Faithful Place (2020)

Faithful Place Tana French Faithful Place The course of Frank Mackey s life was set by one defining moment when he was The moment his girlfriend Rosie Daly failed to turn up for their rendezvous failed to run away with him to London as t
  • Title: Faithful Place
  • Author: Tana French
  • ISBN: 9780340977606
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
Faithful Place Tana French The course of Frank Mackey s life was set by one defining moment when he was 19 The moment his girlfriend, Rosie Daly, failed to turn up for their rendezvous failed to run away with him to London as they had planned Frank never heard from her again 20 years on, Frank s still in Dublin, working as an undercover cop But what happened to Rosie
Faithful Place Tana French

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    417 Tana French
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One thought on “Faithful Place

  1. karen

    tana french and i have come a long way, babyd with this book, we are officially in loveis is exactly the kind of book i was expecting from her in the woods was great at the start and frustrating at the end, and the likeness was tons of fun for a staggeringly unbelievable premise but really, really fun.but this one is just great i don t read a lot of mysteries, but when i read a good one, i get this glow of ohhhhh that s why people like these and in this case, it isn t even that the mystery is th [...]

  2. Matt

    Another stunning novel by Tana French has me rushing to ensure I will be able to continue my binge reading without interruption After proving his worth as Cassie Maddox s handler in The Likeness, Francis Frank Mackey is given his own novel, where the reader can explore the deep and emotionally driven aspects of the man s life At nineteen, Mackey and his sweetheart, Rosie Daly, planned to leave their dead end lives in Dublin and cross over to England When Rosie did not turn up at their rendezvous [...]

  3. Candi

    I waited there in the shadows, watching the plumes of smoke that my breath sent into the lamplight, while the bells tolled three and four and five The night faded to a thin sad gray and round the corner a milk cart clattered over cobblestones towards the dairy, and I was still waiting for Rosie Daly at the top of Faithful Place Twenty two years ago, at the age of nineteen, Detective Frank Mackey had a plan a plan to escape his alcoholic father and dysfunctional family with the most enchanting gi [...]

  4. Dan Schwent

    When Frank Mackey was 19, he planned to run away to London with his sweetheart, only she never showed up Everyone assumed she ran away on her own, including Frank Decades later, when her suitcase turns up in the chimney of a building being renovated, Frank returns to his old neighborhood to confront the possibility that Rosie Daly never left at allWhat would you be willing to die for That s the question Frank Mackey s father asks him in his youth that sets the tone for most of the book Another o [...]

  5. Nataliya

    And just like that, after a 3 day reading binge of Faithful Place and Broken Harbour, Tana French joins my list of favorite authors There is no place like home Well, Frank Mackey knows this phrase can have quite unexpected sinister undertones After all, he spent 22 years away from the place he grew up and away from his family and it s only a suitcase found in an abandoned house on his old street, Faithful Place, that can bring Frank back home and open an old wound that has never healed The suitc [...]

  6. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"

    This is a murder mystery Yes, it really is Too bad the mystery gets pushed aside to make way for repetitive domestic fiction Frank Mackey s family is of the Irish Catholic poorer class The men are alcoholic and violent The women are typical of any abusive family placating, cowering, and above all, keeping the family secrets like good little enablers Nothing new there A bit of a snore, actually French s writing is up to its usual standards with regard to form, style, and dialogue The Irish speech [...]

  7. Lyn

    Tana, dear, I d like to buy you a pint.Tana French s 2010 entry in her Dublin Murder squad series is my favorite so far Following the trend set in 2008 s The Likeness, this is not so much a sequel as a revisiting of the same setting The protagonist of The Likeness was one of the characters in 2007 s In the Woods, but not the lead Correspondingly, Frank Mackey, the hero here, was a character in The Likeness, but not the lead I like how she is doing this and it makes me wonder whom will be her nar [...]

  8. Erin

    Fellow readers, gather round as I lead you into my book confessional I absolutely love to dive into the narrative voice of a Tana French novel Her Dublin Murder Squad series is fastly becoming the series that I want all my friends to read BUT I want need beg you to get your own, I just can t lend them to you It s not that I m selfish, we just all need to support the economy right now Heheright Seriously, this woman knows how to weave an Irish mystery tale and couple it with a rich family story w [...]

