Fantasy Baseball (2020)

Fantasy Baseball Alan Gratz Fantasy Baseball Alex Metcalf must be dreaming What else would explain why he s playing baseball for the Oz Cyclones with Dorothy as his captain in the Ever After Baseball Tournament But Alex isn t dreaming he s ju
  • Title: Fantasy Baseball
  • Author: Alan Gratz
  • ISBN: 9780803734630
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
Fantasy Baseball Alan Gratz Alex Metcalf must be dreaming What else would explain why he s playing baseball for the Oz Cyclones, with Dorothy as his captain, in the Ever After Baseball Tournament But Alex isn t dreaming, he s just from the real world And winning the tournament might be his only chance to get back there, because the champions get a wish granted by the Wizard Too bad Ever After s mAlex Metcalf must be dreaming What else would explain why he s playing baseball for the Oz Cyclones, with Dorothy as his captain, in the Ever After Baseball Tournament But Alex isn t dreaming, he s just from the real world And winning the tournament might be his only chance to get back there, because the champions get a wish granted by the Wizard Too bad Ever After s most notorious criminal, the Big Bad Wolf, is also after the wishes Anyone who gets in his way gets eaten Watch out, Alex In a land where classic literary characters are baseball crazy and people from the real world don t technically exist, Alex must face his fears, play the best baseball of his life, and come to discover the surprising truth about himself.
Fantasy Baseball Alan Gratz

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    Alan Gratz

One thought on “Fantasy Baseball

  1. Laurel

    This is a tricky book to review It operates on several levels, and I m betting people come away from it with different ideas of what it s about I bet I could get a good fight going about it at Kidlit Drink Night.On the surface, it s a romp in the classic world of make believe, magic, and storytelling With an American vibe and a baseball boy center.Then, too, it addresses darker issues of illness death, in a way a kid can handle NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO without making a book an issue book.Also, th [...]

  2. Sandy

    I discovered this book a few year s ago when the author, Alan Gratz, was at Cincinnati s Books by the Banks events This was my first opportunity to sit down and read it, but I clearly recall the excitement in the author s voice as he described to me what it was all about It is definitely a creative story, and I can see enthusiastic readers and baseball fans alike enjoying all of the imaginative elements of it.Alex Metcalf wakes up one day in a world that is very unfamiliar to him He is on a bus [...]

  3. Rachael

    A cute book with adventure, baseball and host of literary characters some thinly disguised for copyright purposes.

  4. Doret

    Alex Metcalf wakes up one day in Ever After where all storybook and fairytale characters live This alternate world is just beginning a baseball tournament Alex finds himself on the Oz Cyclones team bus Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is the pitcher and captain Toad from Wind in the Williows is the shortstop Br er Rabbit plays third The rest of the team is made up of less famous Oz characters.Each member on the winning team gets one wish granted by the Wizard Dorothy is determined to win a showing [...]

  5. Shelley

    Man, I wanted to love this Alex wakes up in Ever After and starts playing baseball with the Cyclones Dorothy, Tik Tok, Toad, Jack Pumpkinheadunding familiar All the players in the league, and the land, are book characters I mean, come on, there s Cordelia, with her red braids, talking the whole time she s at bat to the pitcher, to the catcher, to the umpire, to the first baseman, to herself Know her Hint She decided to be called Cordelia when Alex said all the players needed nicknames Sounds pro [...]

  6. Teresa Scherping Moulton

    When Alex realizes that he s on a bus next to a giant frog and a life size rag doll, he s pretty sure he s dreaming When he finds out that he s on the Oz Cyclones baseball team on their way to the Ever After tournament with Dorothy and company, he decides that this is an AWESOME dream The Cyclones are underdogs, but they re determined to win the big prize a wish granted by the Wizard of Oz himself But even as he s enjoying inspiring his team, playing amazingly well, and advancing in the tourname [...]

  7. hpboy13

    This book is absolutely charming a delightful fast read that had me smiling ear to ear when I finished it The premise is a fairly simple one characters from classic stories are competing in a baseball tournament in Ever After And the book is somewhat predictable, especially in the latter half However, it s all so cleverly written that I was totally engrossed And best of all, an avid reader like myself will have a great time revisiting old friends like Tom Sawyer and Charles Wallace Best of all, [...]

  8. Mason Fabricant

    I thought the book was creative because a boy named Alex woke up and he was playing baseball with the characters from the Wizard of Oz and the Three Little Pigs He was on his favorite baseball field, Ebbets Field When his name was announced from the loudspeaker, he was smiling and laughing Alex s team was Dorothy, Tin Man, Toto, Frog and Br er Rabbit Alex played first base In the first inning, Alex was batting he hit a homerun over the fence The big bad wolf from the Three Little Pigs escaped fr [...]

