Delirium's Party: A Little Endless Storybook (2020)

Delirium's Party: A Little Endless Storybook Jill Thompson Delirium s Party A Little Endless Storybook Award winning writer and artist Jill Thompson returns to these kid friendly versions of the characters from the bestselling SANDMAN series Upset that her sister Despair is unhappy Delirium throws her
  • Title: Delirium's Party: A Little Endless Storybook
  • Author: Jill Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781401224776
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover
Delirium's Party: A Little Endless Storybook Jill Thompson Award winning writer and artist Jill Thompson returns to these kid friendly versions of the characters from the bestselling SANDMAN series Upset that her sister Despair is unhappy, Delirium throws her a party and invites her Endless siblings Each sibling brings a gift that s unique to his her its realm in an effort to cheer up Despair But what could possibly cheer up thAward winning writer and artist Jill Thompson returns to these kid friendly versions of the characters from the bestselling SANDMAN series Upset that her sister Despair is unhappy, Delirium throws her a party and invites her Endless siblings Each sibling brings a gift that s unique to his her its realm in an effort to cheer up Despair But what could possibly cheer up the anthropomorphic representation of hopelessness
Delirium's Party: A Little Endless Storybook Jill Thompson

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    368 Jill Thompson
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One thought on “Delirium's Party: A Little Endless Storybook

  1. John

    SANDMAN spinoff, in which Delirium throws a party for her sister Despair An out and out weirdie, looking like an illustrated children s book but really anything but like an outing for sophisticated graphic novel readers, disguised to look like a children s book As with most of these sorts of stories, the art is stronger than the story.

  2. The_Mad_Swede

    Like its predecessor, The Little Endless Storybook inspired by Thompson s own work on The Sandman issue 40, Parliament of Rooks collected in Fables Reflections , in which Gaiman wrote a story segment featuring Dream and Death as little children , this book is a small gem.Thompson s work here in water colour is superb, and the story is absolute charming.Delirium, youngest of the Endless, remembers that she has never seen her sister Despair smile, and becomes obsessed with making that happen And t [...]

  3. Angie

    I really wish I had read the first one, but this book was a pleasant surprise when I processed it at work today I am a fan of the Sandman comics as well as chibis and illustration This book called out to me It really is adorable with wonderful and bright illustrations Also, compared to the characters and the comic that it s based off of, it really is quite humorous

  4. Melissa

    The little Endless Who could not love them to bits Except this seems like it s maybe the wrong Dream Didn t he die then get replaced by Daniel, the white Dream, after Barnabas was around Am I being too pedantic Ultimately, it doesn t matter because it s just so cute.

  5. Angie ~aka Reading Machine~

    A delightful read from cult classic character s the Endless from Neil Gaiman s Sandman by Jill Thompson It s great read for any age

  6. Gacela

    Yo ya conoc a al personaje de DELIRIO, una de las hermanas de los Eternos protagonistas de los c mics de Sandman de Neil Gaiman Este maravilloso cuento ilustrado, que creo que se puede leer perfectamente sabiendo cero de los Eternos, y que es apto tambi n para peques llegado el caso, es una reinterpretacion del personaje de la mano de Jill Thompson, en un cuento casi infantil juvenil donde nos cuenta una fiesta que Delirio de ni a le prepara a su hermana Desesperacion.Me ha encantado y emocionad [...]

  7. Paula Datti Mariusso

    Nem sei explicar o que h de t o fofo nesses pequeninos Perp tuos que a Jill Thompson criou.Eu fico olhando para os desenhos e n o consigo parar de descobrir detalhes incrivelmente inteligentes e bem executados Eu olharia seus Perpetuosinhos por horas e horas, sempre me surpreendendo com a nova vers o da Delirium a cada p gina.A hist ria sempre simples e inteligente sempre um modo de explicar cada uma dessas personagens t o complexas de uma modo que uma crian a entenda, mas n o se assuste Mas ach [...]