  9. Joe Valdez

    If you asked me today who my favorite authors are, with thousands waiting for me to discover, I d reply, John Steinbeck, Flannery O Connor, El Leonard, Stephen King and Tana French The novel that puts French in that sentence is Faithful Place The American born in 1973, younger than me resident of Dublin had already written two great murder mysteries narrated by detectives of the Dublin Murder Squad With her third novel, published in 2010, French embraces the qualities of her previous work intima [...]

  10. Carol.

    An unexpected pleasure While French is ostensibly writing murder mysteries, she is also writing thoughtful psychological profiles of a detective heavily involved in the case In Faithful Place we dive into Undercover Detective Frank s history, following him as he is drawn back into drama from a home he left decades ago A suitcase discovered in an abandoned house opens up a host of memories and leads to the discovery of a dead woman He finds very little of his dysfunctional family has changed, and [...]

  11. Diane

    Tana French s books are so good they can always pull me out of a reading slump Faithful Place is the third book in her Dublin Murder Squad series, and it centers on the life of Detective Frank Mackey, an undercover officer who has a reputation for breaking the rules One of the things I enjoy about this series is that each book focuses on a different character, and someone who has a minor role in one book could be the main person in another book And if you re new to this series, you don t have to [...]

  12. RH Walters

    What French does best is ally you with her character s deepest wishes, and I was very involved emotionally in her other stories When Rob in In The Woods desperately tried to solve the mystery of his own childhood the forest seemed to breathe back at him, and when Cassie in The Likeness fell in love with a utopian country house and its creators I understood her desire to stay and belong Frank, on the other hand, is a swaggering divorced cop with an estranged family and lost first love, but what h [...]

  13. Jadranka

    Faithful Place u izdanju na srpski jezik kao Kobno mesto tre i je roman u serijalu Dublin Murder Squad, irske spisateljice Tane French Frenchova je za proteklih par godina postala moja omiljena autorka psiholo kih triler romana, u kojima neopisivo u ivam Razlog za to je pre svega njen jedinstveni stil, pristup temi koju obra uje i savr ena karakterizacija likova bez koje smatram da ni ne vredi pisati trilere a u emu ona apsolutno dominira.I Kobno mesto kao i prethodna dva romana, odlikuje spora [...]

  14. Tatiana

    As seen on The ReadventurerIt might be a strange thing to say about a murder mystery psychological thriller, but Faithful Place is a very romantic book You see, Frank Mackey here investigates the disappearance of his first love who he for over 20 years thought dumped him and ran away to England The whole narrative is laced with Frank s memories of Rosie and their teenage romance I didn t quite expect it, but the story gave me goosebumps like only a very few teen novels about first love ever did [...]

  15. Phrynne

    The first part of this book is actually quite slow, plus it s pretty thick and for a while there I felt I was getting nowhere fast Then it suddenly took off and became unputdownable However I had one major irritation with it view spoiler Why did the police not see Frank as a suspect After all he disappeared the same night that Rosie did and she s dead and he s alive I kept waiting for this to be referred to and on page 231 he was finally suspected by a few gossipy neighbours, no than that hide [...]

  16. James Thane

    I enjoyed very much Tana French s first two novels, In the Woods and The Likeness, but I think that this book, her third, is by far her best work It s another atmospheric character driven story, featuring Frank Mackey, the Dublin police detective that French first introduced in The Likeness.As a nineteen year old boy, Mackey was living in Faithful Place, one of Dublin s poorer neighborhoods, jammed into a tiny home with his brothers, sisters and ever battling parents It was a grim, depressing pl [...]

  17. Megan

    At this point, after reading Faithful Place I am pretty much an official Tana French fangirl and am afraid that all further reviews of her work will be reduced to inept gushing over how, like, totally awesome her novels are These glowing reviews are also gonna include rants about people who dislike her books, how they are stupid fecking eejits who clearly aren t reading these books the right way Seriously, though there are quite a few reviews of Faithful Place here on which criticize French for [...]

  18. Brenda

    I ve now read the first three books in the Dublin Murder Squad, and this is the best so far It s not necessary to read the first two before reading this one, and if you want a really great book, go ahead and skip right to this one I was absolutely taken by Francis Frank Mackey I got to know his friends, his family, his life Dialogue was top notch, from the heart, and often so freaking funny I found myself reading with an accent I love Tana French s turn of phrase Ma grabbed the soft skin of Fran [...]

