Bitten (2020)

Bitten DanO'Brien Bitten A predator stalks a cold northern Minnesotan town There is talk of wolves walking on two legs and attacking people in the deep woods Lauren Westlake resourceful and determined F B I Agent has found
  • Title: Bitten
  • Author: DanO'Brien
  • ISBN: 9781467972321
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
Bitten DanO'Brien A predator stalks a cold northern Minnesotan town There is talk of wolves walking on two legs and attacking people in the deep woods Lauren Westlake, resourceful and determined F.B.I Agent, has found a connection between the strange murders in the north and a case file almost a hundred years old Traveling to the cold north, she begins an investigation that spirals deepA predator stalks a cold northern Minnesotan town There is talk of wolves walking on two legs and attacking people in the deep woods Lauren Westlake, resourceful and determined F.B.I Agent, has found a connection between the strange murders in the north and a case file almost a hundred years old Traveling to the cold north, she begins an investigation that spirals deep into the darkness of mythology and nightmares Filled with creatures of the night and an ancient romance, the revelation of who hunts beneath the moon is grisly than anyone could have imagined.
Bitten DanO'Brien

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One thought on “Bitten

  1. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    For a full review see the Bitten by Books website bittenbybooks

  2. Rebecca McNutt

    Bitten is a lot like Twilight in many ways, another short lived paranormal romance novel that fits a trending pattern of numerous books just like it flooding the market It s not a book I d ever read again.

  3. Bookworm007

    I wish anyone reading this could have watched my facial expressions while I read Bitten When was the last time you read a book that got real reactions out of you I laughed out loud at times, stared at the page with a hand covering my open mouth in shock at others That might seem dramatic but I got really into this story This is a thriller taking place in the unlikely location of Minnesota The main character, Lauren, is a strong woman who knows what she wants and how to get it It is mostly a thri [...]

  4. Sydney Squidney

    Mostly, I admire people who have the courage to publish their writings, exposing themselves to the world that includes criticism and rejection.The author of Bitten surely created an interesting spin on werewolf attacks that won t soon be forgotten, and I thank him for putting forth an innovative take on the werewolf genre.However, the story, despite having a great plot idea, suffered from poor structure and lacked sufficient editing, so I am glad my copy was a free kindle read.Often the characte [...]

  5. Martha Cheves

    Bitten Review by Martha A Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat and A Book and A Dish Agent Lauren Westlake Yes, I know about you Agent Westlake What are you an agent of I wonder posited the woman quizzically Right So yeah, anyways About the creature The woman folded her hands across her lap and sat back There are many creatures in this world, Lauren of the Lake Tribes of the West My question is what are you an agent of We all represent something in this world What do you represent Lauren looked [...]

  6. Jessica

    Bitten was sent to me by the author for review I think it s one that would appeal to those who enjoy supernatural reads with a touch of romance The story took me a while to get into but once I was into it I was very curious to find out how it would end The characters are likable and the monster is quite horrific and disgusting in description.My issue with this book is the language used The authors style is not bad but not easy to get lost in He writes with very little if any usage of contraction [...]

  7. Arlena

    Author Dan O BrienPublished by Create SpaceAge Recommend AdultReviewed By Arlena DeanRaven Rating 5Blog Reviewed For GMTAReview Bitten by Dan O Brien was indeed a good thriller with some suspense and romance The story is of how a predator stalks the small town of Locke, Minnesota and a FBI agent Lauren Westlake come totown and opens up a investigation that takes the police department to levels it s never been before I believe the author did an excellent job with bringing out the best in the char [...]

  8. William Krauss

    The best werewolf book I have read in a long time if ever I love the characters and the story It was very exciting and sexy You really get to care about the characters and the story keeps you engrossed the whole time Well done

  9. Bette

    Mystery, suspense, fantasy, romance are the many elements of this story Some might call it dark fantasy, some might call it horror But I think the horror never developed for me as I kept thinking of the opening pages and to me it was a time warp A time warp never explained or developed and because of that I never really concentrated on the story.

