Five Little Pigs (2020)

Five Little Pigs Agatha Christie Five Little Pigs It was an open and shut case All the evidence said Caroline Crale poisoned her philandering husband a brilliant painter She was quickly and easily convicted and sentenced to life in prison Now sixte
  • Title: Five Little Pigs
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780062073570
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
Five Little Pigs Agatha Christie It was an open and shut case All the evidence said Caroline Crale poisoned her philandering husband, a brilliant painter She was quickly and easily convicted and sentenced to life in prison Now, sixteen years later, in a posthumous letter, Mrs Crale has assured her grown daughter that she was innocent But instead of setting the young woman s mind at ease, the letterIt was an open and shut case All the evidence said Caroline Crale poisoned her philandering husband, a brilliant painter She was quickly and easily convicted and sentenced to life in prison Now, sixteen years later, in a posthumous letter, Mrs Crale has assured her grown daughter that she was innocent But instead of setting the young woman s mind at ease, the letter only raises disquieting questions Did Caroline indeed write the truth And if she didn t kill her husband, who did To find out, the Crale s daughter asks Hercule Poirot to reopen the case His investigation takes him deep into the conflicting memories and motivations of the five other people who were with the Crales on the fatal day With his keen understanding of human psychology, he manages to discover the surprising truth behind the artist s death.
Five Little Pigs Agatha Christie

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    Agatha Christie

One thought on “Five Little Pigs

  1. Luffy

    The best thing that can be said about this book is that you get a lot of Poirot He is present in almost every page where there are no notes that had been written by the characters We are privy to his thoughts.Not only that, but the Poirot we see is almost human He is normal, foreign, but normal He isn t the eccentric walking bag of tics that a few generations of fans have grown to laugh at deride Despite that, I gave the book 3 stars.Oh, the story is cleverly written But we get the same multiple [...]

  2. Melindam

    What are you going to do I am going to visit these five people and from each one I am going to get his or her own story Superintendent Hale sighed with a deep melancholy.He said Man, you re nuts None of their stories are going to agree Don t you grasp that elementary fact No two people remember a thing in the same order anyway And after all this time Why, you ll hear five accounts of five separate murders That, said Poirot, is what I am counting upon It will be very instructive On the umpteenth [...]

  3. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

    Also known as Five Little Pigs One of the best Christie s I ve read, sorry to see it s not mentioned Christie changed it up a bit by having Poirot having to take apart a crime that happened decades ago Digging into the past and focusing on interviews instead of actual occurrence and eye witness details A lot has been forgotten in the small details, and some of it has been skewed by memory and deceit Like some of her other novels, the bulk of this one is interviews In between that is the written [...]

  4. Iryna (Book and Sword)

    4.5 5 stars rounded up I am genuinely surprised that this novel of Christie s is not talked about This is one of my personal favorites and this time it was actually a re read for me.I ve read Five Little Pigs for the first time about 7 years ago, and now that I have picked it up for the second time all I could remember was that I liked it a lot I didn t remember who the murderer was, or how the book played out so in a sense, my experience was like reading it for the first time One does not, you [...]

  5. Jason Koivu

    Another fun whodunnit This time around Hercule Poirot is tasked with digging up a 16 year old murder cold case Everyone is satisfied with the previous resolution, except for one person And that person asks Poirot to look into it Of course, once he gets those little grey cells working, he finds something amiss In play form, this quicky still manages a modicum of depth within the story and characters, not a trait mysteries are always well known for And the plot is just as slippery as many of Chris [...]

  6. Nandakishore Varma

    A really terrific story Carla Lemarchant gets a letter from her mother Caroline, who has died in prison while serving her sentence for murdering her husband, the philandering artist Amyas Crale a letter professing her innocence So young Carla has to go back in time to find the real murderer and who to employ, other than Hercule Poirot There are five suspects the five little pigs of the title Philip and Meredith Blake, Amyas s neighbours Elsa Greer, the young girl Amyas is painting and making lov [...]

