Shimmer (2020)

Shimmer Kailin Gow Shimmer In the small charming resort town known as Wicked MA lies an age old secret Newcomer Briony Patterson who has recently lost her parents and younger brother will soon to find out what it is
  • Title: Shimmer
  • Author: Kailin Gow
  • ISBN: 9781597486323
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
Shimmer Kailin Gow In the small charming resort town known as Wicked, MA, lies an age old secret Newcomer Briony Patterson, who has recently lost her parents and younger brother, will soon to find out what it is
Shimmer Kailin Gow

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    430 Kailin Gow
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One thought on “Shimmer

  1. Brittany

    Wow I am loving this series so far The ending was quite unexpected and left me shocked Someone has betrayed the slayers society and I am floored Throughout this book there are many complications with the war between humans, vampires, and werewolves going on Also, for Briony as well who is doing so much But all she wants is to live a somewhat still normal life and I feel sorry for her She has got to be so stressed with school, being in a play, doing her slayer duties, working at the diner, and al [...]

  2. Tanya

    Shimmer Wicked Woods series book 2 Beware the woods Shadows lurk and disappear Howls and teeth abound in the night Nothing is what it seems Briony , a slayer in training , is still caught up in a love triangle The sensitive vampire Fallon and his muscle bound werewolf brother Kevin are still vying for Briony attentions.Tensions escalate between the vampire s and werewolf groups , a battle ensues Trusted relationships will be broken in this book It seems Aunt Sophie has a secret hmmm What could i [...]

  3. Susan

    Shimmer is the second book in the new YA paranormal romance series Wicked Woods by Kailin Gow What a follow up to an addicting new series Everything goes wrong for the Preservation Society, and Briony becomes the target of the most powerful evil in Wicked Woods She finds out what happens to her family which causes her to question her destiny and obligation to Aunt Sophie Lots of twists and turns, Briony s love life heats up, too between the Dante Brothers, Fallon and Kevin Now I m completely Tea [...]

  4. Brooke Kang

    Shimmer is the action packed and heated romantic follow up to Wicked Woods So much happens in this second book, with twists and turns, amazing new characters and new discoveries Briony discovers what happens to her family Her relationship with one of the brothers gets sizzling hot Not graphic, though, but Gow knows how to bring on the heat and still keep it mature teen YA What an ending Shimmer is a must read.

  5. Jodie

    The second in the Wicked Woods series and just as fabulous as the first Action packed and very heated, I couldn t put it down With Kevin and Fallon brooding with each other and lusting over Briony it definitely makes things interesting Briony finally learns the truth about her family from her brother, and an ending you definitely won t see coming

  6. Esther

    Dropped this series because it lacked depth Loved the idea and world seemed interesting but was not very logical The general story was likable but I had a hard time being drawn in Events and decisions made by the characters didn t make sense Hated the love triangle and Briony seemed to switch in seconds with no reason and no emotion Came across as unlikable Emotions switched from one extreme to another and then all of a sudden didn t matter Previous horrible acts are suddenly forgiven It didn t [...]

  7. Laura's Book Addiction

    Shimmer is a fantastic follow up to wicked woods and was so glad that both good released at the same time Shimmer picks up stright off from where wicked woods finished The action starts stright away and is non stop til the end It just pulls you in from the 1st page and held me til the last page Briony is still an amazing chacater I can t wait to see what the happens for her in silver the 3rd book as the ending of the this book hints at what briony could be capable off and makes for a promising 3 [...]

  8. Brittany

    Shimmer is the part two to the spine tingling 1st book Wicked Woods by Kalin Gow.And the story immediately picks Up right where the last one left off with alot of the same characters which is something I did like about the story, However there was alot of things that I didn t,1 The story was a slow starter Meaning to say that the main parts didn t really pick up until the middle of the book 2 The love triangle thing between Kevin amp Fallen amp Briony in my opinion is just unnecessary The story [...]

  9. Sandra Pulliam

    I m sad to say book two was not nearly as good as the first book I think what really bothered me was one this love triangle So over the same love triangle situations Girl Vampire Werewolf BORING I also was a little confused with the timeline She made it seem like they had been hiding out for weeks when actually it ended up being over night Same thing when they were at the werewolf kings place I think maybe my mind was on other things so maybe I missed something and it just wasn t gripping enough [...]

  10. Dominus~

    It was a better one but I don t like how the way they just killed Briony s parents like its nothing Jake is weird but cool I like the surprise with Aunt Sophie and Pierta Pietra What s the name Maybe I ll just call him Vamp King since there s the Wolf King Another thing I don t like is how Briony kisses Kevin and Fallon like she owns both of them, it s frigging weird Then I think the author likes Kevin better because she almost always takes Fallon out of the picture You ll certainly think that K [...]

  11. Dana

    Briony, Kevin and Fallon ahh the love triangle not to mentiont he distinct lack of brotherly love between Kevin and Fallon And Briony what will she do Now here your guess is as good as mine.The all manage to escape Peitre then split up Kevin with Briony and Fallon drawing the other vampires away.Things heat up between Kevin and Briony will the pull back before the edge of no returnWe also see a return of Briony s family at least in part.We discover Aunt Sophie s secret what she s hidden from Bri [...]

  12. Hope York

    The book starts off right at the cliff hanger of the first book When reading a series this is awesome, when the whole series is already out I hate waiting The characters develop a lot in Shimmer The second book caught my attention and I will be reading the third for sure The story is very good maybe a little rushed at times but worth the 4.99 spent on the Kindle version.

  13. S.M.

    This storyline picks up the pace and launches the readers into a delightful twist The wolves and the hunters learn to work together and we get to see a bit into the relationship involving Aunt Sophie and Vampire Pietre Can t wait to see what s so special about Briony Patterson Looking forward to Silver in July.

  14. Tiffany

    The love triangle is still going, but not as strong in this book A couple of secrets are unleashed in this story especially with the cliffhanger ending, but I guarantee there are several to come.

  15. Amber

    This book was better than the first one Still some cheesy lines here and there But with the cliff hanger at the end, I am eagerly anticipating the next book

  16. Shannon

    So far these books keep ending as total cliff hangers Glad I got the first three to start so I don t have to sit thinking about the next one

  17. Amanda

    I read this one since I couldn t sleep last night The end actually was interesting I just might read the next when when it comes out this summer just to see what happens.

  18. Meikstr

    After this oneI will NEVER read another kaitlin gow book.I need actual realistic depth in my books.Jeeze Is that so much to ask I mean that s why authors write Right

  19. Brad Sells

    While I liked it, I didn t like it as much as Wicked Woods At least we got to see of Wicked.Look for my full review soon

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