  19. Kells Next Read

    People Lie Evidence doesn t My official look whenever I m reading a Tana French BookThis third installation focuses on Undercover agent Francis Mackey one of my faves in this series He is drawn back to his childhood hometown Faithful Place, when he gets a call from his sister informing him that his first love Rosie Daly suitcase is found He, because of unanswered questions from his past, is reluctantly but inevitably drawn back to the place that he has successfully for twenty plus years so far a [...]

  20. Liz

    5 Stars Loved itTana French knocked her third book, Faithful Place, out of the park It isn t just any old whodunit sleuthing story, but a great, emotionally charged story about love, longing and dysfunctional families that definitely raises the bar in the mystery genre Her voice is fresh and believable The prologue completely sucked me in and I had to buy this book I don t normally read prologues they often seem weird and confusing to me so I skim the first few sentences, head straight for chapt [...]

  21. Selene

    This author s writing style Characterization This story was stunning, poignant, and beautifully written Even the last page left me breathless and grinning from ear to ear Thoroughly enjoyed

  22. Alex is The Romance Fox

    I have read two books in this series, Book 1 In the Woods and Book The Likeness I liked both of them but I must be honest and say that Book 3, Faithful Place, didn t do it for me.I didn t connect with the characters and I found Frank Mackey, the main protagonist who we met in the previous book really cold and remote I just could not engage with his character In fact, I couldn t engage with most of the characters in this story.I also guessed who the baddie was pretty quickly I didn t enjoy most o [...]

  23. Sharon

    And there I was again, back at Faithful Place, just like I had never been away The first time I got out, it had let me run for 22 years before it jerked the leash tight The second time, it had given me 36 hours.And there I was again, back with Miss Tana French, just like I had never been away Her first book, holy shit What an introduction to police procedural where the author really didn t give a fuck about examining a case as much as examining a mind Her second Proved her first was no fluke Now [...]

  24. Wanda

    Have you any idea how much I want to immediately re read Faithful Place Or how difficult it is not to request the fourth Dublin Murder Squad book from the library right this very second But I must not give in to the urge to read Tana French s books in a continuous cycle, or I will be finished much too quickly As it was, there was no way I could pace myself reading Faithful Place I basically read it in two sittings the first evening, I polished off 30% the next day, I read one chapter during my l [...]

  25. Ashley

    It s not entirely hyperbole when I say that Tana French is magic When I m reading her books, than with any other author I ve ever read, I feel ensorcelled Like, I m being pulled in to the book with ropes that have been tied around my emotions, and it s entirely not in my control how much I m allowed to be inside the story Her books are wrenching So much humanity in there Joy and suffering and pain and longing and regret All at the same time Plus a murder mystery I m almost impressed with her a [...]

  26. Janet

    It s been quite a while since I ve read a Dublin Murder Squad book by Tana French The last one being The Likeness which I really enjoyed Sadly, in this instance, the magic just didn t shine for me.One timeframe set in 1985 and Frank Mackey is a young man in a poverty stricken part of Dublin dreaming of escaping with his one true love, Rosie Alas it wasn t meant to be as Rosie disappears before the young lovers get to escape Not knowing the true reason why, Frank just assumes that Rosie had chang [...]

  27. Lindsey Rey

    Considering I am the most gullible reader of all time, it s really a shame that I guessed who the killer was in the first 25 30% of the book I still enjoyed this one, but it s definitely my least favorite in the series so far I m not a fan of the way Tana French foreshadows in general, but it really, extra bugged me in this one The primary thing that saved this book for me was the relationship between Frank and his daughter Too cute

  28. Brenda

    Undercover cop Frank Mackey had left Faithful Place, his old home which included parents, two brothers and two sisters twenty two years previously when his girlfriend Rosie Daly had seemingly ditched him on the eve of their escape to London He had had no qualms about leaving his family and hadn t been back to Faithful Place since Frank now had a nine year old daughter Holly who he thought the world of, and his ex wife Olivia was one he still had mixed feelings about.But the night Jackie, Frank s [...]

  29. Sandi

    I read both of Tana French s prior books in print and was really looking forward to reading this one as well However, when I listened to the sample on Audible, I just knew that this one had to be listened to rather than read Tim Gerard Reynolds does an absolutely perfect job with the story of Frank Mackey I found myself listening at times when I otherwise wouldn t be listening to an audio book Ostensibly, Faithful Place is a murder mystery However, it s really a story about family and the messy [...]

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