Memoirs of a Fruitcake (2020)

Memoirs of a Fruitcake Chris Evans Memoirs of a Fruitcake In It s Not What You Think Chris Evans had seemingly found the recipe for success He was rich famous and now the owner of his own radio station and media company What could possibly go wrong As it t
  • Title: Memoirs of a Fruitcake
  • Author: Chris Evans
  • ISBN: 9780007345700
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
Memoirs of a Fruitcake Chris Evans In It s Not What You Think Chris Evans had seemingly found the recipe for success He was rich, famous, and now the owner of his own radio station and media company What could possibly go wrong As it turned out, the answer was everything well, almost When we left our loveable ginger hero at the end of It s Not What You Think, it looked like Chris had made it But thingsIn It s Not What You Think Chris Evans had seemingly found the recipe for success He was rich, famous, and now the owner of his own radio station and media company What could possibly go wrong As it turned out, the answer was everything well, almost When we left our loveable ginger hero at the end of It s Not What You Think, it looked like Chris had made it But things were about to take a very dark turn Soon Chris s childhood dreams of a job in radio lay in tatters, and as an endless drink fueled lifestyle began to take its toll, he plunged into a downward spiral so deep that escape seemed almost impossible And then his salvation appeared, in the form of a young singer called Billie Piper Told with the same wit, verve, and startling honesty that surprised and delighted readers of It s Not What You Think, this is the final part, for now, of Chris Evans s journey of self discovery.
Memoirs of a Fruitcake Chris Evans

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One thought on “Memoirs of a Fruitcake

  1. Sharon

    This carries on Chris story right where we left off in his first book, It s Not What You Think It covers his marriage to Billie Piper, his dalliance with Geri Haliwell, his experiences in LA and his eventual settling down and fatherhood with wife Natasha Unfortunately, this one dragged so much for me Where the first book was down to earth and warm, this one was just I had an awful lot of money, I blew it, I made , I blew it lather, rinse, repeat I know that s what his life was like at the time b [...]

  2. Godzilla

    Having read the first volume of his autobiography, and found it a little dull, I started this with not a little trepidation yes it should cover the interesting years, but what would he really reveal.I should point out right now that I m not a Chris Evans fan I can appreciate his creativity, but he s ultimately a little annoying not in the Simon Cowell stratosphere of despicability, but annoying all the same He certainly reveals quite a few details, but also has the decency to preserve some chara [...]

  3. Richard

    Memoirs of a Fruitcake covers Chris Evans time as owner of Virgin Radio, through the sale of that business turning Evans into a multi millionaire, his whirlwind marriage to Billie Piper, and subsequently his time away from TV before returning to the limelight with BBC Radio 2.Whilst I couldn t put the book down whilst reading it enjoying every chapter, with hindsight the book doesn t feel very satisfying to have read Many of the chapters focus on Evans buying and selling property and cars, and w [...]

  4. Liisa

    Have you ever read a book and desperately wanted to like it and or the person writing it This was my experience with Chris Evans Memoirs of a Fruitcake In fact I did immensely like the beginning and wondered why I don t succumb to the lure often and indulge in biographies and autobiographies By the middle, I remembered why I prefer fiction and laboured through the rest of the book until the end.What I liked about the book I am a highly organised, slightly oddbod and as such I loved the Top Ten [...]

  5. Mark

    Another great book to read Normally, I wouldn t be able to read any biographies very quickly but this one was very captivating and I read it in just one day As with the first volume of Chris biography, its very easy to pick up and dip into in that the chapters are short, but I was quite engrossed and just wanted to carry on reading Each chapter starts with his top 10 s which are quite entertaining to read in their own right This book carries on immediately from where the first volume finished Ch [...]

  6. Peter Marsh

    I was given this book a a present, it s not one I would have bought myself.I found it disapointing, not neccesarily because it was that badly written although it s certainly not well written , not because he wasn t honest he appears as far as I m aware to be pretty honest but because Chris Evans doesn t come across as a particularly interesting or for that matter likeable character.He loves his cars so what, he has lots of money most of the time so what, he goes out with well known women so what [...]

