As Pegadas Do Morto (2020)

As Pegadas Do Morto Peter James As Pegadas Do Morto Durante o tr gico desenrolar da manh do ataque terrorista s Torres G meas de Nova Iorque em de Setembro de os pensamentos de Ronnie Wilson n o est o com os milhares de v timas nem com a cidad
  • Title: As Pegadas Do Morto
  • Author: Peter James
  • ISBN: 9789727922321
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
As Pegadas Do Morto Peter James Durante o tr gico desenrolar da manh do ataque terrorista s Torres G meas de Nova Iorque em 11 de Setembro de 2001, os pensamentos de Ronnie Wilson n o est o com os milhares de v timas nem com a cidade cen rio do atentado Este fracassado negociante da cidade inglesa de Brighton, descobre, assim, uma oportunidade mpar para se ver livre dos seus credores, desaparecer e rDurante o tr gico desenrolar da manh do ataque terrorista s Torres G meas de Nova Iorque em 11 de Setembro de 2001, os pensamentos de Ronnie Wilson n o est o com os milhares de v timas nem com a cidade cen rio do atentado Este fracassado negociante da cidade inglesa de Brighton, descobre, assim, uma oportunidade mpar para se ver livre dos seus credores, desaparecer e reinventar se noutro pa s.Uns anos mais tarde, a descoberta dos restos mortais de um corpo de mulher, num esgoto de guas pluviais em Brighton, conduz o detective Roy Grace numa investiga o escala mundial e numa corrida desesperada contra o tempo para salvar uma mulher que est a ser perseguida como um animal pelas ruas e vielas daquela cidade.Depois do verdadeiro sucesso internacional, com a publica o em cerca de 30 pa ses, de Despedida de Solteiro, Morte Primeira Vista e Mata me, se puderes, Peter James regressa com um dos mais arrepiantes mitos urbanos da actualidade a possibilidade de algu m fingir a sua pr pria morte nos atentados de 11 de Setembro, e que promete deixar o leitor em suspenso at ltima linha
As Pegadas Do Morto Peter James

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One thought on “As Pegadas Do Morto

  1. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

    I somehow got this book out of order in my series reading list But no problem, I loved it anyway In fact I think it is the best of the series so far It is one of those books that I stayed up all night to read Highly recommended.

  2. Liz

    Gotta say, I ve enjoyed this series up until now but I m not so sure any There are things going on with the writing in this book that I don t think I can get past Pros and Cons below Pros1 Fairly solid in terms of mystery and the pacing, although slightly predictable than previous books 2 A very thoughtful and what I can only assume to be accurate I was not in NYC that day description of September 11th and the absolute horror and tragedy of the day Respectful portrayal of victims, NYPD and FDNY [...]

  3. Bettie☯

    Dead Man s Footsteps Roy Grace 4 9780330545983 December gift from Carey thanks, you wonderful woman, you.Dedication To Dave GaylorSome of this story takes place on the dayssurrounding the terrible events of 9 11.With deepest respect to the victimsand all who lost loved ones.Opening If Ronnie Wilson had known, as he woke up, that in just a couple of hours he would be dead, he would have planned his day somewhat differently What s with the name Cassian Pewe strange choice, yet one feels the author [...]

  4. Nerys Roberts

    A woman in hiding, a body in a storm drain, a man believed to have died in the 9 11 disaster and a body found in a submerged car in Australia Peter James weaves all these stories together to create a fantastic read The Roy Grace series just gets better and better, Looking forward to reading the next one.

  5. Toni Osborne

    Book 4, in the Roy Grace seriesIt has been a long time between books and I had forgotten how a master Mr James is at juggling plot threads, this time he treats us with four different events.This blend of fiction and myth skilfully uses the chaos and tragedy of 9 11 is its early set up and recounts how Ronnie Wilson took the opportunity to fake his own death and leave all his trouble behind to rebuild a new life On the other side of the pond, the body of a young woman is found in a storm drain in [...]

  6. Mark Harrison

    Such a good start to this book Murders in Australia and Brighton, a man caught up in the Twin Towers and a girl relentlessly hunted by a psycho through the streets Grace has his work cut out and has a rouge officer trying to bring him down Rather falls away at the end by being predictable and a bit shallow Could have been a five star but fizzled out Shame.

