On the Road to Babadag: Travels in the Other Europe (2020)

On the Road to Babadag: Travels in the Other Europe Andrzej Stasiuk Michael Kandel On the Road to Babadag Travels in the Other Europe Andrzej Stasiuk is a restless and indefatigable traveler His journeys take him from his native Poland to Slovakia Hungary Romania Slovenia Albania Moldova and Ukraine By car train bus ferry T
  • Title: On the Road to Babadag: Travels in the Other Europe
  • Author: Andrzej Stasiuk Michael Kandel
  • ISBN: 9780151012718
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover
On the Road to Babadag: Travels in the Other Europe Andrzej Stasiuk Michael Kandel Andrzej Stasiuk is a restless and indefatigable traveler His journeys take him from his native Poland to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Albania, Moldova, and Ukraine By car, train, bus, ferry To small towns and villages with unfamiliar sounding yet strangely evocative names The heart of my Europe, Stasiuk tells us, beats in Sokolow, Podlaski, and in Husi, notAndrzej Stasiuk is a restless and indefatigable traveler His journeys take him from his native Poland to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Albania, Moldova, and Ukraine By car, train, bus, ferry To small towns and villages with unfamiliar sounding yet strangely evocative names The heart of my Europe, Stasiuk tells us, beats in Sokolow, Podlaski, and in Husi, not in Vienna Where did Moldova end and Transylvania begin, he wonders as he is being driven at breakneck speed in an ancient Audi loose wires hanging from the dashboard by a driver in shorts and bare feet, a cross swinging on his chest In Comrat, a funeral procession moves slowly down the main street, the open coffin on a pickup truck, an old woman dressed in black brushing away the flies above the face of the deceased On to Soroca, a baroque Byzantine Tatar Turkish encampment, to meet Gypsies And all the way to Babadag, between the Baltic Coast and the Black Sea, where Stasiuk sees his first minaret, simple and severe, a pencil pointed at the sky A brilliant tour of Europe s dark underside travel writing at its very best.
On the Road to Babadag: Travels in the Other Europe Andrzej Stasiuk Michael Kandel

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One thought on “On the Road to Babadag: Travels in the Other Europe

  1. Declan

    If this photograph by Andr Kert sz takes hold of your thoughts and your imagination, you might understand why Andrzej Stasiuk writes It s possible that everything I ve written so far began with this photographThe space of this photograph hypnotizes me, and all my travelling has had only one purpose to find, at long last, the secret passage into its interior The strange aspect of this for me is that I, who have never been in Eastern Europe since I wrote this I have been to Romania, and loved it , [...]

  2. Kinga

    On the Road to Babadag won all possible awards in Poland and for a while it was all everybody was reading and talking about So imagine my disappointment when I started reading it and all I wanted to do was to hurl it against the wall It s because I thought this would be a travel book I thought Stasiuk would leave some small town in Poland and go through Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria etc until finally he would reach Babadag, Romania where the book would end It is [...]

  3. Margitte

    I would like to be buried in all those places where I ve been before and will be again My head among the green hills of Zempl n, my heart somewhere in Transylvania, my right hand in Chornohora, my left in Spi sk Bel , my sight in Bukovina, my sense of smell in R inari, my thoughts perhaps in this neighborhood This is how I imagine the night when the current roars in the dark and the thaw wipes away the white stains of snow This is the colorful, often poetic prose of a seasoned traveler who loves [...]

  4. Elaine

    Seemed like a 10 page essay that became a 250 page book through repetition repetition and repetition This is a po mo travel book travel without identifying context, just an endless list of Eastern European place names obscure enough to make you feel at first ashamed of your own ignorance and finally simply annoyed at the repeated refusal to communicate anything that would help us place these places Travel that loses any purpose bc all the places are the same, simply names The sense of poverty, d [...]

