]

  12. Sarah

    Always perform the poses slowly and with care Never fight yourself Mastery of these easy poses will make the difficult poses easy Most of all, learn to enjoy your practice Each breath you take can remind you to be here now, to treat this moment as important, and repeatedly to affirm the fact that right now you are exactly where you want to be, doing exactly what you want to be doing Train yourself to stay in the now You are in charge you are the master of your breath The process of yoga is one [...]

  13. Brenna Gorbatov

    This book is one you won t want to get rid of if you are practicing yogi Erich Schiffman reminds yogis that yoga is than the asanas rather, it is about feeling, being open, being receptive to our true Selves It is about living yoga This book provides thoughtful, spiritual insight in the first portion of the book, and then detailed and helpful tips with pictures of various asana postures This book is especially useful for people who struggle with mediation or live in their head too much since Sc [...]

  14. Jenifer Pruim

    I read this book to pieces Literally I was a beginner in my yoga practices and living in small towns in the north woods with no yoga teachers around and I wanted This book helped me by giving me both heartfelt inspiration through his personal journey and insights with yoga as well as the very thorough step by step instructions on the poses I think I remember almost writing him a thank you letter.I have since studied at three different teacher trainings and various studios and am no longer in ne [...]

  15. Liam

    I currently have many yoga teachers and am trying to find the path that I would like to teach.I have a very long way to go, but I have read enough to know how this book deserves at least 4 s This book contains easy to follow variations to the most common asanas that you will encounter.This was recommended by my teacher who takes a Kripalu like approach, that I perhaps naively contrast with my teacher who has an Iyengar like approach The book deserves respect for its humble and wholesome approach [...]

  16. Farnoosh Brock

    I love Schiffmann I took a yoga and meditation class from him in New York in 2003, wow 10 years ago, and I loved it His approach to yoga is unique and creative and his personality lends itself brilliant to the spiritual types The book is than just a description of yoga poses and black and white illustrative photos It is poetic philosophies and beliefs of The author and accounts of his personal journey into the higher self I haven t read the whole book cover to cover I have read many sections an [...]

  17. Sarah

    This book gave really detailed descriptions of all the poses, step by step Rather than just showing the poses in their final stage, the reader is encouraged to build from the very basics of each pose, to the advanced stages I plan to go back and re learn some poses using this book The chapters about meditation and spirituality were very inspiring, as well however, he used the word God a lot, and even though he defined God as the infinte which is present in every one and everything, I still expe [...]

  18. Deepa

    A book cant teach us yoga, even this one doesnot This is an excellent reference book Very good for understand how to approach and practice yoga, to understand how exactly is yoga different from stretching or other exercises, on attitude no, not preaching but things like being aware of lines of energy, finding the edge etc I liked it a lot very enlightening For the asanas, This book makes sense only once u have gone to a teacher and learnt the basics Can be used for refinement It has excellent st [...]

  19. Joanna

    This is one of the most thorough yoga books I have ever read Erich Schiffmann discusses the importance of breathing as well as the physiological aspects of each pose in great detail There are also suggested routines that look great, but I am lazy enough that in order to actually practice, I need a dvd in front of me I like Kathy Smith s New Yoga series I find that although my dvds are well cued and timed, the information from his book helps me get the most out of each pose because it fills in al [...]

  20. Abby

    The introduction and following Schiffmann on his own path to yoga sets up this book to be an indispensable guide to building a personal practice The detailed description of the poses, the importance of breath, and ideas on meditation will also make it a handy reference tool for yoga teachers The images are a little laughable, but that might be due to my own immature sense of humor and the need to giggle when I see a man wearing really tight shorts.

  21. Nichole

    His intro about living in India as a young man and how he discovered yoga is really interesting The beginning chapters on breathwork, edges, and asana fundamentals bring new ideas and new perspective to my own appreciation of yoga The pose breakdown chapters in the 2nd half of the book are okay but offer few modifications for cranky knees, hips, spines and necks.

  22. megan freeburn

    not particularly life changing, a few interesting quotes but ch 1 2 4 seemed to be about himself and how spiritual and enlightned he is, which is fair enough, i suppose, i didn t pick this up looking for a groundbreaking philosophical treatise on yoga all in all a reasonably good intro with some helpful tips for those of us with horrifically long legs which makes even basic poses hell

  23. Vanessa

    while the majority of this book explains some beginner asanas yoga poses with helpful photos, i found this book incredibly powerful for Schiffman s writings about yoga s ability to cultivate inner stillness, calm, centeredness, focus, and self realization he also has a good guide to meditation at the end beautiful book.

  24. Adrienne

    I love Schiffman s use of language and his ability to couch a seemingly ineffable concept in language that strikes a cord His use of epithets like feeling tone, his stress on the important of experiencing who you are, his encouragement to play with lines of energy and the razor s edge are all encouragements to keep growing by loving and listening to yourself.

  25. Leticia

    Before Donna, there was Erich Love this man When he s talking to you, he looks like the cheshire cat who knows a wonderful secret.If you ever have a chance to take a class from ErichI highly recommend it He is so much fun And, he s in Santa Monica, CA

  26. Dawn

    I really like this book It provides a solid basic foundation how to practice and what you should expect from regular practice I love how the book has a conversational tone.Highly recommend this one

  27. Steven Walker

    This was my first book on yoga and it is a great place to start It gives a good overview of the spiritual aspects of yoga without going too deep The bulk of the book is dedicated to the core principles of hatha practice including detailed instruction on breathing and postures.

  28. valpal

    There are a lot of great yoga books and dvds but this one includes both the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice The author shows progressive steps towards achieving the difficult poses and lays out several beginner, intermediate, and advanced daily practice routines.

  29. Tina

    finished the book during yoga teacher training last fall it was a great book and totally helped understand the physical and non physical aspects of yoga wish i could see eric schiffmann in real life at some point

  30. Charles

    Although I have read this now, I must say that the central section on the asanas continues to be a reference to which I am returning almost on a daily basis, so finishing this book is an ongoing process That said, the contents are a constant inspiration.

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