The Crimson-Eyed Dragon (2020)

The Crimson-Eyed Dragon D.M. Trink The Crimson Eyed Dragon Do you like to decipher clues When Jared is compelled to buy a silver dragon statue with eyes that glow like precious rubies he initiates a chain of events that catapults him and his friends Griffin C
  • Title: The Crimson-Eyed Dragon
  • Author: D.M. Trink
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Crimson-Eyed Dragon D.M. Trink Do you like to decipher clues When Jared is compelled to buy a silver dragon statue with eyes that glow like precious rubies he initiates a chain of events that catapults him and his friends Griffin,Chase,and Amber into an adventure solving the mystery of the dragon They embark on an innocent quest, but the secrets that unfold lead them into unimaginable danger.
The Crimson-Eyed Dragon D.M. Trink

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    177 D.M. Trink
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One thought on “The Crimson-Eyed Dragon

  1. Jeannette

    This was a great light read for any adult and a fantastic read for younger audiences as well While the characterizations were a little flat I still enjoyed the story The author gave a good deal of information on dragon folklore that I found very interesting For an adult this story is predictable and may lack in some excitement For the youthful reader, I think this book is a great adventure to get lost in Reviewed for Black Rose Reviews

  2. Celia

    Storyline The Crimson Eyed Dragon by D.M Trink Wonder if the D stands for Dragon , is a great mystery story for those who believe in the power of love and indulge a little in World of Warcraft.Jared is a typical teenager he s ready to fight zombies, increase his warlock powers and work on getting his driver s license And all while on his summer break Whew As if World of Warcraft games aren t enough, he is drawn into the mystery of a statue he finds in an antique shop Who is Abigail And what of t [...]

  3. D.M. Dutcher

    It s an okay young adult mystery, but is a little rough around the edges Jared is a normal teen, who likes little than hanging out and playing World of Warcraft One day he comes into possession of an intriculately cared dragon statuette with red eyes That statuette hides information that leads to a mystery concerning a past love that ensnares him and his friends in the search to find out what the crimson eyed dragon is protecting.It s good to see an author write a straight up mystery rather tha [...]

  4. Beverly

    This book was a young young adult, I think mid teens would probably really enjoy it, especially girls It s a light, quick read and the characters, kids who are on summer break from high school, are great kids They re polite, well spoken, considerate and just all round well behaved Adults coud certainly read this and enjoy it but it s pretty predictable A younger audience would probably enjoy the adventure much Jared finds a dragon statue in an antique shop while shopping with his mom He is fasc [...]

  5. Nicole Storey

    This book reminded me a lot of the movie, The Goonies There are four kids who look for clues in order to find a treasure that a man has left behind after he dies in this case, precious jewelry However, they are not looking for the treasure for themselves, but for someone else This book is a nice adventure for kids The only faults I could find are that there are a lot of exclamation points in this book I felt like I was being yelled at through most of the book I mean, no one gets excited about ev [...]

  6. Mrslabraden

    The premise of The Crimson Eyed Dragon is a good one The main character, Jared, is attracted to a dragon sculpture with ruby eyes when he and his mother visit an antique shop Because one of the dragon s eyes falls out while Jared is examining it, his mother buys the sculpture When Jared stumbles upon a secret compartment in one of the wings that contains a key and a paper with mysterious numbers, he and his friends embark on an adventure to find out where these clues might lead them Unfortunatel [...]

  7. Chris

    A fairly enjoyable teen adventure mystery book Didn t really like the references to iPods and texting and cell phones, but it is a modern story Has a couple threads of romance woven through and one scene of action Worth a quick read, but it s nothing too special overall May be enjoyed heartily by a younger reader.

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