  8. Carol Rodríguez

    Delicioso spin off de Sandman , recomendado para todos los p blicos y en una edici n preciosa Las coloridas ilustraciones de Jill Thompson a p gina completa est n realizadas para perderse en ellas y observarlas al detalle El relato es simp tico y entra able Una preciosidad de librito No he le do la primera parte pero no tiene importancia son historias independientes.

  9. Amanda

    Cute Some of the writing was a little too cutesy but the art work is amazing She is one of my favorite illustrators.

  10. Shara

    The premise ganked from publisher s website The diminutive versions of the Endless from Neil Gaiman s SANDMAN mythos are back by popular demand in DELIRIUM S PARTY A LITTLE ENDLESS STORYBOOK return return In an effort to rid Despair of her unhappiness once and for all, Little Delirium throws a party for her dour sister and invites siblings Dream, Destruction, Death, Destiny and Desire But this is no ordinary affair We re talking about a party planner who is the personification of delirium, so yo [...]

  11. Ea Solinas

    I enjoyed Jill Thompson s first book about the Little Endless, but it was perplexing It seemed geared towards children than the grown ups who have probably read Sandman Delirium s Party A Little Endless Storybook isn t like that at all It s still meant for kids, but the Endless are here for than cameos, and it does have a real story based on Delirium s um, delirious thoughts It s simply a charming little story about the Endless, festooned with charming illustrations set in Delirium s sparkly s [...]

  12. Luciana Darce

    Sendo uma f incondicional de tudo o que tem a ver com Sandman, eu conhecia o nome da Jill Thompson e j tinha visto suas vers es dos Pequenos Perp tuos Estive v rias vezes a ponto de encomendar esses dois volumes em ingl s Felizmente, a Panini relan ou ambos com pouco menos de um m s de diferen a e eu n o tive d vidas em faz lo se juntar a minha cole o.Em Os Pequenos Perp tuos, a princesa Del rio se perdeu e Barnab s, seu c o guardi o, sai a procur la pelos reinos dos irm os dela J A Festa de Del [...]

  13. Paul

    OK, let me see if I remember them allThe Endless Death, Dream, Destiny, Destruction, Desire, Despair, Delirium Once upon a time, Neil Gaiman created a graphic novel called Sandman, which was about Dream in the above list.When Gaiman left Sandman to pursue his writing carreer, it was decided at DC Vertigo, that no other writer would write any new stories of the Endless of course that didn t last long and the Endless started popping up in other DC and Vertigo books before long.Dream, however, seem [...]

  14. Zoe

    Delirium s Party A Little Endless Storybook by multiple Eisner Award winner and creator of Scary Godmother Jill Thompson is based off of the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman It takes the characters of the Endless Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Despair, Desire and Delirium and recreates them in a way that appeals to a younger audience Some may say that this book is a book for adult fans of the original series made to look like a children s book It is a creative book that many children would enj [...]

  15. Skye Kilaen

    Seven siblings are archetypes Dream, Despair, Destiny, Desire, Death, Delirium, and Destruction In Delirium s Party, little Delirium the technicolor Princess decides to make her beloved sister Despair smile by throwing her a party Unfortunately, what makes other people happy isn t what makes Despair happy, but the siblings finally succeed and rejoice because they truly love their sister even if she is a little different Jill Thompson s art almost dances off the page, and is full of strange and i [...]

  16. Macha

    a children s story spinoff like the earlier Little Endless Storybook from Gaiman s Sandman series, which originally pictures the Endless briefly as children in 40 part of Fables Reflections marvellous things spill out of Delirium s head music and rainbows and silk stocking scissors she fishes under water for zucchini toast her slippers are banana peels she decides to throw her sister Despair a party, and all her siblings bring presents, and although it isn t easy to make Despair happy, the party [...]