  5. Jelena

    Volim, dakle, taj balkanski kupleraj, madjarski, slovacki i poljski, tu cudesnu tezu materije, tu prekrasnu snenost, tu iskuliranost cinjenica, to mirno, doslijedno pijanstvo tacno u podne i te maglovite poglede koji bez muke krstare kroz stvarnost, da bi, liseni straha, pustili nistavilu da pukne pred ocima Nista tu ne mogu Srce moje Evrope kuca u Sokolovu Podlaskom i u Husiju Ni pod razno ne kuca ono u Becu Ko drugacije misli obicna je budala Pa ni u Budimpresti Ponajvise ne kuca u Krakovu Sve [...]

  6. Lisa Lieberman

    A strange little book Since the author jumped around a lot, I gave myself permission to read it randomly I was mostly interested in what he experienced in Hungary, so I searched out those sections first, came across a passage, which I will quote in full, because it gets to the quirky loveliness of Stasiuk s writing Nothing in Talkib nya, a village that hadn t changed in a hundred years Wide, scattered houses under fruit trees The walls a sulfurous, bilious yellow, the wood carving deep brown, th [...]

  7. Adam

    If you enjoy reading about crumbling stucco, peeling paintwork, places forgotten by time and the outside world, the backwaters of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, byways hidden by mist, melancholia, ferries to nowhere, drinking in forlorn bars, decay, the detritus of post communism, village squares overgrown with untended trees, and sleepy border crossings, then this might be the book for you All of these things and others dealt with by the Stasiuk, the author, fascinate me, but somehow his book [...]

  8. Catalina

    I would say I finish 95% of the books I start BUt this one didn t make the cut I picked it up because it was about the Balkans and Eastern Europe my favourite places Further, the overarching theme, the second hand europe, that is not really Europe a land that frightens most, that is whispered by Westerners with a certain cautionary tone the place to travel I understand how the writer might have wanted to have written this book in such a confusing manner because we, Eastern EUropeans, are as conf [...]

  9. Joseph

    In this postmodern travel book, the author ruts around eastern Europe, divvying out impressions of this and that in prose that is sometimes lyrical, but almost always opaque I never could figure out what the point of this book was There was no cohesion to it, and it seemed the author was on drugs most of the time I suppose if you re a Joycean you may enjoy this, as it s stream of consciousness prose at its best For the casual reader, however, it s like listening to a drunken old man with an addl [...]

  10. Кремена Михайлова

    , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 21 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , google street view , , , 6 google maps 1978 google street view , , 70 , , , 2000 15 , , , , 2000 , , , , 20 , , , , 25 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , [...]

  11. két con

    The work wanders the byways to the villages of the provincial, peripheral Eastern Europe region, giving the true experience of going there An ode to non obvious lands, Stasiuk studiously avoided the great cities of Europe s forgotten corner Warsaw, Kiev, Belgrade, or Tirana Stasiuk is fascinated by legends and fables the relationship between imagination and place than in plotting sequential events than by history And by the writers who helped to reinvent or subvert their national mythologies In [...]

  12. Igor Guzun

    RO C l torind spre Babadag Bancnotele sunt mici i sp l cite , pe alocuri rupte i murdare n schimb, moneda de 50 arat frumos pe spate are doi ciorchini de struguri, ncerc nd s sugereze n mod cam naiv prosperitatea Poli i ti de 18 ani speria i, merg nd n grupuri de trei , adolescen i ra i pe cap, n pantaloni largi , domni oare cu p ntecul gol pe tocuri inumane i ezitante, care se plimbau pe strada principal ca pe un podium interna ional i impresia c to i vor s par altceva Este Moldova pe care a v [...]

  13. Lorenzo Berardi

    There are 167 stamps on Andrzej Stasiuk s passport Or, at least, there were so many when this book was published Probably Mr Stasiuk hit 200 stamps in the meantime And I would be glad if he did, for each of these stamps has a story to tell and the author of On the Road to Babadag is the right person to do that.What you will find here is the perfect combination of the celebrated Danube by Claudio Magris with the Eastern Europe travels of Michael Palin s Europe recently televised by the BBC And ye [...]

