The Winds of Heaven (2020)

The Winds of Heaven Monica Dickens A.S. Byatt The Winds of Heaven The Winds of Heaven is a novel about a widow rising sixty with no particular gifts or skills shunted from one to the other of her or less unwilling daughters on perpetual uneasy visits with n
  • Title: The Winds of Heaven
  • Author: Monica Dickens A.S. Byatt
  • ISBN: 9781903155806
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
The Winds of Heaven Monica Dickens A.S. Byatt The Winds of Heaven is a 1955 novel about a widow, rising sixty, with no particular gifts or skills, shunted from one to the other of her or less unwilling daughters on perpetual uneasy visits, with no prospect of her life getting anything but worse Afterword One daughter is the socially ambitious Miriam living in commuter belt with her barrister husband and chilThe Winds of Heaven is a 1955 novel about a widow, rising sixty, with no particular gifts or skills, shunted from one to the other of her or less unwilling daughters on perpetual uneasy visits, with no prospect of her life getting anything but worse Afterword One daughter is the socially ambitious Miriam living in commuter belt with her barrister husband and children one is Eva, an aspiring actress in love with a married man and the third is Anne, married to a rough but kindly Bedfordshire smallholder who is the only one who treats Louise with than merely dutiful sympathy The one relation with whom she has any empathy is her grandchild.
The Winds of Heaven Monica Dickens A.S. Byatt

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    225 Monica Dickens A.S. Byatt
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One thought on “The Winds of Heaven

  1. Helene Jeppesen

    4.5 5 stars Monica Dickens seems to be able to do no wrong, in my eyes She s the author of my favourite read classic of 2016 Mariana , she writes amazing characters and The Winds of Heaven is no exception With this book, you can t help but feel sorry for the poor widow Louise whose life seems to be spent between her ungrateful daughters, none of them willing to take her in and care for her At times I was frustrated with Louise for not being Independent, but mostly I was frustrated with her daug [...]

  2. Dorcas

    Such a difficult book to rate The writing is good, reminding me of my favorites Margaret Kennedy and Dorothy Evelyn Smith But I hesitate to give this five stars us because of the extremely unlikable characters The reader longs for some human kindness but although it s there, it is dealt out so sparingly that I doubt I will ever re read it Lovers of pink warm fuzzies look elsewhere.The story follows a middle aged widow who is left destitute after her rat bag husband dies Without money or skills s [...]

  3. Fiona MacDonald

    I found this an absolutely astounding book The astounding thing was that I adored it, despite hating ALL but one of the characters Louise s granddaughter Ellen I particularly despised Louise, the lead character and most irritating, idiotic and pathetic creature I have come across in literature She was topped off by her 3 daughters, Miriam, Eva and Anne who all had their own infuriating traits as they passed their mother backwards and forwards to each other, moaning and complaining as they did so [...]

  4. Jane

    When the winds of heaven blow, men are inclined to throw back their heads like horses, and stride ruggedly into the gusts, pretending to be much healthier than they really are but women tend to creep about, shrunk into their clothes and clutching miserably at their hats and hair Louise Bickford had felt the force of the wind of heaven In her early fifties in the early fifties, she found herself widowed, penniless and homeless after the death of her brutish husband.Her daughters, three very diffe [...]

  5. Ali

    Another winner from the marvelous Persephone books, number 90 from their list The second Monica Dickens they have re published.The Winds of Heaven is a beautifully constructed novel Louise is a widow forced by financial hardship to depend on her grown up daughters to home her for half the year, while she winters at a friend s hotel the rest of the time Her daughters are each selfish, and difficult, in different ways and Louise is never able to feel at home, or properly useful where ever she goes [...]

  6. Jane

    This is a book I could not put down It is about so many things what it is like to grow old and dependent what it is like to have spunk despite numerous personal disappointments how you can be too soft and giving and not assert yourself on the other hand how your good heart can lead you to new delights It is also about how we find kindred spirits where we often least expect to find them and how we can be disappointed in those closest to us Like books from the 50 s, the plot s resolution will seem [...]

  7. Margaret

    Louise s husband has recently died, leaving her nearly destitute and having to cast herself on the tender mercies of her three daughters, with whom she lives turn and turn about Unfortunately, none of the daughters really wants Louise, though they feel morally obliged to have her, and so she feels that she doesn t belong anywhere Although I appreciated Dickens deft and sympathetic characterization and very readable writing, the plot slogged a bit and wound up in a rather melodramatic way.