  9. Melissa

    My 9 year old baseball player son chose this book, and we both thought the cover and the premise looked fantastic He left BN with it and read all the way home, and kept reading all evening until he was done And then, he started crying.My assignment for the day from my son is to also read it, so we can talk about it when he gets home You see, no where on the cover, or the back cover copy, do you get the underlying story about a boy who is dying of cancer, who is dreaming all these great, incredul [...]

  10. Shazzer

    Despite the fantastical premise which seemed right up my alley , it took me about a third of the book to really get into the story Baseball s just not my thing, I guess But once I was invested in the characters, it all went much smoother, and I could get back to enjoying all the little cameos from books and characters I ve loved all my life I especially loved the brief, unheralded appearance of Tintin and Snowy The ending was a little neat for my taste, but at the same time, not a traditional ha [...]

  11. Laela

    I wanted to LOVE this book Fantasy Baseball how could I go wrong I was having fun trying to guess who the storybook characters were, and seeing the how bad the Big Bad wolf could be Then WHAM, this book is also about a kid dying I didn t even see it coming I can t worry about storybook characters disappearing or playing baseball tournaments when there are ports and chemotherapy being discussed It was too much reality in my fantasy.I am not a big fan of cancer books, and I certainly don t want it [...]

  12. Christiane

    Lots of people play in fantasy baseball leagues, but not like this Alex isn t quite sure how he comes to be playing first base on the Oz Cyclones, along with Dorothy, Toad The Toad, actually in Toad of Toad Hall I m sure you ve heard of me , a flying monkey, Br er Rabbit and other Storybooks , characters from fiction and folklore who live on forever as long as someone still believes in them Nor does he mean to antagonize the Big Bad Wolf Now he s stuck here unless the Cyclones can win the Ever A [...]

  13. Carol Crenshaw

    Can you imagine playing in a baseball tournament with characters from children s books Toads, dragons, Pinnochio, Big Bad Wolf, wizards, princesses and many others bring their teams to compete The problem is they can only play if readers still believe in them Alex finds himself in this crazy tournament and all he wants to do is go home It s one crazy team match up after another Join Alex in this tournament of a lifetime and find out if he s smart enough to find the way home.

  14. Joseph

    What fun this was to read A great combination for book lovers and baseball fans A really great story about the worlds and characters that authors create and children believe in A lot fun to read for readers who have read a wide variety of children s storybooks and will know the wide spectrum of characters and worlds that are refered to As a sort of bonus, there s also a touching side to the story.

  15. Dana Tuss

    It is such a clever book I immediately want to read it again to see what I missed the first time And even better The 8 year old proclaimed it awesome It was so fun reading it to him and seeing his eyes light up when he got a clever plot twist or play on words By the end he was finishing some sentences since he could anticipate what would happen I read ahead to see how the sick boy angle played out and I thought it was handled well.

  16. Erin

    This book has a pretty solid plotline young Alex finds himself in the topsy turvy world of Ever After, where he s on a baseball team with several children s book characters Despite his fabulous ball playing skills, Alex has a huge problem the Big Bad Wolf is after him.I can t quite put my finger on why, but I found this book to be a little bit underdone However, fans of classic children s literature will appreciate all the sly references and phrases from their favorite books.

  17. Dan Shonka

    This is a clever story Gratz does a marvelous job blending traditional fairy tale characters with baseball There are plenty of witty lines to make you smile or even laugh out loud And there s also an aspect of the story that will move your emotions to tears I think there can be no better endorsement of a story than to hear that it will move you to feel the whole range of emotions.

  18. Serina

    I do agree a good solid read I liked how it just suddenly hit that the opening pieces was his other life The only part I didn t like was how the boy was okay with seeing ones like Humpty Dumpty, Flying monkeys etc, but couldn t believe that he was a dream of someone For that reason I had to drop a star.

  19. Deanna

    Alex awakes to find himself amid a world of storybook characters He is on a baseball team with Dorothy, the Tin man and others Various characters make appearances some of which only a limited number of readers will understand Inventive idea but perhaps will be hard to follow for some young readers.

  20. Kelly Durkee-erwin

    A childrens book but adults will have quite a bit of fun reading along since there are so many hidden gems of old books vs new books in this really clever book about what the characters from storybooks do during baseball season Very fun read

  21. Jennifer

    read it with my 13 year old for his summer reading project It had a few moments that were nice, but it was mostly depressing It was also quite heavy with baseball jargon, which is understandable but if you don t know much about baseball, it s confusing and boring.

  22. Stacey

    There are a lot of things to really like about this book and it made me curious about the author s other work I found it just too sad and adult for a children s book.

  23. Josh Newhouse

    A little bit of the anybodies, a little alice, a heap of oz, and a slightly predictable ending Onlygripe there are 4 outs in the climactic inning ender

  24. Dan Poblocki

    Ooh, I ve been hearing about this one for a couple years, when Alan and I were roomates at Camp Barry, our agent s client retreat SO excited to finally read it Such a great concept.

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