  7. comfort

    I just love this guy, and am a bit in love with Roy Grace as well.There is not too much about Roy and Cleo s affair in this book, though maybe the seeds of trouble ahead have been sown, which is a bit sad Hope I am reading too much into a throw away line.This is a long, multi layered story starting with a scared girl caught in a lift, then jumping back to 9 11 and an Englishman caught in the very hub of the disaster Jumping back to the present day when a skeleton is found in a tunnel and the tur [...]

  8. Sandra

    I love this series This novel is hard to describe in a few words, it s all complicated and messy in a good way Ronnie disappears, later thought to have died in 9 11 Abby is stuck in an elevator for almost a whole day A body is found in a drainage sewer Another body is found in Austalia What is the connection This is what makes this story interesting, trying to figure out all of the possible ways that these people all connect This story was as interesting and intriguing as the last three I though [...]

  9. Tory Wagner

    Another great addition to the Roy Grace series In this outing Roy is involved with a case that has it s antecedents in the 9 11 tragedy in NYC There are poignant flashbacks to this event and Roy and his detectives must travel to Australia and New York City to track down the culprits of a series of thefts and murders At the end of the story, there is a brief hint about Roy s missing wife, Sandy Can t wait to read the next installment

  10. Carey Combe

    This series has never disappointed yet and at least the blurb on the back didn t give the whole plot away I am really enjoying the development of the characters, believable and it makes a nice change that the lead character has a normal home life albeit with an unexplained mystery in his past that he isn t an alcoholic and enjoys a satisfying sex life great story too

  11. Linda

    The next in the successful Roy Grace series, and this one returns to a similar plot style as Dead Simple.A man chooses September 11th to disappear and we follow two parallel stories from 2001 and 2007 With lots of connecting sub plots and characters and twists and turns as a good crime novel should have.

  12. Lisa

    His books seem to get better and better Loved the twist and turns in this book and the last chapter wow

  13. Paula Dembeck

    This fourth book is another strong entry in the Roy Grace series, an installment that focuses less on Grace and his personal life and allows James an opportunity to explore the secondary characters and the supporting cast in greater depth It is also a thick book which includes over 400 pages, but the chapters are short and the novel s pace ensures the pages fly by quickly James creates a carefully constructed plot from four separate storylines The narratives evolve from different time periods an [...]

  14. Olivermagnus

    British con man Ronnie Wilson is in New York for a critical meeting at the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001 As the towers collapse, his shock turns to fury How could this be happening to him on the day his ship was finally going to come in As he gets drunk and rages a moment of inspiration occurs to him Moving forward to 2007 Abby Dawson is in the final stages of a plan that will set her up for the rest of her life when she gets stuck in her apartment elevator The next few [...]

  15. BookScout

    Never having read any of the Grace novels before I picked this up and began reading it even though it is the fourth of a series I was seriously hooked from the beginning, and the narrative was pacey and thrilling enough to keep me hooked right to the final gobsmacking sentence.Even though we knew who was reponsible for the murders before the conclusion, the excitement of the chase and watching the plot unfold was where this book s entertainment lay The device of using different temporal viewpoin [...]

  16. Ian Mapp

    Chosen Book 4 in a series.And the best yet He has done it again, written a police procedural that make you want to race through.This time, there are at least four seperate stories that all converge into the same investigation.A woman that could be sandy is found in a storm drain.Anna is trapped in a lift, having run from someone and living in secret.A car is found in Australia with a dead woman in the boot.Ronnie is in America on Sept 11 2001, trying to do a deal to save his business and using t [...]

  17. Steve Cann

    Dead Man s Footsteps is another solid entry in the excellent Roy Grace Detective series, certainly lives up to the quality of its predecessors.It cleverly uses the horrifying events of 9 11 as a backdrop introducing a character en route to a meeting at one of the doomed towers on that tragic morning , then switches back forth to seemingly unrelated events back in Brighton but set several years later.Unlike the books that precede it, this time we don t get to witness an actual murder as such but [...]

  18. Betty

    A challenging book as it has about five different plots going on for 2 3rds of the book, so you keep flipping from one to the other If you miss a day or two you really have to concentrate on where you are up to with the different characters and events Other than that it was very interesting.

  19. Karen

    Several story lines, all seemingly unrelated, come together at the end of the book Kept me guessing at times, and came together very well I am very much enjoying this series

  20. Paul Wardman

    More like 3.5 out of 5 Half stars on here would be helpful at times.There were plenty of good things that happened in this book, most the notably the detailed account of what it must have been like to be in New York on 9 11 was handled really well If Peter James wasn t there then he either did his research or really is that good at painting a scene and making it feel real The previous books in the series have felt to me at least to be very character driven and the crime was just going on as well [...]

