A Not-So-Grimm Fairytale (2020)

A Not-So-Grimm Fairytale Ann Somerville A Not So Grimm Fairytale True love isn t easy to find even for handsome princes Warnings silliness
  • Title: A Not-So-Grimm Fairytale
  • Author: Ann Somerville
  • ISBN: 9781466107724
  • Page: 329
  • Format: free online fiction
A Not-So-Grimm Fairytale Ann Somerville True love isn t easy to find, even for handsome princes.Warnings silliness
A Not-So-Grimm Fairytale Ann Somerville

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    Ann Somerville

One thought on “A Not-So-Grimm Fairytale

  1. BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

    I am going to give it three stars because it was free and funny at partsOther than that it just wasn t for me view spoiler the prince is married with kids and of course sleeps with anyone I get its part of the times the book is set for nobility but I still didn t like it Then after being cursed the prince never grows he stays the same asshat he was He fucks hundreds of people while the guy who loves him and can break the curse just watches or sets up the encounters The Prince was an idiot At the [...]

  2. Kate Aaron

    great story, has all the tropes of a traditional fairy tale but a wonderfully ironic, modern voice hilarious

  3. Lady*M

    Incredibly funny short story about oblivious read not very bright prince in search of real love, his half sister determined to help him and his loyal valet who just might be what prince is looking for A piece of fun packed in 13 pages I loved it

  4. Jess

    I have mixed reactions to this book.I think the author wanted the tone of the story to be very tongue in cheek or borderline sarcastic It was kind of snide and silly and it kind of worked.But what irritated me is two things 1 at the beginning and the end of this free story the author says if you like this story please check out my other stories at Smashswords So I felt that this story was a form of advertising or promotion for her other books I dont begrudge any author doing this in fact I think [...]

  5. NAVET

    HILARIOUS NO Spoilers In a genre full of homo angst i.e closet cases, family estrangement, DADT drama all of which I love , it s nice to run across a story of high silliness Somerville knows what her short story is a fairy tale And before reading, the reader should know that too The tale unfolds as a reboot of Beauty and the Beast, containing hilarious, parenthetical asides and one liners that caused me to have a grin on my face through the entire very quick read At spots, I even burst out laugh [...]

  6. Nikki

    A short and rather silly fairytale essentially a variation on the Beauty and the Beast theme The main character is rather unlikeable, but the ending sort of made me smile anyway The humour is mostly in snide and silly remarks about the fairytale tropes, and stuff like inappropriate nicknames, rather than being actually funny.It doesn t fill me with the urge to read of this author s work, but nor does it turn me off It was free from Smashwords, anyway, so I didn t lose out by it.

  7. France-Andrée

    I was surprised that I cared for this It s not the story, it s standard fairy tale fare What made me like this is the asides I find it interesting when an author speaks directly to the reader saying I know this is impossible, you know this impossible so why can t I talk to you That sort of winking is very humorous to me and that s why I think this story is a good read.

  8. Ayanna

    Okay, it was stupid and silly and much was lampshaded it and that s the only reason it has such a relatively high rating.Alferonzo was a complete jackass and while I get that that was kind of the point, that didn t stop me from disliking him any less Fourth walls are broken by proxy.

  9. JP

    This story was so funny, that I couldn t stop laughing It was silly, really silly and I really wanted to hit Alfie over the head for not noticing Wat earlier If you like a sweet and funny story you should read this.

  10. Traci (Mad Hatter Reads)

    It was a quick read and free It warns in the description that it s silly and it does have it s silly moments.

  11. Mike

    Tongue in cheek short fairy tale satire about a prince who get cursed by a witch and needs true love to free him.

  12. MaelleMaud

    Alferonzo Wat.As someone in the reviews has said I will give it 3 stars because it was free and funny at parts A really quick read easy and fun.

  13. César

    it was silly and made me chuckle a few times too short to go anywhere, but i just might give the author another chance.

  14. Marcia Carrington

    An interesting, well written short story which is a combination of both old world, and some modern sensibilities, and a story with a good sense of humor, this adding to its readability.

  15. blub

    A unique retelling of Beauty and the Beast For a short read the character and world development was well done It just wasn t for me though.

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