When Will This Cruel War Be Over?: The Diary of Emma Simpson (2020)

When Will This Cruel War Be Over?: The Diary of Emma Simpson Barry Denenberg When Will This Cruel War Be Over The Diary of Emma Simpson Acclaimed author Barry Denenberg s WHEN WILL THIS CRUEL WAR BE OVER is now back in print with a gorgeous new package The peaceful traditional Southern life that Emma Simpson and her family know is sh
  • Title: When Will This Cruel War Be Over?: The Diary of Emma Simpson
  • Author: Barry Denenberg
  • ISBN: 9780545275989
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
When Will This Cruel War Be Over?: The Diary of Emma Simpson Barry Denenberg Acclaimed author Barry Denenberg s WHEN WILL THIS CRUEL WAR BE OVER is now back in print with a gorgeous new package The peaceful, traditional Southern life that Emma Simpson and her family know is shattered when the Civil War reaches their soil Soon, Emma s father and brother are called to battle, but her family is confident the South will quickly win the War between thAcclaimed author Barry Denenberg s WHEN WILL THIS CRUEL WAR BE OVER is now back in print with a gorgeous new package The peaceful, traditional Southern life that Emma Simpson and her family know is shattered when the Civil War reaches their soil Soon, Emma s father and brother are called to battle, but her family is confident the South will quickly win the War between the States As the months drag on, though, the harsh realities of war set in Death and hardship are all around Emma, and food, medicine, firewood, and ink for her to write in her diary become increasingly scarce as troops from the North march deeper into the South Finally, even her home is commandeered by the Yankees Still, with a brave spirit and the knowledge of what is most important, Emma never loses hope that the war will end.
When Will This Cruel War Be Over?: The Diary of Emma Simpson Barry Denenberg

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One thought on “When Will This Cruel War Be Over?: The Diary of Emma Simpson

  1. Ana Mardoll

    When Will This Cruel War Be Over The Civil War 0 590 22862 5Quite frankly, this book is terrible and fails on many levels Historically, it is useless, because it subverts real and important history in favor of overt racism A single glaring example on page 29 of the diary, the narrator describes the weekly classes that her mother gives to their slave children or, as she terms, her little scholars In a book set in 1864, in Virginia, in the midst of the Civil War, the plantation family is giving we [...]

  2. Jerry

    The Good The entire focus of the Dear America series is to give a real life portrait of everyday life in days gone by, and this book does that fairly well It s also great to see that Christian faith and a love for literature are portrayed in a positive light, the former of which is a bit surprising for a secular book The historical information at the back was a nice touch.The Bad The formatting of this book was terrible the constant headings were both annoying and a waste of space Some of the di [...]

  3. Elenola2003gmail.Com

    I thought it was very well written I also thought that the author sugarcoated some of the details The main character, Emma, lives in the south,and is on the Confederate side The slaves remain faithful until the end I don t understand how slaves could believe in slavery The author did describe the cruel circumstances extremely well I did not know how cruel the Yankee soldiers were They are not the perfect heroes we think they were They could be very cruel to southern civilians,most of whom were w [...]

  4. Kelsey Hanson

    As far as Dear America books go, this one was pretty heartbreaking It does a descent job of showing the desolation of the South towards the end of the Civil War and the effects are lasting leading to a less than happy ending This book does show that when it comes to war of any sort there is no good side or bad side with atrocities committed on both sides Emma also shows that she is a product of her environment with her opinions on abolitionists Overall, this one was pretty sobering and left me f [...]

  5. Rebecca

    I read the entire book in one day I happened to pick it up off a pile at the library that they were sending for recycling I thought it was excellent It was interesting getting the view of a young girl during the civil war And how the woman had to be alone and constantly worried on how they were going to fend for themselves and had their home taken over by soldiers, struggling to get enough food, etc And that this young girl met a man once and wrote to him the entire war and ended up marrying him [...]