  7. Mark

    A few good anecdotes but a little too self indulgent in places, which makes the pace alternate between interesting and dull Worth reading if you like the man and or his previous book.

  8. Notmilk

    I used to think Chris Evans was a bit of a dick After reading this I still think he s a bit of a dick, albeit an extremely rich and successful one An easy read with quite short chapters and lots of top 10 lists this is one to read in between your other books.

  9. Scott

    Cracking autobiography Slightly better than his first I would say Evans life is and has been crazy He doesn t come across as particularly egotistical to me but then again he never has done to me The stuff with his first child is pretty heart breaking and turning down 59m is crazy

  10. Tracey

    I am afraid I just couldn t read this book It is written in exactly the way that Chris leads his life flighty, unflowing and all over the place.

  11. Michael

    Chris Evans Memoirs Of A Fruitcake begins where his first book It s Not What You Think ends Evans is purchasing his own radio station to continue his successful morning radio career and he could not be happier or at least he thinks The second book uses the same format as first one Each chapter starts with a clever top ten list with number one being the main story of the chapter Again the stories are told with humor sometimes at the expense of the author himself There were a few differences betwe [...]

  12. PrettyFlamingo

    As a longtime fan of Chris Evans going back to the days of doing coursework whilst listening to Too Much Gravy on a Sunday afternoon and TFI Friday with wine and pizza, his first two books were a must on my reading list Unfortunately I read them in the wrong order This book starts with Chris acquiring Virgin Radio, charts his experiences there and gives a fascinating insight into the politics involved in radio which I was unaware of I thought it a good read Chris Evans is often described as Marm [...]

  13. Paul Wardman

    The second book from the madcap ginger radio tv presenter If I thought his first book showed him making rash decisions then this was just filled with pure insanity and idiocy From turning down a cheque for 53 million to getting completely wasted for months on end and finding new ways to throw money away this, at times is the story of a man who shouldn t have been allowed to make a decision before consulting an unaffiliated lawyer What makes this book such a good read no pun intended is that Evan [...]

  14. Karen

    It wasn t a conscious lifestyle choice Starting to listen to Radio 2, that is Anyone I mention it to, however, likes to make a dig that I must be getting old, though I land the blame squarely at the door of the two Chrises Mr Moyles on Radio 1 for being such a twat and Mr Evans for sounding genuinely warm, sincere and likeable when my car stereo went a bit bonkers and would only play the radio and the adverts on commercial radio just makes me want to smash a hole in my dashboard.And for the most [...]

  15. Amy Wiley

    It took a while to really get into this book If I am honest I do not really care about Chris Evans, I have only ever seen him on The One Show but the occasional autobiography does not get dismissed Chris writing style was very mature and well paced I very much enjoyed this as he never dwelled too much on one subject The chapters were well paced and I enjoyed the Top 10 lists, inviting you to read a new chapter I also find it motivating to have smaller chapters as I have time to read another 5, m [...]

  16. Kingfan30

    My knowledge of Chris Evans before starting this book was not huge, I know about TFI Friday but never saw it, I know he was married to Billie Pipper, I know he loves cars and I know he s a DJ on Radio 2 because my husband listens to it and thats was about it.It was actually hubby that picked up this book to read and it has sat around the house doing not much, so I got to a point where I need something light and entertaining to read to break up some of the big novels that have dropped through my [...]

  17. Victoria

    I didn t really follow Chris Evans until he took over the R2 breakfast show from Terry Wogan That change coincided with the departure of the breakfast DJ on the local commercial radio station I had been listening to and of the two new DJs I decided I preferred Chris.This book is memoirs as opposed to a date lined autobiography but it makes an interesting read I enjoyed the top tens which start each chapter some of which are elaborated on.Sometimes an autobiography can make you go off someone you [...]

  18. Barbara

    Funny how so many people who have read this aren t fans I m not either, I find him a little annoying, but I do like him better after reading this book I picked it up mainly because I wanted to know how in the heck he ended up with Billie Piper, a girl who could have most any man she wanted I get it after reading the book It may not be the best writing but you can tell he wrote it himself, he said it was important to him that he did It does seem very honest and reflective and I found it entertain [...]