  10. Karielle at Books à la Mode

    Bitten Lauren Westlake Mysteries 1 by Dan O BrienPage Count 274Release Date 16 April, 2012Publisher self publishedSource Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review thank you I reviewed O Brien s The Journey back in July, and while it didn t exactly strike my fancy, I decided to give the author another try with this one Bitten flows in a slightly different vein, with the same eerie glow, but a developed plot, cast, and structure that made it way enjoyabl [...]

  11. Romancing the Book

    Reviewed by InderaBook provided by PublisherReview originally posted at Romancing the BookMurder, Werewolves, Urban Myths, Small towns, and FBI Agents A perfect combination for this exciting, thrilling, gory murder mystery with bits and pieces of romance and paranormal I did enjoy the actual writing in the book Author Dan O Brien uses very descriptive writing Many times while reading I felt I could just close my eyes and be in the scene and in the moment It is refreshing to read a good mystery t [...]

  12. Natacha Lalande

    To read the full review natachabooksreview.wordpress.I enjoyed the story, while a side of me wished we wouldn t have learned who the werewolf is until later in the book, it s entertaining to read about the werewolf helping the Sheriff s team and Lauren I liked the description of what they see and hear, so it becomes easier for us, the readers, to visualise while reading.I love supernatural stories with vampires, werewolves and other creatures What i enjoyed about the werewolf in this book is tha [...]

  13. Blakely

    My synopsis of BITTEN by Dan O Brien Lauren Westlake, an F.B.I agent, arrives in a small Minnesota town after opening a cold case file A killer is on the loose But Lauren and the local police department must figure out if their killer is human, animal, or other First, the downfalls O Brien seems to stumble into the stereotypical trap that a woman only has something negative to think upon meeting another woman This immediately left me questioning the believability of the main heroine, Lauren As a [...]

  14. David Brown

    Werewolves are one of the popular ingredients for horror stories and films but there is always the challenge to do something different with them rather than rehashing what has gone before Dan O Brien s Bitten explores the myth of werewolves but from a slightly different angle.In the cold Minnesotan town of Locke some gruesome murders have begun out in the woods Suggestions of bear attacks and wolves on two legs have the local Sheriff, Montgomery, left scratching his head However, he has assistan [...]

  15. Inez West

    SuspenfulIf you like sci first horror detective thriller this is a good book to read You know who the real werewolf is, but the relationship between the characters develop nicely and ends the way you expect The Hecate character was not really necessary to the story, that information could have been found in a book, an indulgence on the author s part.

  16. Melissa

    This book was received as a free advanced reader s copy This was a supernatural crime mystery type of book It had a good plot, the pace was a bit off, but the characters were good And it looks like it may be the start of a series, which sounds interesting.Lauren Westlake is headed to a sleepy little town up North on the trail of a case A series of strange, possibly supernatural killings have happened, and a new murder has brought her here The local police force, while resentful at first, soon ap [...]

  17. Tammy

    Lauren Westlake is an F.B.I agent who becomes enthralled by a cold case she discovers Dating back a century there have been several violent murders in different places of the country What ties them together with an impossible timeline is the fact that all the victims are torn and shredded in the same manner by, seemingly, the same weapon.It had been speculated that these were some sort of animal attack but as Lauren reviews the cases she is intrigued by the hints of a supernatural cause.Using a [...]

  18. Katrina

    It s been awhile since I have read a thriller horror story and I must say I was intrigued by Dan o Brian s story Bitten I enjoyed the writing style, fluent flowing and very well detailed storyline The descriptions are vivid and easily envisaged, many a scene may even cause your hairs on your arms to stand on end and Even certain scenes will make you cringe The horrific parts will have your heart racing and your blood pumping along with the characters and victims in this story A predator killer r [...]

  19. nora m malotte

    BittenLauren Westlake is a heroic agent with the FBI She would be most girls hero She is after a SUPERNATURAL KILLER to be sure She shows no fear and leads the local officers on the hunt Nothing they are prepared to find Fast paced and FRIGHTENING YOU WILL ENJOY THIS ONE I RECOMMEND.

