Murder on Astor Place (2020)

Murder on Astor Place Victoria Thompson Murder on Astor Place As a midwife in the turn of the century tenements of New York City Sarah Brandt has seen birth and death suffering and joy Now she is about to take part in something unusual in the crime ridden stre
  • Title: Murder on Astor Place
  • Author: Victoria Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781440673405
  • Page: 270
  • Format: ebook
Murder on Astor Place Victoria Thompson As a midwife in the turn of the century tenements of New York City, Sarah Brandt has seen birth and death, suffering and joy Now she is about to take part in something unusual in the crime ridden streets of the teeming city a search for justice
Murder on Astor Place Victoria Thompson

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    270 Victoria Thompson
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One thought on “Murder on Astor Place

  1. Jonetta

    Widow Sarah Brandt is a midwife in 1896 New York City, which is unusual in that she was well born but is estranged from her wealthy family When she is called to attend to a woman in labor, she recognizes one of the young boarders in the home When that girl is discovered murdered two days later, she becomes involved in the investigation with the prickly New York Police Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy.I was hoping to find another historical fiction mystery series to sink into and have found it in [...]

  2. Phrynne

    I guessed this series would be a good one for me historical mystery is always my thing and here we have Maisie Dobb s American cousin joking detecting her way around New York instead of London Our main character, Sarah Brandt, is a daughter of one of New York s top families, but is estranged for marrying beneath her and now works as a midwife She has a hankering for detective work and when she meets Frank Molloy, a real police detective, she gets a chance to try it for real This book sets up the [...]

  3. Diane

    I am a big fan of Jacqueline Winspear s Maisie Dobbs series, about a female private investigator psychologist in post WWI London, having read all of the books Chelsea Clinton is also a fan, posting on Facebook about her memories of reading the books with her grandmother Chelsea asked if anyone had recommendations for books like Maisie, and someone posted about Victoria Thompson s Gaslight Mystery series, about Sarah Brandt, a midwife living in New York City around the turn of the 20th century.I [...]

  4. Linda

    Sarah Brandt, a widow, ex socialite and midwife, was drawn into a murder mystery when she glimpsed a young lady she thought she knew in the wrong place at the wrong time She went head to head with the commoner Sergeant Detective Frank Mallory when he arrived at the scene of the crime Over a period of weeks these two morph into a most unusual friendship if I can use that word loosely He doesn t appreciate her interference and she does not care for his bossiness yet they help each other.I enjoyed [...]

  5. Mary Beth

    I loved it It is a historical mystery and its a page turner The story is really good straight from the beginning to the end I loved the characters Its an excellent story.

  6. Susanna - Censored by GoodReads

    Setting intriguing.Writing pedestrian.Word Choices occasionally extremely ahistorical.For a further review susannagoklikes post 67.

  7. Kristen

    This book had a number of things I usually like, but I just couldn t get into it and did not finish this one.I usually like 1800 s New York, I like strong female characters and I like people who fight against social structures that are stupid or unfair This book had all of these, so I m not entirely sure why it didn t grab me.I did find the way Sarah just barged right back into the social strata that she had previously rejected somewhat implausible I also felt like the way she went about trying [...]

  8. ⓐⓥⓡⓔⓔ ☞ The Bookish Blonde

    NOW THIS IS MY KIND OF FICTION Admittedly, I don t dabble in much fiction as I m the kind of reader who typically reads for erudition and prefers non fiction and textbooks But if a fictional story can also teach me interesting facts and history then sign me up I also like how I ve been learning a lot about turn of the century NY and the Gilded Age and this story put into practice some of the surroundings, customs, and history of the time that I ve learned about and weaves it into context I enjoy [...]

  9. Allison

    I ve been needing another historical mystery series to add to my bag, and I believe I ve found one in the Gaslight Mysteries Murder on Astor Place is a solid start to a series set in early 20th Century New York As usual with this type of mystery, getting to know and liking the sleuth and their world is the most important part Here, the amateur sleuth is a midwife, but we discover that Sarah s social background is not cut and dry, and the reasons why she became a midwife add a lot of depth to her [...]

