Appalachian Justice (2020)

Appalachian Justice Melinda Clayton Appalachian Justice Billy May Platte learned the hard way that s West Virginia was no place to be gay As Billy May explains We was sheltered in them hills We didn t know much of nothin about life outside of them mou
  • Title: Appalachian Justice
  • Author: Melinda Clayton
  • ISBN: 2940011117077
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Nook
Appalachian Justice Melinda Clayton Billy May Platte learned the hard way that 1940s West Virginia was no place to be gay As Billy May explains, We was sheltered in them hills We didn t know much of nothin about life outside of them mountains I did not know the word lesbian to us, gay meant havin fun and queer meant somethin strange The coal mining town of Cedar Hollow would never be the same.
Appalachian Justice Melinda Clayton

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    449 Melinda Clayton
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One thought on “Appalachian Justice

  1. jo

    this is an extremely compelling story, written multi vocally though all in the third person and nicely unfortunately, i am the kind of reader for whom story is not that important what s really important to me is rich, original language and a certain quality of depth this book is all story the language is fine but not mind blowing and the characters are just characters in a story, with only the complexity required for the story to work so while this is a worthy book, it isn t quite for me.

  2. Al

    Appalachian Justice is a story about being different, experiencing intolerance and abuse, while still remaining true to oneself And ultimately, it is also a story of love, courage, and redemption Books with a story this powerful are a rarity.A large portion of the book is narrated by Billy May, the main character, and it is done the way she would talk She isn t highly educated and is far from well spoken I found this disconcerting in the beginning Part way through the first chapter when I read t [...]

  3. Tracy Riva

    Appalachian Justiceby Melinda Claytoncopyright 2010 by Melinda Clayton, published by Vanilla Heart Publishing, print edition ISBN 978 1 935407 92 8, print edition 245 pgs 14.95, eBook AISN B00466HSEK, 4.99 from or Barnes and NobleRarely has a character stuck in my head the way Billy May Platte of Appalachian Justice has Melinda Clayton does such a rich job with the character you can hear her speaking plain as day by the end of her first chapter and her voices resonates long after she leaves the [...]

  4. Tracy R. Franklin

    Amazing Absolutely amazing This book is a tale of love and resilience and healing, and you will fall in love not only with Billy May, but with so many of the townspeople It s been a long, long time since I ve read a book with characters that became so real to me.

  5. Shannon Yarbrough

    It s not often that I read a book that stays with me By staying with me I mean I think about it and the characters long after finishing the last page I can recall the events that took place, and often every character s name, as if they were real pages from my own life story and real people that I know and love A book like this is usually one that I consistently suggest to other readers that I know will appreciate it as much as I did Appalachian Justice by Melinda Clayton is one of these books.Cl [...]

  6. TC

    Billy May Platt is the daughter of an Irish father and a Cherokee mother, and with that background living in a small town in West Virginia in the 1940s already presents difficulties When she s 14 a group of boys launch a terrible attack on her, having witnessed a scene that drew her sexuality into question, and orphan Billy May retreats into the wilderness shunning her former friends Thirty years later Billy May discovers the daughter of one of her attackers hiding out in the mountains where she [...]

  7. A Book Vacation

    I really enjoyed this novel Though it deals with sexual abuse and I tend to shy away from novels with this topic, the premise and the delicacy with which Clayton treats it made the story an enticing must read It s extremely well written, jumping between the past and present, following the lives of different characters as everything unfolds It draws the reader in from the very beginning as the mystery surrounding Billy May s life is presented, and I found it to be impossible to put down.I loved t [...]

  8. Beth Moore

    Just started this one Found it by accident on and the reviews are great Also the reader reviews are 5 star as well So here goesWelped this great book as I was house dog cat sitting for a family Loved, loved, loved this book Where do I start First off, the setting is a small coal mining town in West Virginia and takes place from the WWII era to present day The only downside to the setting is that people who read this book will think that West Virginia is just as it is portrayed in this book, and [...]

  9. Dee

    Appalachian Justice is not the kind of book I d normally pick up in my old age I m looking and for light and fun but it s story well told with a cast of characters you won t forget.Billy May Platte, the main character, is a marvel broken but rebuilt, wise, fearless The characters are all real and honest, the bad guys make your skin crawl, and the good guys are flawed enough to be interesting The author makes good use of time and place the starkness of the mountain and the isolation of the vill [...]

  10. Mind Fog Reviews Langstroth

    Appalachian Justice by Melinda Clayton tells the story of a Wilhelmina Platte a.k.a Billy May from the time when her dad died in the mines to her death and everything in between It shows the ugly side of people as well as the compassionate side It also has the lesson that people will help if you let them in.I have to confess I love the format that this story is written in It s told from Billy May s memories as she is dying Sifting through her memories is like reading a diary The characters are w [...]

  11. Darlene Jones

    Delight hardly seems the right word for a book that deals with such horrific abuse But this book does delight on so many levels First, for the brilliant writing including the wonderful way Clayton captures the accent and mannerisms of speech Secondly, for the beautiful rendition of love on many levels Thirdly for showing strong but flawed characters as well as the terribly flawed with such realism that we can believe they exist even when we don t want them to A beautiful book in all respects but [...]

  12. Melba

    This book was an intriguing read, and it shows just how much hate can cost Love is powerful when it is shared shown to others, but too often we are afraid of those who seem different or odd to us This books deals with social norms s, but also shows just how far some have come Though you may not agree with another s lifestyle or choices, you can still show them love respect This book has some surprising twists turns, and it shows just how some of the mountain people took care of their own and ma [...]