  8. Elena T.

    Le edizioni Astoria sono sempre garanzia di un libro spumeggiante, spiritoso, umano, disimpegnato ma non frivolo Cos Quando soffia il vento di Monica Dickens proprio parente s , pronipote del pi famoso Charles , un romanzo divertente, affabulatore, che ho praticamente iniziato e finito nelle quasi cinque ore di attesa dal dottore, ieri pomeriggio.Siamo nella Londra degli anni 50, un po vessata dalla guerra ma pronta a rialzarsi, un po snob come si conf a dei veri inglesi, dove una donna che lavo [...]

  9. Lyana Rodriguez

    I m not sure if I can put my finger on what made this read so enjoyable Certainly, the heroine, Louise Bickford, was charming, and I kept feeling sorrier as her life kept winding down Her daughters were certainly wonderfully awful with stuck up Miriam and busy Eva Louise s love interest, Gordon Disher, was also a fun character to read And of course, there s young Ellen who really seems to have the worst lot I suppose the only characters I disliked reading about were Anne and Frank as they were t [...]

  10. Caroline

    Just ugh Can t remember when I ve last read a book with such a host of unlikeable characters Worlds wimpiest protagonist in Louise, three vile snobby daughters among host of others I don t understand why people get nostalgic about this period Women really did get a rough deal, we take so much for granted these days.

  11. Katrina

    This is a good read which captures 1950s south of England society within a family, self obsessed offspring, social climbing and snobbery That sounds terrible I know, but it is enjoyable.

  12. Linden

    Fiftyish widow is left to the charity of her three selfish daughters I just loved this book Funny and sad and a joy to read A Persephone Book.

  13. Beth Bonini

    During the school term, I rarely find time to read adult books I m always conscious of the huge stack of children s books that I need to read and the never ending lesson plans which need to be written.I bought this book at the Persephone store in London a birthday present to myself and I read it in one sitting on a cold, wet January day It felt like a necessary indulgence at the time, and there was something hugely emotionally satisfying about it The characters felt so real, particularly the mai [...]

  14. SarahC

    Monica Dickens wrote notable novels, particularly examining the quiet struggles of women in the earlier part of the 20th century The Winds of Heaven details the troubled, mid century life of widowed Louise Bickford, left impoverished by a neglectful, egoist late husband Her three adult daughters unfortunately are carrying on the theme of their deceased father s life by deriding, snubbing, and generally underestimating Louise in all ways It is a truthful novel, but tiring in that these stereotypi [...]

  15. Rosemary

    Louise is a widow with three grown up daughters, left with so little money that she has nowhere to live and has to stay with her daughters in turns None of the daughters are particularly happy in their lives and none of them really want her The family members that Louise gets on with best are a young granddaughter and one of her sons in law By chance she meets and becomes friends with a man of a lower class who writes trashy thrillers But the heart of the novel is her relationships with her daug [...]

  16. Susan

    Loved it Charming The eye into various aspects of English life post WWII were wonderful The digs into suburban village were right on.Persephone picked a winner in this one Interesting to note which you get from the little essay by Byatt at the back is that Monica Dickens is a Dickens great granddaughter.

  17. Sue

    This was a very good read Published ages ago in the 50 s actually, not that long ago The widow mother of 3 daughters, who is left penniless and is passed on to each daughter during the year A very unpleasant situation for all Will Louise ever find happiness or will she be a burden to everyone and herself

  18. Alexis

    I was surprised by the ending of this book I didn t quite understand how the action reached the point of the fire, and I thought that the marriage with Gordon Disher was very sudden I had hoped that Louise would become independent, and she definitely showed signs of it as the novel progressed, but then it turned out to be a book of it s generation in that the woman got married at it s close I couldn t tell if perhaps Monica Dickens had intended this one as a sort of satire on a traditional come [...]

  19. Susan

    This story about a widowed grandmother who has been left poverty stricken by her feckless husband is heartfelt and insightful Her situation is such that she relies on her three daughters to keep her through the summer, rotating between them and developing a bond with her eldest granddaughter In the winter she boards with an old friend who runs a hotel The story revolves around her efforts to survive poor and tolerated by her daughters, who really want to get on with their lives and not have to w [...]

  20. Chrystal

    I really enjoyed this lovely story of a penniless widow who has to live with her 3 daughters, being passed from one to another while they complain about having her on their hands The only person who understands her and enjoys her company is her misfit granddaughter Monica Dickens had a gift for describing people in simple, uncomplicated ways.

  21. Julie

    An odd, yet riveting book Louise is left a widow at age 58 Although relieved by the death of her awful husband, she finds he has left her with no money She must make due by switching between the households of her three grown daughters, and an old friend who runs a run down resort Although broke, Louise plods on we see the broken inner family lives of her daughters A very odd turn at the end almost ruined this book for me.

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