  10. Melisa

    Aside from one of the main characters having the same name as an ex boyfriend eep which became a slight annoyance after reading it on over 200 pages, I thoroughly enjoyed this book I love reading about the Victorian times to learn about the period, and this was a very well researched book The reveal was kind of disturbing but I have to admit I didn t see it coming I m looking forward to reading the other books in this series to see where it takes the main characters, both of which I became fond [...]

  11. Robin

    Widow Sarah Brandt is a midwife in late 19th century New York City When she is called out to Astor Place to attend Mrs Higgins at the Higgins Boardinghouse, she believes she recognizes one of the boarders The girls looks just like her old friend Mina when she was the same age When Sarah goes back to the boardinghouse two days later to check on the mother and child, she finds that the girl has been murdered Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy has been sent to investigate He has ambitions to move up i [...]

  12. Lauren

    Murder on Astor Place4 StarsAs a midwife, Sarah Brandt is no stranger to the struggles of life and death However, after attending a routine birth at a boarding house, Sarah is shocked to learn not only that one of the other guests has been murdered, but that the young woman is someone she knows When the girl s prominent family refuses to permit an investigation and the police appear to be just as disinclined, Sarah takes it upon herself to discover the truth.A good mystery, but it is the dynamic [...]

  13. Gary Sundell

    Sarah Brandt, a New York City midwife gets pulled into a murder case being investigated by Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy of the NYC police department The book is set in the late 1890s A reformer named Teddy Roosevelt is the new Police Commissioner attempting to clean up the corruption in the department and the vice in the city Teddy is frequently referred to during the story The dead girl is the youngest daughter of a rich NYC family What was she doing staying in a boarding house Who killed he [...]

  14. Judy

    An interesting protagonist, Sarah Brandt, born into a powerful, rich New York family in the 1900s She defied her family and married out of her class Now, a widow, who is a midwife become involved with the murder of the daughter of another rich family Sarah is a strong character who holds her own as she tries to find the truth of this case She also must battle NY detective, Frank Malloy, who is working the murder Their clash and ultimate cooperation makes for interesting plot I give this 3.5 star [...]

  15. Jamie

    A fairly competent little gas light thriller set in Victorian era New York.While not exactly a memorable entry in the genre in wasn t so bad that I couldn t finish itI guess that s a recommendation of sorts While it was relatively inoffensive it wasn t good enough that I feel I have to read the rest of the series Part of it may be that I ve read some really excellent books lately and compared to them it just doesn t quite measure up.

  16. Heather

    3.5 almost a 4 very cozyIt was a nice respite for me as I usually prefer darker, gritty, complex psychological serial killer type books But it was an easy read, clean and quick, with likable characters.

  17. Irrlicht

    I really loved the fact that this series takes place in New York, instead of in London like in most of these kinds of books I loved the two main characters, I loved the dialogues, I loved the atmosphere, I loved the plot Seriously, it couldn t get any better than that I read the first four books of this series in German as well as in English and I can only recommend that everybody, who s even a little bit capable of the English language, is better going to read these books in English IF they re [...]

  18. AM

    A bit of a disappointment, although I should have realized from the beginning that there was no way this book could compare to the likes of Caleb Carr Sort of a cheap imitation.It was a good vacation read, easy to digest and not very deep at all There was a serious lack of detail which I had been looking forward to Instead of explaining the vast differences in the classes, the author just keeps repeating the fact that there WERE differences Of course there were differences Tell me about them Ma [...]

  19. Piyangie

    This is the beginning of the journey of the unconventional detective couple in late 19th century New York Sarah Brandt and Sergeant Malloy who entertain different views on life, society and justice are thrown together to unveil the mysterious death of a young girl And in the course of solving the mystery and bringing the culprit to justice, Sarah and Malloy lean to understand and respect the views of each other.Despite the simplicity in the story, the author paints a picture of the lives of rich [...]

