Faithful (2020)

Faithful Kim Cash Tate Faithful Cydney Sanders thought she knew God s plan for her life She d marry have kids and then snap her body back into shape by doing Tae Bo But she s celebrating her fortieth birthday as the maid of honor
  • Title: Faithful
  • Author: Kim Cash Tate
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Faithful Kim Cash Tate Cydney Sanders thought she knew God s plan for her life She d marry, have kids, and then snap her body back into shape by doing Tae Bo But she s celebrating her fortieth birthday as the maid of honor at her little sister s weddingd still single Now her life is suddenly complicated by the best man He s the opposite of what she wants in a husbandd yet, he keepsCydney Sanders thought she knew God s plan for her life She d marry, have kids, and then snap her body back into shape by doing Tae Bo But she s celebrating her fortieth birthday as the maid of honor at her little sister s weddingd still single Now her life is suddenly complicated by the best man He s the opposite of what she wants in a husbandd yet, he keeps defying her expectations Starting with a lavendar rose symbolizing enchantment each rose he sends her reflects his growing love for her.Cydney s best friend Dana appears to have the perfect marriage until she discovers her husband s affair and her world goes into a tailspin Then there is Phyllis who is out of hope and out of prayers after asking God for six long years to help her husband find faith When she runs into an old friend who is the Christian man she longs for, she s faced with an overwhelming choice.Life long friends with life altering struggles Will they trust God s faithfulnessd find strength to be faithful to Him
Faithful Kim Cash Tate

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    Kim Cash Tate

One thought on “Faithful

  1. Cindy

    I wanted to like this book and I did like parts of this book, but overall I think I would just rate this book as okay The main problem I had with this book is it seemed liked everything in life was puppies and rainbows once a character found God, or gave their problems to God Spoilers below A wife finds out her husband who happens to be a Christian leader within their home church is having an affair with another member of their church She cries for a couple of days, gives her problem to God and [...]

  2. Tamekai Mills

    Wonderful story of God s faithfulness to his people, even when we are being tempted to be unfaithful It opened my eyes to the various ways of temptation that creep into our everyday livesa Christian should be aware of even the appearance of sin temptation Great characters Seamless plot Can t wait to read from this author.

  3. Michelle

    I SO love the cover of this book Now that I ve read the story, I see the symbolism in it, and that made me appreciate the cover even I am glad the author was faithful to write this book I believe it will touch many lives I can see why it was chosen for Women of Faith I hope I don t give away any spoilers in my review, but it s from my heart, so please forgive me if I doAs far as realism goes, I found this book to be very sincere and believable I sensed the author s heart for marriage and healin [...]

  4. Cortney Davis

    Thank you I won this book on a giveaway and just started the first chapter and am already hooked I read this book in about 3 sittings just needed to know what happened, and there were moments when I thought this book was predictable, but it turned out I was wrong I found this book wrote with realistic, wholesome characters and situations laced with good fitting scripture and how God gets you through everything in your life if you believe and trust in Him This book took you into the lives of 3 be [...]

  5. Katrina Burchett

    Instead of celebrating her fortieth birthday with friends and family, Cydney Cyd Sanders is a bridesmaid at her younger sister s wedding Only one person acknowledges her special day and that s Cedric, a man she met days before A kind gesture on his part leads to a birthday dinner, but does Cedric really care about Cyd s birthday or does he have ulterior motives Cyd s best friend, Dana, is experiencing trouble in her marriage her husband, Scott, committed adultery Even though there is forgiveness [...]

  6. Amancay

    I was truly, honestly, blown away by this book While I had high hopes for a title author I d never heard of before simply due to the Women of Faith endorsement, I had no idea what I was in for, but God sure did Drawing for true to life characters, scenarios, and sincere struggles there is a little something here for everyone s life, heart, and need Yet they are all so intricately woven, and none prominent or important than the other, I m still astounded at the beautiful balance in the story tel [...]