  21. Sandrine Carloni

    Si vous aimez les histoires complexes, ce Peter James va vous plaire Cette enqu te de Roy Gr ce nous fait voyager de Brighton New York en passant par Melbourne, Australie Ce polar est d routant, un vrai puzzle qui fait sens dans les 150 derni res pages Le suspens met un peu de temps s installer mais une fois pris dans ces multiples aventures, vous ne pourrez plus poser le livre Quant la fin Quelle surprise

  22. Dane Cobain

    At first, I wasn t sure whether I was going to be able to get into this After all, I d just finished reading another lengthy crime novel, and while I am a pretty big fan of Peter James writing, I wasn t as immediately sold on the concept here as I was with some of James other Roy Grace books.It turns out that I shouldn t have worried It s true that the story line got a little confusing from time to time, especially because it jumped backwards and forwards in time and focused on a number of diffe [...]

  23. Dine Danne

    Zum Inhalt m chte ich nicht viel schreiben, aus Angst, ich k nnte dadurch zu viel oder etwas wichtiges verraten.Soviel sei aber gesagt Es tauchen zwei Leichen an verschiedenen Enden der Erde auf, die mit einem Opfer vom 11 September 2001 und einer Briefmarkensammlung zusammenh ngen, die einige Millionen Pfund wert ist.Wie das alles miteinander verkn pft ist und was dabei herauskommt, sollte jeder f r sich selbst herausfinden.Peter James l sst verschiedene Handlungsstr nge parallel ablaufen, so d [...]

  24. Arfi

    Another brilliant of Roy Grace novel.The novel is basically covering two time frame, where the case was opened and continued being investigated, i.e October 2007, and September 2001.Started with Abby Dawson aka Katherine Jennings or Sarah Smith who trapped in a broken lift, which I believe was damaged purposely by Richard Skegg aka Ricky or Chad Skegg , the story goes back and forth from October 2007 to the current time frame Then we are introduced to the stamps dealing business, which can rich [...]

  25. Book Addict Shaun

    OH MY GOD THAT ENDING Review later.Review If I didn t have the next installment in the Roy Grace series checked out from the library and ready to read I would be seriously annoyed right now That ending had my eyes popping out of my head I cannot believe I left years between reading Roy Grace 2 and 3, I then went straight onto 4 and cannot wait to get started with 5.James is a fantastic writer, I loved the way this book kept alternating between various characters, leaving the reader wondering whe [...]

  26. LJ

    DEAD MAN S FOOTSTEPS Police Proc DS Roy Grace England NYC Australia Cont VGJames, Peter 4th in seriesMacmillan, 2008, UK Hardcover ISBN 9781405092043First Sentence If Ronnie Wilson had known, as he woke up, that in just a couple of hours he would be dead,, he would have planned his day somewhat differently.Perpetually failed businessman Ronnie Wilson happens to be in New York City on September 11, 2001 Rather than seeing the tragedy around him, he sees it as a way to disappear from his past In p [...]

  27. Mark Farley

    The fourth in the Roy Grace series, this is a cracking little wedge of a book and a great page turner I had been meaning to get around to starting this series, after I had the pleasure of getting to know Peter after doing a number of events at a central London bookshop I worked in and I really wish I started earlier Police crime etc is not really my sort of read but out of loyalty I gave it a go and surprised myself and everyone around me when I couldnt put it down In this book, Peter looks agai [...]

  28. Lynda Kelly

    Loved the story but it s full of Americanisms which I just don t understand when it s an English book What s that all about The whole way through as well, annoyingly.I was really aggravated by this and docked a star for it Words like fantasized,economize, womanizer, they bastardised not bastardized With those and some words that lost spaces such as Thisfirst sectionwas or holdinguphand made or hepointed.Then there were rogue hyphens thrown in here and there Spi nella and Holling b [...]

  29. Annabel

    Peter James is one of the most talented crime writers there is His Roy Grace series are some of the best in the genre and so popular The Dead Roy Grace books are all similar in their style and plots short, punchy chapters, and fast paced action They all draw you in quickly and are very readable The reliable and consistent references to local landmarks make imagery strong and readers all have the same images in their head I think these traits mean the books could make great films.If anything, the [...]

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