  7. Syl

    One of the best Poirot mysteries ever Listening to this BBC adaptation was sheer joy, and I never knew how my jogging time flew past with Poirot and co for company Carla hires Poirot as she believes her mother, who was imprisoned for her father s death by poisoning, and who subsequently died in prison, is innocent, and wants him to prove so Pour it agrees, provided that he will not tamper with the truth, if the truth is that Caroline, the mother is the actual murderer.Here enter the five little [...]

  8. Hajarath Prasad Abburu

    The ending is just exhilarating and was as smashing as Iron Man soaring into a Malibu Point Sky Mr Poirot, my heart is still with Sherlock but you are as brilliant as Him What a reasoning I bow to thee

  9. Chris

    I hate the Yankees I think that it is required if you are a true baseball fan and you live in a baseball town outside the State of New York that you hate the Yankees You don t even have to be living in Boston It is pretty much universal There are exceptions made for transplants, relatives of players, casual fans, etc but basically it holds true.But I have to admit that I like Mariano Rivera You have to like him because he is the best ever at what he does and he doesn t make a big fuss about it e [...]

  10. Laurel Young

    I read Five Little Pigs years ago and hated it I couldn t get past how much I disliked Amyas Crale, egomaniac and womanizer I didn t care who killed him as long as someone did However, I m glad that I re read the novel for this review I still dislike both the Crales I know couples like them, who love to fight and make up and fight some their idea of passion and for some reason choose to do so in front of their uncomfortable guests However, personal prejudice aside, I have to admit that this is [...]

  11. David Schaafsma

    Originally titled Murder in Retrospect, Five Little Pigs is one of several books where Christie used nursery rhymes for titles concepts, such as Ten Little Indians and Then There Were None In this one, Carla Lemarchant comes to Poirot with a letter her mother had written to her when she died, but only recently come into her possession Her mother, Caroline Crale, was 16 years ago convicted of the murder of her husband, accomplished artist Amyas Crale, and she died in prison a couple years later I [...]

  12. Cathy DuPont

    My first Agatha Christie and for some reason it was what I expected Not a thrilling ride, not a boring ride, just a nice, pleasant ride of a read Ride both literally and figuratively since it was an audio I listened to in the car The mystery was 15 years old, about a rash 20 year old who falls in love with an old married coot of 40 years old He is poisoned, dies and his wife is charged and convicted of his murder She dies in prison a year later She left her daughter who was five years old when h [...]

  13. Mizuki

    This book is not Agatha Christie, a.k.a our honorable, well adored Queen of Murder, at her best However, Fiver Little Pigs is still a decent murder mystery and I highly appreciate Ms Christie s sharp observation and how she shaped her characters.

  14. Richard Derus

    Rating 4.5 of fiveThis is one of the reviews where I talk about the book and the TV show I don t know why that pisses people off so much, but it seems to however, I am all out of fucks to give.The book, which I read a while ago for the third time but first since the 1980s, has aged reasonably well The TV adaptation, from Agatha Christie s Poirot s ninth season, is really excellent and apparently not particularly faithful to the source material.To be frank, I prefer the show to the book in this c [...]

  15. Kavita

    An unique book by Agatha Christie, Poirot solves a cold case The daughter of a convicted murdereress, Carla Lemarchant approaches him to find the truth behind the murder of her father Poirot takes it only because of his passion for the truth, but it is not an easy journey He interviews everyone connected with the case police officers and lawyers, as well as the people present at the Crale s house party at the time of his death As always, it is the small things that are often overlooked by the ma [...]

  16. D.G.

    Re Read Oct 2016Dame Christie wrote several mysteries based on nursery rhymes her most famous is And Then There Were None because she realized how amazingly horrible most of them are And she was right They make such good plots for mysteries In Five Little Pigs, Dame Christie introduces a plot device she uses several times in later books when Poirot is older and can t move around as much The idea that all he needs is to hear the eye witness accounts, sit on a chair and by using his little gray ce [...]