  7. Stacia

    This book is about three women who are struggling through relationships with their male significant others for different reasons The three women share an incredibly close relationship, especially bound together in their faith in Christ.The book covers, with sound Biblical truths, topics such as modesty, adultery, sex before marriage, and lust And while I agree with the author wholeheartedly, the book came across as slightly cheesy and a little bit preachy With that said, it was an enjoyable book [...]

  8. Melissa Miller

    Thoroughly enjoyed Faithful Loved the balance of love, hope, pain and redemption Loved the pacing and ending, left me smiling and wanting Kim did an excellent job of displaying how friends should support one another and how some relationships need to end Great story that depicts mature Christians, that mature Christians would enjoy reading I know I did

  9. Michele Gray

    My GoodnessThis book was excellent Lately I ve read a lot reviews on different books I noticed how people get caught in little things that doesn t change the story If I noticed any grammatical errors it didn t matter, the story was so capturing My thoughts were who can I purchase this book for It touched , encouraged and corrected me Made me thankful and increased faith I can t to another Wow such a good read

  10. Carolline

    Look for God s faithfulness I really enjoyed the storyline and how it focused on the faithfulness of God and how He will walk us through every season of our lives and just to keep trusting in Him Kim weaves a great message through her story that encourages the reader to also seek God s heart.

  11. Michelle Akins

    Loved it I really enjoyed reading this book A needed reminder of how easily we are tempted to be unfaithful to God, and how we need to guard our marriages and our hearts.

  12. J.

    Kim Cash Tate always tells a juicy story that wraps you up Faithful is all about unconditional love, even when it hurts you Cyd is definitely one of my all time favorite characters

  13. Delmeer

    Another great installmentLoved this book, the story of Ced and Cyd was amazing and I love seeing it unfold Gives me faith

  14. Karen Rowe

    God is FaithfulThis was a good story about four friends who have different challenges in their life and how they learned the meaning of being faithful Phyllis almost lost her husband and family if she had not listened to the inner voice telling her to continue to pray for her husband and not give up.Dana learned that her faith would help her to forgive.Stephanie is a work in progress.I learned about being faithful an the price you pay when Cyd led by example Her faith helped her to remain strong [...]

  15. Jackie

    Faithful is a story about God s unchanging love for us and His desire for us to draw closer to Him This tells the story of three friendseach with a different struggle real life problems brought on by real life choices that causes them to exam their faith Author Kim Cash Tate takes on difficult issues that even the strongest Christian may deal with on a daily basis and not always successfully and shows us that even when our faith is rocked to the core God always remains Faithful

  16. Veronica Mckenna

    I seem to have an unpopular opinion concerning this book I did like it but I have read many religious novels on the subject such as Contingency and Devotion which I felt were done much better I felt telling the stories of moe than one person was too much in one book, so all the stories and characters lacked depth For example we did not see any of the events from the men in question which made it hard to have the feelings they had For example, Scott and Dana s story needed far attention, it was [...]


    A story of life long friends each struggling with life changing moments that tests their faith in God Cydney thought she knew God s plan for her life but at 40 she realizes the path God has chosen for her may not be what she thought after all Dana seems to have the perfect life until she discovers her husband is having an affair and her world is rocked out of control.Phyllis has a deep relationship with God which she passes on to her children easily but her husband is a non believer which makes [...]

  18. Veena

    Cyd, Dana and Phil shortened names are life long friends and believers in Christ They have a bond that is strengthened by there deep love for each other and there unwavering faith in Christ They pray together and goto the same church and keep no secrets from each other Cyd, who is 40, is unmarried and is going to attend her younger sister s marriage which is scheduled on her 40th birthday She had thought, she would be settled and having a family by now, but her Mr Right, has not yet come She fee [...]

  19. Julia

    Faithful seemed sermon than novel in fact, about fifty pages of the novel is two of the pastor s sermons and the conversations at two small group studies discussing the sermons then later on, a woman tells a man about Christ, and salvation is outlined in its entirety the same thing happens during a Christmas scene when a grandmother reads a Christmas book to her granddaughter If the message of Faithful were pressing in my life today, I probably would have enjoyed it and given it a higher ratin [...]