  20. Ann Rufo

    I started this series because it had all of my weaknesses a cozyish mystery story, a confident and competent female lead character, and a Victorian era setting I have since been blowing through this series, from this, the first book, all the way, some 15 books later, to the end They are wonderfully devoured like particularly good cake with atypically complicated taste combinations like cayenne and chocolate cake or carrot ginger scones Set at the turn of the century in New York, a midwife from a [...]

  21. Kate

    Four stars worth of love for the idea a born wealthy but disowned widow works as a midwife and comes across a girl who looks like an old school acquaintance The girl is murdered and our heroine Sarah is drawn into the investigation by our police detective hero Frank Characterization is a little flat but the history is very interesting, especially because we re firmly in VictorianNew York City Some overdone coincidences and a definitely predictable creepyfactor ending but overall I can t wait to [...]

  22. Mark Baker

    Midwife Sarah Brandt is returning to visit a mother and newborn when she learns there has been a death at the home A boarder was strangled during the night, and it turns out this is the younger sister of someone she knew years ago Determined to see justice done, Sarah teams up with the very reluctant Frank Malloy, the detective assigned to the case, to find the killer.This book really does feature two detectives as both Sarah and Frank are active contributers to seeing justice done The hopping b [...]

  23. Yune

    I m trying to branch into mysteries This is not the direction to go in.A midwife gets caught up in a murder of good breeding, she s now a working woman, and the discovery that the victim too was of a well to do family, but that the crime will be hushed up to preserve their reputation draws her in.Lots of family sordidness although dealt with in a non sordid manner, if that makes sense some authors revel in that sort of thing but here Thompson makes it clear that the people who were involved are [...]

  24. Dagny

    Loved this book Looks like a new series for me to read Thank you to everyone who recommended it Set in the 1890s in New York City The wonderful descriptions entranced me immediately and it wasn t long until I was fond of the two main characters Local color and gentle humor in addition to great plot.

  25. The Lit Bitch

    3.5 starsMy mom has been after me for years to read this book series She has repeatedly send me copies of this book via inter district mail on a regular basis and then constantly asks me when I am going to start reading it.The series has also continued to pop up on my recommended books page as well, so yes I had this book series on my TBR list for quite some time I love all things gaslight and was excited when an opportunity arose that I could start it now rather than someday.Mother dear, AKA my [...]

  26. Rebekah

    I understand the bad reviews for this one amongst many who enjoy cozy mysteries The author pulls somewhat of a bait and switch on the reader It starts out with the trappings of a cozy likable female amateur crime solver aided by a man little or no onscreen violence, the hint of romance and promise of a relationship, and neighborhood based Most of all, the voice of the author is light and breezy despite the grim happenings The tone is very discordant, and encourages the reader to persevere throug [...]

  27. Charlene

    This book took a while longer for me to read than I expected it was a long time building the story.A midwife in Victorian New York sees a young girl who looks like a former friend, from when she was in the upper crust of society Now a doctor s widow, a nurse and midwife, she is an outsider to her family of origin.As she is visiting a mother and baby the day after delivery, she comes across a crusty, possibly corrupt police detective who is investigating the young blonde The two characters wind u [...]

  28. QNPoohBear

    Sarah Brandt, widow and midwife is called out one night to a routine birth at a boarding house in Astor Place She s surprised to catch a brief glimpse of a girl who looks remarkably like someone she once knew Detective Sargent Frank Malloy is called out to the very safe boarding house the next day to investigate a murder He has little hope of finding out who killed the girl but if he solves the case, he could get a promotion without having to bribe someone Despite reforms by Police Commissioner [...]

  29. Ceki

    My 1000th read book And a lovely one at that Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all the best in 2018 This historical mystery surprised me in a good way I really enjoyed the crime solving and the setting but what surprised me the most is how the characters were developed they were real, not perfect One woman couldn t change the world She could just make small parts of it better Sarah Brandt and Frank Malloy are people with sad pasts and big burdens to carry I can t say because I would spoil eve [...]

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