  17. Amorfna

    Ovu sam godinu zapocela Agatom, i planiram da je njome i zavrsim.Tako da od mene do kraja godine ocekujte samo i iskljucivo Agatu, uvek ocekujte 4 ili 5 zvezdica jer jednostavno, necu da lazem postoje knjige na koje uopste ne primenjujem kriterijume Ako mi se mnogo svidi bice 5 , ako mi se malo manje svidi, bice 4.Stavise razmisljam da celu sledecu godinu posvetim svim onim detektivskim romanima kojih se secam iz mladosti ali ih se zapravo ne secam.Ova godina je bila toliko uzasna na svim fronto [...]

  18. Carol

    After a few stressful weeks, I needed another light mystery to smoke through Reading an Agatha Christie is like eating a small butter pecan tart or small ice cream cone You enjoy the rich flavour and you swallow the entire thing quickly in one bite In Five Little Pigs, Christie does a great job at providing contrasting characters It s a retrospective crime mystery with 16 year old clues , and the true identity of the killer can only be discovered through interviews and journals This provides Chr [...]

  19. F.R.

    The reason Five Little Pigs is one of the least well known Agatha Christie novels is that it s such thin and uninspiring stuff Hercule Poirot is asked to investigate a mariticide of sixteen years earlier by the couple s now grown up daughter, the wife having escaped the hangman and died in prison Those who ve read their Ross MacDonald will know that this is the kind of thing that can excite the characters guilt and passions, and suddenly the danger which existed at the time of the original murde [...]

  20. Izzy

    I just really like this one After a while, if you read enough Agatha, they can start to blend into one another I just asked google how many books did Agatha Christie write It informed me, in that newfangled enormous response at the top of the page way, AT LEAST 72 I ve read at least half, maybe all, a lot of them several times, this one twice possibly thrice She does an incredible job of switching them up, keeping readers guessing, but one does begin to notice certain patterns And one begins to [...]

  21. Vikas Singh

    Read the book again after a long long time Once again Agatha Christie delves deep into human psyche to come up with great murder mystery Poirot is at his best as he goes about solving the crime just listening and reading the accounts of four people who could have done it If you are a Agatha Christie fan, this is a must read.

  22. Lexie

    The next time I read Agatha Christie, I might require a Mariachi band or a distraction of a similarly buoyant variety Because as it turns out, sitting down in dead silence and focusing too hard results in some very unpleasant results like guessing about 90% of the ending.Any other book, this would be a Go, me sort of self high five With Agatha Christie, however, I d rather be stupefied, stunned, floored, be made to question my deductive skills and my common sense, and generally made to feel slig [...]

  23. maricar

    A bit sad to read through It s as if the luster from Poirot s glamour as a detective has lost its strength The premise is a promising one, don t get me wrong can one resolve a murder that has been resolutely concluded 16 years ago and, for all intents and purposes, left almost everyone with no doubt as to the identity of the killer Poirot hardly thought twice and set off to show the readers just that.Murder in retrospect, indeed In a way, Christie does prove that all one need is the functioning [...]

  24. Campbell

    In my opinion, this is the best of the Poirot novels I read all of them one summer, several okay, you got me, many years ago and, while they re all good there is no such thing as a bad Poirot novel after a dozen or so you begin to detect patterns and rhythms that, shifting and fluctuating, stretch through and across the novels Five Little Pigs breaks that mould and stands alone and is all the better for it.I can t understand why this isn t better known it s a real gem.

  25. RebeccaS

    This was an interesting Hercule Poirot mystery because he is hired to looking into a murder of the past A murder where the suspect was convicted and died in jail, but whose daughter has recently found out this terrible fact and doesn t believe her mother killed her father I m not at all surprised that HP took on this case, because it s a brilliant and unique way to work his little gray cells.The format of this book is a little different The chapters are separated by each character s narrative Th [...]

  26. Cindy

    In this story, Poirot gets a chance to do something he s never done before to solve a mystery without a single clue, simply by talking to the people who were involved.Sixteen years ago, artist Amyas Crale was poisoned His wife was arrested and convicted of murder She wrote a letter to her young daughter saying she was innocent Now the girl is grown and engaged to be married But first she wants to know what really happened.Poirot has little work with He starts by talking to the lawyers on both si [...]