  20. Wyndy

    This is the story of three Christian women who are great friends Although it starts out with a wedding, that is only incidental to the story Cyd is a 40 year old single professor, Dana has a perfect marriage with a man who is dedicated to the Lord, and Phyllis is married to a man who won t have anything to do with church or with God At the wedding Cyd meets an intreging man who, although a member of the church believes that the rules of sex only apply to those who are married Dana discovers that [...]

  21. Fylvia Kline

    This book allows the reader to meander through the lives of a handful of women sisters and friends, some single, others married and observe how real life and real problems can unravel faith.Set in modern day Western culture, teeming with responsibilities to family and opportunities to be discreet, the parallel lives of these women illustrate the role of fidelity in marriage and chasitity in singlehood Cyd is the central character who holds the plot and the all the stories together with her unwav [...]

  22. Erin

    Kim Cash Tate give us a tale of three friends in Faithful Cyd is about to turn 40 and never imagined she d face this day still single, much less spend it as maid of honor at her much younger sister s wedding Dana discovers that her husband has been having an affair and her world is utterly shaken Phyllis is a busy mother of four whose husband does not share her faith in Christ and the divide between them only seems to grow deeper each year Each of these three will have the chance to choose to be [...]

  23. Holly (2 Kids and Tired)

    Three life long friends find their lives unraveling and their faith in God tested Cyd, Phyllis and Dana are likeable women you really come to care about and root for their success Stephanie, not so much, but she does grow up a bit at the end I can t say I ever really liked Cedric, but he too redeems himself at the end When Dana discovers Scott s affair, you can completely sympathize with her pain.The theme of friendship is strong here and I think that having girlfriends is an integral part of a [...]

  24. Belindachaplin

    Once I got into this book by Kim Cash Tate, I couldn t put it down The intertwined stories of the three best friends show clearly the message of not only God s faithfulness to us, but also our need to be faithful to our husbands and wives and to ourselves Without understanding how our unfaithfulness can hurt not only each other, but also ourselves and ultimately God, we will not be able to live the way God intended I love reading books like this one a nice, wholesome novel, but also filled with [...]

  25. Susan

    Christians know we re to trust God in all circumstances Yet that s often harder to do than the pat sayings and cliches might suggest Faithful is about three women in challenging situations one has the dubious joy of being maid of honor in her younger sister s wedding on her own 40th birthday, yet she s still single Where is God Another catches her seemingly perfect husband involved in a relationship with a member of the church worship team.And the final member of the trio feels awful because her [...]

  26. Krysten

    Loved it I absolutely love this book It was so realistic People think Christianity is easy and flowery but, it isn t We have trials just like the unsaved I love how the author used real life scenarios I especially loved the ending go Cyd This book reminded me that God is faithful,even through the tough times He s always on time, even if I don t get what I want I get what I need I m precious to Him And, I always will be I love the closeness of the friends, it s something I desire Having Godly fri [...]

  27. Rita

    Great Book Three women are good friends through their church Dana seems to have the perfect marriage, but then she learns that her husband is having an affair Phyllis is married and has four beautiful children She and Hayes have a good marriage but Phyllis would like her husband to have a deeper love of God and go to church with her Cyd is turning 40 and has not yet found the man of her dreams Then she meets Cedric and he doesn t seem at all like the man she is looking for I like how this author [...]

  28. Melissa

    rtbookreviews book reTate has an amazing ability to put difficult but realistic emotions on paper and show the reader the redeeming love of God in the process Her characters are easy to identify with and Tate uses them to show the many meanings of faithfulness.Cydney has always wanted to get married and have children, yet now that she s reached the age of 40 and is still single, she wonders if she heard God correctly Dana has a wonderful marriage, but discovers her husband is having an affair Ph [...]

  29. Anne

    I won this book on first reads I enjoyed this Christian romance a lot because it had real issues Some of my religious beliefs differ, but I still liked this book I liked how the author presented and dealt with a very sensitive subject sexual sin and sex outside of marriage It contests the popular cultural view of intimacy using the stories of three women as illustration Instead of leaving me feeling uncomfortable or awkward, I finished the book and had a discussion with my husband about the issu [...]

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