  19. Stephen Huntley

    Chris Evans is a shallow, self obsessed, annoying man, but his honesty, energy and sunny disposition give him some charm His book, like him, is very childlike, both in its literary quality and its superficial examination of what is really a remarkable series of events But Instead of revelatory pearls we get dull, fawning celebratory encounters interspersed with mindless episodes of revolting extravagance, plenty of preening, and a few sobering moments of mea culpa No dirt is dished, no secrets a [...]

  20. Martin Sidgreaves

    After reading It s Not What You Think I was really keen to read this book Like him or loath him, Evans books are easy to read entertaining and this one is no different Continuing the tale of his life, this book covers the last 10 years or so including his financial problems, life with Billie and his rise to the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 Entertaining, short, sharp chapters written with his trademark wit and style make this a fun book from start to finish For it to make sense though you really [...]

  21. Jim

    I enjoyed this as much as the first one I always wonder, with autobiographies, how honest they are and found myself thinking a few times was he really lucid enough to behave compassionately towards people in the way he described A cynical reader could interpret the author s professed meaningful relationships as a series of bunk ups, celebrities using their star power to bed whoever they like and make out of it than it actually was in order to come across to their readers as a thoughtful, carin [...]

  22. David Betts

    Can t help liking Chris Evans, even though he ought, by rights, to be one of the world s unlikeable people Same goes for this book, which catalogues his descent into lunacy and at least partial recovery Not sure if it s refreshingly honest or blatant self justification, but I couldn t put it down Galloped through it in a couple of sittings mind you, it s not long Evans writes as he speaks, so short sentences often slightly frenetic and jumping all over the place I loved it Others are going to h [...]

  23. Lynsey

    I m not particularly a fan of Chris Evans, but I was lent his first book, enjoyed it and was disappointed when it stopped short of the Billie years So I happened upon this book and dived in feet first But for me, it lacked something which the first volume had Maybe it was that Chris was already famous and successful by now The theme of this book did seem to be Whoops, I ve got a lot of money There were plenty of enjoyable stories but this felt like fulfiling a book deal that a need to tell a st [...]

  24. Ruth

    I enjoyed this much than I expected to It s a story of zero to hero to zero to well not quite hero but certainly to someone who has the humility to appreciate the errors of his former spoiled boy lifestyle He seems to have led an almost charmed life, always bumping into somebody famous at the right moment and emerging unscathed from many years of heavy drinking and risk taking He gained millions and just as easily lost them all again but seems now to have found a point of stability and has lear [...]

  25. Rachel

    Light and easy reading Evans does skimp on detail but you get the idea that life was is fun, extravagant and wild, with impulsive behaviour and later plenty of regret I found it interesting that he rarely mentions his mother He always talked about her on the Radio 1 show and she s recently appeared a few times on the revived TFI Perhaps she requested not to be included Or, realistically, she doesn t fit into the wild lifestyle he s writing about.

  26. Louise Cochrane

    I m not normally one to read many biographies, but this one had been read by my boyfriend and came recommended.I have to admit, I wasn t previously a fan of Evans I d found him pretty annoying on his TV shows, but between this book and his Radio 2 breakfast show, I must say that I ve become really fond of the guy He happily admits that he used to be an idiot and he has done a lot of growing up I found that him to be endearing and honest and really enjoyed this memoir.

  27. Barry Bridges

    I ve always liked Chris Evans I was a fan of Big Breakfast, TFI, Toothbrush et al and have also indulged in the radio shows along the way And this second part of his autobiography didn t disappoint I ve given it 5 stars because it is a proper page turner, the man bears his soul and comes out a real person than a cake Raisins to be cheerful

  28. Tina

    Funny, honest, a bit painful in places as you read with embarrassment for Chris of his mistakes along the way The love story of Chris and Billie is touchingly sad and very real If only we all had the guts ti know when it s time to let go, and actually do something about it A good entertaining read.

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