  6. Shannon McGee

    Young Emma Simpson lives in Virginia in 1864 during the middle of Civil War She writes in her diary about the trials, Emma, her mother and other family members survive through The men in the family are fighting in the War Food rations start to dwindle as family and friends get sick and some die Based on a real person we see the dark side of war in America s past.I find these Dear America books interesting and wish I had them when I was younger They do tend to be pretty dark I guess that is to sh [...]

  7. Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids

    I absolutely love this series, as each book featured in it takes the reader back into a different time in our country s history It s both an exciting and educational read Though I m out of the targeted age range for these books, I find them to be just as engaging as I would if I was reading these as a young reader Barry Denenberg does a brilliant job at giving the reader an inside view of the life of a young girl living through the Civil War.Emma Simpson has grown up in the south in a rather com [...]

  8. Beverly

    The book begins in 1863, the third year of the Civil War Emma s only brother, Cole, comes home in a pine coffin All students of this war know disease killed than bullets, and this is one example Cole was wounded, but died from pneumonia By 1863, all know this war is not an adventure It is beginning to cause hardship in the South All the husbands and sons are fighting and wives are running the plantations and dealing with the food shortages as best they can Emma s Journal records the diseases an [...]

  9. Neha

    In this awesome book, Emma Simpson explains all the hardships going on at the time of the Civil War Emma lives in the South and soon finds that the war is coming to her doorstep, literally As Emma s father goes to join the war, along with her future husband, Emma has to deal with the problems at home and worry about them Her brother died in the war, and her mother died while the war was still raging on Emma lives with her aunt, cousins, and neighbors While trying not to starve or be killed, Emma [...]

  10. Daisy Mullis

    This book is awesome I would recommend it for any kind of historian it is great It truly captures what life was like back home in the Southern states It was surprising to see that most of the northerners would take anything and everything from the rich Southerns They would take over their homes, steal their belongs, and take their life stock This book was a real eye opener, I would definitely recommend this book

  11. Heidi-Marie

    I really like the diary books I think they are an excellent way for youth to get glimpses at various cultures and historical events This particular book is a teenage girl s perspective from the South Touchy subjects are handled well in these books, and I like that I love history, and I love children s YA literature So I m hard pressed to find one of these that I haven t liked, yet Good for the 7 12 age group.

  12. Paul Heller

    This book was a gripping account from a Confederate perspective, of the late stages of the Civil War I liked the fact that the author embedded the very real prejudices of southern whites towards blacks in his main character, who is still a very sympathetic character This is the first Dear America series book that I have read, and I am definitely interested in reading I will highly recommend this book to students who are interested in historical fiction or the Civil War.

  13. Ashley

    I feel like I need to give these books than 3 stars, because I absolutely LOVED all of them when I was growing up I read them like crazy I just don t remember what I thought of each But, I recommend them for younger kids or anyone really that likes history historical fiction Fun, quick reads that teach you something.

  14. Willa

    It is the story of Emma Simpson, and her life through the Civil War While she struggles with her crazy life, so does the Southern Army The book opens with her brother coming home in his death suit How could it get any worse

  15. Sarah

    1 star for When Will This Cruel World Be Over Thoughts and PlotEmma Simpson is a 14 year old, wealthy, white girl from Virginia whose father is off fighting in the civil war for the south as they are slave plantation owners.This book is not an apt representation of how it was in the south before or during the war The author has Emma saying things like how her and her mother hold a weekly lesson for the slave children, where they read them stories from the bible and teach them how to read and wri [...]

  16. Breon Randon

    Absolutely nothing redeeming about this book Maybe it s just the current social climate, but I find the whitewashing and outright racism in this book unpalatable particularly given the target audience Let s just refer to black people as mentally retarded for all the good this book does word choice here is purposeful and does not reflect the views of the reader And let s not chime in from the peanut gallery about how we can t hold books set in past times to today s social norms If that were they [...]

  17. Audrey

    Perhaps one star is a bit harsh, but this is one of the weirdest Dear Americas I ve read The plot and narrative is pretty thin and most of the characters don t make sense Mostly there s just death According to my sister, who did a rough estimate, in this 133 page story there are 21 people who die The Civil War was an extremely bloody conflict, so I m not arguing with history But often the deaths that occurred were of characters that were never introduced I guess they were neighbors It s not just [...]

