War and Watermelon (2020)

War and Watermelon Rich Wallace War and Watermelon It s the summer of We ve just landed on the moon the Vietnam War is heating up the Mets are beginning their famous World Series run and Woodstock is rocking upstate New York Down in New Jersey
  • Title: War and Watermelon
  • Author: Rich Wallace
  • ISBN: 9780670011520
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover
War and Watermelon Rich Wallace It s the summer of 1969 We ve just landed on the moon, the Vietnam War is heating up, the Mets are beginning their famous World Series run, and Woodstock is rocking upstate New York Down in New Jersey, twelve year old Brody is mostly concerned with the top ten hits on the radio and how much playing time he ll get on the football team But when he goes along for the rideIt s the summer of 1969 We ve just landed on the moon, the Vietnam War is heating up, the Mets are beginning their famous World Series run, and Woodstock is rocking upstate New York Down in New Jersey, twelve year old Brody is mostly concerned with the top ten hits on the radio and how much playing time he ll get on the football team But when he goes along for the ride to Woodstock with his older brother and sees the mass of humanity there, he starts to wake up to the world around him a world that could take away the brother he loves.
War and Watermelon Rich Wallace

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One thought on “War and Watermelon

  1. Bailey Lincoln

    Well the book was about a boy named Brody Winslow who is alive during the 60 s,it also takes place during the summer Brody like to play football he is playing football for his school, he plays football with his best friend Tony Him and Tony also go to the pool and swim a lot Both Tony and Brody are in the same grade and they both go to the same school.They hang out a lot after Football practice, They talk about these two girls that they like, their names are Patty and Janet They plan to meet up [...]

  2. Ms. Yingling

    In the summer of 1969, Brody is dreading junior high while looking forward to playing on the football team His older brother, Ryan, has just graduated from high school and is stocking shelves at a grocery store, which makes Brody worry that Ryan may soon be drafted The brothers attend Woodstock, follow the popular rock songs and the Mets baseball season, and try not to have too many generation gap fights with their shocking mother AND father Brody and his friends also spend a fair amount of time [...]

  3. Michael

    Avoiding plot seems to be considered a literary device in teen lit these days, and this book does everything it can to avoid any plot motion Not only does nothing happen, but all resolution is carefully avoided There is a hint of romance, but no conclusion either way There is the prospect of getting drafted for Vietnam, but it goes away They don t even play the big football game in the end, the main character just thinks about how it might end Nothing happens, and in my mind, that s not a story. [...]

  4. Josh Newhouse

    sweet, kind of reminded me of wonder years a little light on plot and resolution but pleasant historical fiction some mild language and alcohol and pot I think kids would like it

  5. Maria Torres

    2.5 starsWhile I had fun and enjoyed Brody s story, I felt that it was very sporadic and repetitive at times However, when writing from a 7th grade boy s perspective it makes sense that the style wasn t super flowery or poetically descriptive.It wasn t the best book in the world, but it wasn t the worst.If it weren t for the ending, which I felt ended abruptly with no real meaning, maybe I d rate it the full 3 stars.I only wish that I got to hear about Ryan s story and wish that he had been se [...]

  6. Michael Marcela

    Good book Being I was a kid and lived in a similar town and even played middle school football, in addition to being a big Mets fan too, I related greatly to this book The story is good and well written The passages about time spent with their father were great The fear of the parents about the draft and the war were very real as well Just wish there was some type of resolution to the story It just kind of ends and you are left hanging.

  7. Icy Brown

    Just a short and sweet story of kids starting Junior High I liked it, but probably wouldn t read it again It was nice to get a better persepective from the time period, I ll say.

  8. Brian O'Leary

    YA book that does a decent job of dealing with coming of age stuff in the backdrop of Vietnam and Woodstock.

  9. Katie Fitzgerald

    The year is 1969, and Brody is twelve years old and living in New Jersey He spends his time rooting for the New York Mets, listening to the top 40 radio station and charting his favorite songs from week to week, and playing football His older brother, who will soon be old enough for the draft, has other things on his mind namely avoiding and protesting against the war in Vietnam With his brother, Brody has the chance to go briefly to Woodstock, where his mind also starts opening up to some of th [...]

  10. April

    Like a snapshot in history, War Watermelon takes the reader back to the year 1969 during the months of August and September A time of war, baseball, football, Woodstock and changes, this is one boy s month to be remembered and will capture the hearts of readers everywhere.I knew when I began reading War Watermelon that I was going to be quickly engrossed within twelve year old Brody s life and I was not disappointed The way in which Rich Wallace writes is like sitting down with a friend and reli [...]