  13. Linda

    Wow What a beautifully written story Once I got used to the Appalachian prose I was totally there on Crutcher Mountain beside Billy May Melinda grabs you by your heart and leads you through the life and times of Billy May Platte and doesn t let you go.This is a poignant and totally engrossing story with well developed characters that will break your heart and then heal it leaving memories that are not truly your own Billy May s story and strength of character will stay with me forever I highly r [...]

  14. Albert

    This is one of though books that most readers find thereselves torn on whether to download or not You want to read the book but are afraid that some others may see you reading a book in this topic genre I tell you not to be afraid and to tell those who snicker to read it themselves Melinda does a superb job of telling a side of a story we tend to ignore in a place that is seldom thought of I applaud her book and challenge all who read this interview to sample the book You will sample, read and t [...]

  15. Sandy

    Being a mountain book, this had my attention before I opened it But with the first page, the setting, the characters, and the writing all grabbed and wouldn t let go til I finished The book s meandering through 3 different time periods is superbly done and is used to build incredible suspense and to weave a beautiful but at times disturbing love story Billy May is one of those amazing characters you must meet This is one for than 5 stars for me

  16. Jan

    This book would have been really good, if it weren t for the last chapter That ruined the book for me completely Not into those types of things, and wouldn t have read the book if I would have known Won t read any of her books.

  17. Gwen Mayo

    Appalachian Justiceby Melinda ClaytonAppalachian Justice is a powerful story It is Billy May Platte s story, told mostly in her voice, and filled with the beauty and hardship of her mountain home Her voice is strong enough to give the story rich texture, but to an ear unaccustomed to the Appalachian mountain dialect it might be difficult to follow This book is not an easy read, but I encourage readers to make the effort The characters alone make it a worthwhile story Aside from the Appalachian d [...]

  18. Laveda Niemeier

    Thus is a very Good read I couldn t barely put it down It is told in the first personWhich also makes it interesting Tells how remote mountain people take care of injustice that happen to one off their people It also tells of the life of three people and how the small Poor people come together.

  19. Lynne Cantwell

    Appalachian Justice begins in the present day, as an old mountain woman is breathing her last in a nursing home in Huntington, WV Billy Mae Platte s mind drifts back to the events that shaped her life in 1940s Cedar Hollow, WV.Life was never easy for the half Irish, half Cherokee young woman Orphaned young, she finds herself irresistably attracted to her best friend Corinne An ugly incident involving Corinne s brother and some of his buddies, all of whom have just returned from World War II, for [...]

  20. Baxter Trautman

    Salem West at Rainbow Reader recommended I try Appalachian Justice Thank you, Salem It was love at first paragraph My favorite books as a kid were My Side of the Mountain Puffin Modern Classics and Island of the Blue Dolphins Illustrated so how could I not be immediately drawn to Billy Mae s Appalachian hermitage Though the setting grabbed me right away, what kept me was Billy Mae s voice Clayton nailed the speech, inflection and expression of small town Appalachia Billy Mae is crusty but immedi [...]

  21. Clara Babinski

    This book was well worth the read It covers so many social issues and is told with the colloquialisms of the area and the prejudices as well I grew up in Those mountains and the truth of the simplicity of the lifestyles really resonated with me The author captured the social s of the time and area perfectly and handled the psychological trauma brilliantly The isolation of Billie May was so absolute, though self imposed and the eventual care of the citizens for one of their own was uplifting and [...]

  22. Philip Bailey

    A good tale for reading enjoyment with an accurate description of life in West Virginia and the people who live there From my own experience residents of West Virginia are a great bunch of folks but there are a few rough and tumble types who probably lead a rough life Working in a coal mine would not be a job most would look forward to and for such a dangerous job it is unlikely the wages suffice to live in a grand style Without intending any slur many of these are mountain people who live in ro [...]

  23. Autumn Dickinson

    I found this book to be profoundly moving, the characters genuine to their era and geographical area, and the stories to be true life lessons about how things were back in those days The character of Billy May is one that will stick with you long after the story is finished I found the justice s that were served to be climactic and applauding in the end I normally don t care to jump back and forth between different time periods of narration, but the author was successful in her attempts at makin [...]

  24. Tracy

    This is a very rich story with imperfect characters that you become so attached to that you find yourself missing them after you have finished the book The tragedies endured by the main character Billy May almost make her completely broken but then the decision to help the daughter of one of her attackers gives her a second chance The book is hard to put down and is a powerful story about loss, love, forgiveness and redemption.

  25. sarah parker

    This is a book to settle into It s a gripping story of a woman s determination to live her life in peace after suffering a horrific attack as a young girl She turns her horrific experience into a a lifesaving and rewarding life for herself and others as she faces her attackers decades later I enjoyed this book for the strength this woman had and shared There are no explicit scenes, yet the message is clearly spoken.

  26. Lauren

    Really I would give this book like 3.75 stars, it was good and I really enjoyed it I wish I had saved it for one of my vacation books because it was like a lesbian soap opera plot line that would have fit in perfect with beach time I say that all is the utmost positive way Even though it felt a bit soap opera it was well written, the characters were great, and they are many parts of the book that are heartbreaking.

  27. Amy

    Usually I say that a book could have been shorter, but this one should have been much longer I think with character development and exposition as well as in depth storylines, it could have been amazing This was a difficult book to read the tragedies that happened to the women of the book , but I feel stronger having read it.

  28. Jo Gruner skiles

    Good book If you love reading about the lives of the hard working people in the Appalachian Mountains, you will love this book I ve downloaded the entire series and cannot wait to start book two

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