  20. Donald

    Just read the 03 31 12 email You are one of our First Reads lucky winners You will soon receive a free copy of Bitten in the mail Please allow a few weeks for shipping Self pubbed books often don t get the editorial attention needed to make them work Every poorly chosen or misspelled word or bad bit of grammar act as speed bumps to the reader taking them out of the story and out of the moment to contemplate errors.Some people can pull it off Some can t.On page 18 of the copy I have Lauren moved [...]

  21. Books

    From the summary on the back cover, I couldn t tell that this is a book about werewolves although the wolves walking on two legs should ve been a dead giveaway I think I missed that little clue because I was enthralled by the words darkness of mythology and nightmares and creatures of the night Those were the phrases that got me hooked, really Once I realized this was about my least favorite book theme werewolves it dampened some of my excitement In short, Bitten was different from what I ve rea [...]

  22. Naj (Unputdownable Books)

    FBI Agent Lauren Westlake has a knack for investigating cold cases that seem to pop up again spontaneously in different parts of the U.S Her new case leads her to a cold northern Minnesotan town, where a string of murders occurred As the investigation gets deeper, everything starts to seem supernatural I won t consider this book as a complete paranormal book It seemed plain fiction with a touch of paranormal, horror and suspense To be honest, the book didn t seem so into suspense, it was gorey [...]

  23. Teresa Garcia

    When I started, I was expecting paranormal mystery I was very happy that the agent was a female I was not expecting the romance bit to be such a heavy hitter in the story I really liked how the werewolves are sentient and fully cognizant, and that they are born This is one of the reasons that I ended up suggesting this book to my mate, who is not a big reading fan He s interested enough to look into getting a copy for himself.I also was impressed with seeing Hecate appear, and how accurately she [...]

  24. Sarah

    This was an interesting and fresh horror mystery hybrid The setting is a small town in Minnestoa during the deep dark cold of mid winter, and the result is a creepy and almost claustrophobic atmosphere, perfect for reading in a warm bed on a winter s night Lauren Westlake arrives in a great, poignant opening scene that establishes her as a tough federal agent This persona is soon at odds with her behavior in the local bar, where the alcohol loosens her tongue, her professionalism, and her grip o [...]

  25. Kiki

    I enjoyed the actual writing in the book Many times while reading I felt I could just close my eyes and be in the scene and in the moment It allowed me to connect with each character in the story.In Bitten there is some back story which shed light regarding many myths concerning werewolves and urban myths The story put a little twist on the normal werewolf story I love the twist of what happens to a person bitten by a werewolf I also like how the stories weaved together You have a detective inve [...]

  26. David

    I really enjoyed the first part of this book Grisly murders in a northern Minnesota town in the middle of winter I was hooked Yes, I m from Minnesota O Brien did a good job of describing the scene and atmosphere Turns out there s a werewolf running around again, O Brien did a nice job of adding a new twist to the werewolf saga But then it started to fall apart less than half way in First and foremost this book needs a good editing This broke me out of the story a number of times Sections of dial [...]

  27. Carmen Shaw

    If you are squeamish, I don t recommend it for you because this book is not for the faint hearted.Bitten is complete werewolf story, which is why I was interested in it in the first place, I will admit It s about a lady named Lauren Westlake, who s a serious F.B.I Agent She goes to Locke, a small town in Minnesota because there had been a few suspicious deaths that happened, and it was her job to solve the mystery Then enters Dominic He is polite, old fashioned, and of course, attractive Lauren, [...]

  28. Sharon Stevenson

    I received a copy of this book for honest review Bitten is the story of Federal Agent Lauren Westlake and her off duty work on an old murder case which brings her up against a killer with wolf like tendencies.The story gets off to an atmospheric start, beginning at a lonely railway station at midnight I was hooked instantly and read the whole book in a few quick hours I enjoyed Lauren s no nonsense personality and easily sympathised with her The other characters were intriguing, particularly Dom [...]

  29. Wendy Hines

    Lauren Westlake is an FBI Agent whom s experience leads her to believe that a recent killing in the small town of Locke, Minnesota is similiar to an old case Not only is the victim dead, but it s a gruesome killing Her investigation, along with the town s sheriff, lead them to a beast Lauren decides to take the investigation in another path and that leads her to a small cottage and Hecate There, she imbibes a potion that lets her see into the past Her vision shows her a man who desires to be a w [...]

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