  18. Susan Molloy

    I received this little book for Christmas 2005, and enjoyed every page It s a very short, fictional diary of a girl who lives at the time of the Civil War, and her observations and thoughts about how it impacted her family It s written well, and if I didn t see that it is fiction, I would have thought it was a real Civil War diary I highly recommend this for children and adults alike, and it can be read in an evening.

  19. Dalaina Renee

    It was interesting but a very sad read Emma s family lead a very hard life during these times this story did leave me feeling rather sad when I finished it.

  20. Marissa Hughes

    it was good very interesting and a little sad no tears were shed though I definitely recommend anyone into history or just love to read all genres read this.

  21. Kenzie Thompson

    Emma lives in the Confederate area of the United States during the Civil War She writes in a journal that her mom gave her and talks about the hardships of the war Her father, brother, and uncle have all been called to fight in the war The book begins with them finding out that her brother had died in the war Her aunt and cousins come to live with them Her uncle soon dies also She tells how a lot of slaves around their town are leaving and running to the North, but how their slaves are faithful [...]

  22. Abby

    I have read this book, and I like it Personally, from my perspective, Emma does an awesome job describing the hardships during one year of the Civil War She begins her diary in 1863, and then ends it on December 25, 1864 which is pretty sad, of course Of course, I can see why the Civil War was said to be one of the bloodiest wars ever in the history of the United States of America, too.Anyway, I highly recommend this book, especially for fans of the Dear America series

  23. Sarah Crawford

    There is a saying that goes something like history is written by the winners One of the good things about this Dear America series of books is that they are not always concerned with the winners, but with also showing what the people on the losing side of an issue had to deal with.The American Civil War was the bloodiest war in U.S history, where families were torn apart, sometimes one brother fighting on one side and the another brother on the other It is still referred to as The War of Norther [...]

  24. Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooGrowing up on a Virginia plantation in the mid 1800s, slavery has been part of Emma Simpson s entire life Now, she and her mother are working tirelessly to keep the place running in the absence of her father, who is somewhere to the south fighting the Yankees.Emma hears constant reports describing the ignorant Yankees and their disapproval of holding the black people against their will The slaves she s known on her father s plantation see [...]

  25. Geraldine

    I had mixed feelings about this book I liked that it was old fashioned and proper It s different than other, common books Her experiences can be relatable to the readers and can t be at the same time There are many people who go through losses but, not the tragedy they went through So it keeps it relatable and new, which is important I would recommend this book to people who like tragedies, history and biographies It is a younger level book, as in, it s really easy to read for the most part bes [...]

  26. Rebecca

    Born into a wealthy Southern family that owned a large plantation, Emma Simpson had a carefree life until the Civil War began But then the war changed her life forevr Her father, brother, uncle, and the young man she loves go off to war, and her brother and uncle died Emma thought the hardships of war would be mostly suffered by the soldiers on the battlefield, but she was wrong and now life on their plantation has become very difficult.First, there are rumors that the slaves Emma always thought [...]

  27. Lauren Kramer

    This is a diary of Emma Simpson who lived during the Civil War in Gordonsville, Virigina, 1864 The diary entries cover from one Christmas to the next, covering what happens within one year s time In dealing with the war, many tragedies happen to Emma, including her father s absense, her love Tally s absense, her mother s death, and her home being invaded by the Union army, etc Emma s diary entries express her emotions and depict rather truthfully of what anyone would be feeling during these hard [...]

  28. Karissa Kelly

    When Will This Cruel War Be Over is about a girl named Emma Simpson She is living during the Civil War in the South Her father and brother are both fighting in the war, and her mother and she live with their black slaves keeping the house together Emma starts writing a diary, and her first entry begins with the burial of her brother Cole who died from battle wounds She is so sad, but her mother says to rely on God Not long after, Emma s mother becomes very ill, so her Aunt Caroline, Cousin Rache [...]

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