  27. Katherine

    It s the psychology that interests you, isn t it Well, that doesn t change with time The tangible thing are gone the cigarette end and the footprints and the bent blades of grass You can t look for those any But you can go over all the facts of the case, and perhaps talk to the people who were there at the time, and then and then, as you said just now, you can lie back in your chair and think And you ll know exactly what happened Synopsis One little piggy went to market,One little piggy stayed [...]

  28. Angel M Tayup

    3.5Esta fue mi primera experiencia con los libros de esta autora y debo admitir que no estuvo nada mal El manejo que hace de los personajes y la perspectiva tan clara que los distingue a cada uno de ellos es estupenda, un punto que se distingue de forma impecable en la segunda parte El misterio en general tiene una estupenda construcci n y la resoluci n hace resaltar detalles que se pasan de largo f cilmente, ademas de los considerables plot twist que tiene al final, el cual me aprecio de lo m s [...]

  29. Tim

    Quite possibly the most underrated Poirot novel though the very thing that makes it so excellent in my mind may be what puts off some readers You see to a certain extent, it doesn t matter who the killer is in this one.Let me explain a famous painter is poisoned and all evidence points to his wife Caroline It seems to be a closed case in fact it is closed, as Caroline was already found guilty No, this isn t a case where Poirot has to solve it and get an innocent woman off death row, because it h [...]

  30. J.C Speight

    Caroline Crale poisoned her womanizer husband The evidence was clear it was an open and shut case But sixteen year later her daughter Carla Lemarchant apairs believing her mother to be innocent, her only clue a letter left to her by her mother telling her that she did not commit the crime for which everyone believes she did So who could ve of done it Phillip Blake, Meredith s brotherThis little piggy went to marketMeredith Blake This little piggy stayed at homeElsa Greer, now Lady Dittisham This [...]

  31. Jasmine Darcy

    Not exactly the suspense at every corner , edge of your seat type of mystery Agatha Christie usually writes but nevertheless, unpredictable and marvellous as always Christie never disappoints Further,the whole nursery rhyme aspect of it was ingenious and original Christie always lives up to her title of the Queen Of Crime and her last minute showdowns , loopholes and catches are really up my alley Five Little Pigs follows the mysterious murder of grumpy Amycus Crale which had been supposedly sol [...]

  32. Mary Grand

    I have read this before so no surprises but still loved it Life has been hectic and I got completly lost in this and the world created.

  33. Suad Shamma

    Agatha Christie makes me fall in love with mystery There is pure enjoyment in reading her stories, almost like solving a crossword puzzle and trying to get to the end I love the process of searching for clues and listing the potential suspects and trying to separate truth from the lies until you reach the big showdown It may not always be the most exciting storyline, and it may not always have the best dialogue, but the process remains enjoyable Always.I find it amusing that had I not been a mot [...]

  34. Fred

    This is the second Agatha Christie book I read this year This book follows a young woman named Carla Crale Very early on in the book, we find out that her father, who was a painter, was murdered in the house one afternoon when they had guests round Her mother, Caroline, was convicted of the murder, sent to prison and died later that year Carla Crale was around five years old when this happened.As a woman now, she comes to Poirot to ask him to see what he makes of the mystery because prior to her [...]

  35. Andrea Manzanilla

    Estuvo bien y ya.Agatha Christie creo que no es mi tipo de autora Sus libros aunque interesantes y entretenidos no me aportan nada, o me hacen sentir cosas Simplemente los leo, los termino y b sicamente me olvido de ellos No son malos ni nada por el estilo, solo que est n ah y ya Tengo otros cuantos libros de ella que leer , pero por el momento tomare un descanso de sus libros P.D Mi teor a de quien era el asesino estaba errada, as que si me sorprendi un poco el final del libro.

  36. Scott

    I m a huge Agatha Christie fan so it kills me to give her a 2 star rating but this book just did not do it for me I m a big fan of author s trying different things but the way this book was written just bored me to death.A 16 year old murder Enter Poirot to determine if the person that was convicted was actually the person who did it.He talks to 5 different people separately.Then he has them write up their accounts and we read about the accounts separately.Then he comes to his conclusions.No cha [...]

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