  17. Berenice

    Princess Delirium noticed one day that she had never seen her sister Despair smile, and so she makes it her job to see her sister happy, with the help of her dog Barnabas and all her brothers and sisters she hopes to finally see her sister smile.Delirium s Party is a cute little book, but I m not so sure it s the right book to read to the little ones, the art is really cute but in a page or two maybe a little bit to out there for the little ones But this is a good book with great art work and cu [...]

  18. Cale

    This is a cute little story about Neil Gaiman s Endless as children sort of the presence of Barnabas with Delirium kind of throws off the timeline , that really only serves as an excuse for Jill Thompson illustrations Which are very good her take on the Endless in child form is very cute, and I like the way Delirium changes with every page But the story itself, about trying to make Despair smile, is lightweight at best This isn t Sandman, even though it features characters from it Go into it wit [...]

  19. Valerie

    Normally, when people touch things I love and essentially publish fanfic about them, I get a little edgy However, Jill Thompson is definitely an exception Both her Death Manga and her Little Endless series are adorable homages to the Sandman universe with stunning art and delightful dialogue see what I did there It s nice to have Delirium become the focus of the story for a change both because it opens up amazing possibilities for color and randomness but also to let Dream and Death slip into th [...]

  20. Stephan

    Jill Thompson once again delivers an incredibly cute little spin off from the Sandman Series by Neil Gaiman.Delirium has never seen her sister Despair smile Of course she has to throw a party just for her to make her happy But can you really make the personification of despair happy It s an insane and funny, not to mention adorable story with wonderful pictures Of course you should read it

  21. Amanda [Novel Addiction]

    The fact that I continue to read stuff like this makes me think I need a picture books for adults shelf Something to think about Anyways, this was another cute story featuring childish versions of The Endless from the Sandman series Delirium is for sure adorable, but I can t help loving the youngster versions of Dream and Destiny the best Though Desire is certainly interesting, in its young it form.

  22. Bookkitten (currently a terrible book hoarder)

    I love The little Endless storybooks, nothing less than 5 stars 3The fact that my brain connected Delirium to Pinkie Pie was scary, since those are two totally different things And since The Endless existed before MLP FIM HasbroICY WHUT U DIT ERE

  23. Sara Forsberg

    More Little Endless This story is better than the first one, it actually defines the roles of the Endless in ways that wasn t revealed in the Sandman story As a person who likes clarification that was a welcome surprise The art is just as fantastic as in 1, and this book has an interesting bonus in the form of a little tutorial at the end of how Thompson creates her artwork Lovely

  24. louisa

    A children s book featuring Despair and Delirium Yes, you read that right Jill Thompson s Little Endless imagine Gaiman s Sandman siblings as Precious Moments are impossible to hate despite the ever ratcheting levels of twee Almost disgustingly adorable with wondrous, fun, and detail rich illustrations.

  25. Courtney

    Oh, how cute A storybook for older folks with all your favorite Sandman characters Delirium realizes she s never seen her sister, Despair, smile and sets out to throw a surprise party for her I ve never seen the Endless look soorable And I always love revisiting my favorite comic series.

  26. Lukas Holmes

    Just a wonderful little story I picked up both of these books for my little girls to read since I was such a fan of the regular series and I feel like this was one of the best self contained stories every put out within the mythos Beautifully illustrated and adorable while having a really interesting set of prose, especially within the gifts from the rest of the Endless Great stuff.

  27. Joseph

    The art is delightful, and the story well, it s a children s book I m not sure who the intended audience is, however It s too slight to really attract Sandman fans, and while the story is perfectly acceptable for children, I don t think you could consider anything set in the Sandman universe as targeted to kids.

  28. Nura

    Delirium cuma pengen lihat Despair tersenyum, tapi ndilalah pesta yang meriah sekalipun ga bisa membuat bibir kakaknya yang selalu cemberut itu melengkung ke atas Tapi di akhir pesta ternyata ketahuan bahwa apa yang dilakukan Delirium ga sia sia, lho gunting berbentuk kaki berstoking di halaman satu bikin merinding ih bukunya rada ngingetin sama film Inside Out nya Disney.

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