  11. Serena

    War Watermelon by Rich Wallace, a Junior Library Guide selection, is set in 1969 in New Jersey just as the Vietnam War is beginning to rage and Woodstock is ready to rock suburban New York New Jersey brothers Brody and Ryan take a road trip to the concert of their generation as Ryan continues to avoid questions from his parents about his future, particularly college, and the draft Brody is just about to start junior high school and is eager to join the football team, but his world is insular in [...]

  12. Maddie

    War and Watermelon had caught my attention, mostly because it was about the war of Vietnam The book started off a little slow considering that it was mostly about the main character, Brody, that is involved with football I do not understand one bit about football Once it got into the part of him and his brother doing things together, I started to be able to relate a lot to the book because they have the same relationship that my sister and I do His brother, Ryan, is being sent off to fight in t [...]

  13. Meghan

    Brody Winslow is enjoying the last of the summer He just made the football team before entering the 7th grade in 1969 He frequently attends the activities at his local swim club He likes some to the girls but he thinks they have not noticed him yet His brother Ryan graduated high school last June and has decided not to attend college just yet But America is engaged in the Vietnam War and if you are 18 and not in college then you get drafted Ryan s 18th birthday is fast approaching Even at twelve [...]

  14. Lisa

    A great historical fiction about the late 60 s The main character, Brody, has an older brother, Ryan, who just graduated from High School and doesn t want to go to college His father is absolutely upset because as soon as he s 18 he could be drafted into the Vietnam War Ryan has other plans like Woodstock Brody, who is just 12, gets dragged along for the ride He learns a lot about growing up from his brother and his brother s girlfriend, Jenny He also has a best friend, Tony, who teaches him wha [...]

  15. Stef

    I love books that take place in the 60s and 70s, but this is some bland stuff The main character isn t terribly interesting, the concern that his older brother could be sent to Vietnam is hammered in over and over, and the details that create the 1969 setting feel shoehorned in e.g the Paul is dead conversation that doesn t introduce anything new or say interesting, then hopping immediately to tye dying T shirts with food coloring These details either come across as very generic, or else they re [...]

  16. Dotty

    War Watermelon felt like a well worn shoe, comfortable I lived these events and angst Will middle schools find it appealing Time will tell.Book Talk Music The Times They are A changin Men walked on the moon Woodstock The Mets the worst team in baseball is about to flying into first place Girls are a mystery to me, but my best friend Tony is trying to hook me up with one And my home front is a minefield If my dad and brother aren t arguing, it must be because they re not talking to each other If [...]

  17. Sario Lawrence

    1969 Woodstock, Vietnam War, the Mets and Jr High War and Watermelon takes a snapshot of 12 year old Brody s life in the midst of history happening all around him His main concerns include night swimming, the top songs on the radio, how the Mets are doing, his fear of fumbling the ball during the big game and if his older brother Ryan will go to college or get drafted This book captures the way I remember summers, full of swimming, heat, tv and radio Not a lot happens, but I think that s kind of [...]

  18. Stephanie Stocks

    Brody is coming of age during the turbulent 1960s The summer before 7th grade, he is trying to secure a spot on the football team and navigate the world of dating At the same time, his almost 18 year old brother Ryan is trying to figure out his place in the world as the country is fighting a war he doesn t believe in The innocence of watching baseball collides with the turbulence of Woodstock and war demonstrations in this coming of age novel.

  19. Anne

    male protagonist 1st person.1960s Vietnam War eraentering 7th grade and a new schoolWoodstockFootball baseball Mets Older brother relationship conflict betw war and college music, poetrygirls 1st encounter Comfortable, easy to readGreat sense of the time period with authentic cultural references

  20. Sharon Kalman

    Will move it from J to YA older brother and friends drink alcohol and smoke marijuana main character never even considers it and it is never offered to him Otherwise, a good look at 1969 from a 7th grade point of view Intersting that Woodstock was just a chapter in his life not the be all and end all, as most books of the late 60 s tend to be Enjoyable.

  21. Casey

    i didnt finish this, i abandoned it it didnt really captivate my interest, but i ve decided when i have to do another research paper for school and iget to pick the topic, it s gonna be on Woodstock anyways i mean it wasn t the best.

  22. Lorraine Stinson

    Ok story about kids in jr high in 1969 I don t think it gets the time period just right, and I m not sure about frickin being on the first page, call attention to language.

  23. Phyllis Watto

    This is a book that a middle school boy will like The author s humor is definitely manly I enjoyed it because it is about the time period when I grew up.

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