  14. Claudia

    Hmm hard to rate this book Stasiuk is a master of words, has a fluency which I rarely encountered in a descriptive story Even if his journeys took place in a specific time frame, you get the feeling that all those countries, cities, villages, people are suspended somewhere out of time and reality.As he said in an interview If I go somewhere, I am always drunk Afterwards I remember too little, sometimes I take pictures This is why, three quarters from what I write is made up I make up landscapes, [...]

  15. John

    The travel essay parts are quite interesting, but the ummm reflective parts not so much Lots and lots of obscure eastern European place names thrown at the reader, making it difficult to tell what country he was talking about, and I m fairly good at geography Recommended only for those with a very strong interest in eastern Europe, otherwise this one may well end up on your Did Not Finish pile I managed to get the end, but there was effort involved at times.

  16. Hana

    Kinga loved it for the poetry Maybe I ll try this as a second or third read after introductory books on the Other Europe.

  17. metralindol

    , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , om really liked it.

  18. Akasha89 (Straszliwa Buchling)

    Andrzej Stasiuk jest polskim pisarzem, poet , publicyst , eseist i dramaturgiem By wydalany z liceum og lnokszta c cego, technikum i zasadniczej szko y zawodowej We wczesnych latach 80 tych zaanga owa si w dzia alno Ruchu Wolno i Pok j Zdezerterowa z wojska, za co p tora roku sp dzi w wi zieniu W 1987 roku wyjecha z Warszawy i zamieszka w Wo owcu, w Beskidzie Niskim Laureat takich nagr d jak nagroda Fundacji Kultury, Fundacji Ko cielskich, im S.B Lindego, Nike i im Arkadego Fiedlera Bursztynowy [...]

  19. Stirnaite

    In any case we passed it in no time, and once again green mountains rose on the horizon, and I immediately felt regret and longing Exactly as on awakening, when we are spurred by the desire to return to the world of dreams, which relieves us of our freedom of will and gives in its place the freedom, absolute, of the unexpected This happens in places rarely touched by the traveller s eye Observation irons out objects and landscapes Destruction and decline follow The world gets used up, like an ol [...]

  20. Peter Landau

    Reading the densely detailed travelogue ON THE ROAD TO BABADAG TRAVELS IN THE OTHER EUROPE by Andrzej Stasiuk reminded me of science fiction It s exotic and strange as another planet, but those alien landscapes are imagined by earthbound men who project to the stars Most every space creature shares our basic biology and the climate and topography of those distant lands reflects the deserts or tropics or metropolises that we know If we were to see something truly unfamiliar we wouldn t recognize [...]

  21. itpdx

    This is a treasure impressionistic, haunting journeys in the land between the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Seas Slovakia, Moldavo, Romania, Slovenia, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary towns with names in three languages or mountains, plains and corn fields pubs, border crossings, buses, trains and ferries Stasiuk seeks the edges, the eternal of his Europe It gives me no rest, my wish to know the fate of all these scenes that entered my eyes and have remained in my thoughts What happens to them when I am [...]

  22. know1

    My favorite travel memoir Central and Southeastern Europe, wine, cigarettes, dust, train stations, old trucks, forgotten history and the soul of the writer beautifully woven together in an impressionistic narrative.

  23. Kai Weber

    This is not a travel memoir in the traditional sense, as the reader can hardly learn anything about the Central European area that the author has traveled and writes about here The area where the borders of Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania meet With two excursions a bit further south, to Slovenia and Albania respectively It is however a book about traveling and memory, a reflections on the conditions of restlessness and forgetfulness Stasiuk really doesn t describe anything that a [...]

  24. Marina Sofia

    Not a travelogue as such Not enough description it is too poetic, too lyrical and philosophical, mixing impressions, atmosphere, history, literary references It is a very personal journey across a troubled part of Europe which has experienced huge changes over the past century or so One to dip into now and again, rather than to read from end to end Perhaps also most meaningful to those who have lived in that part of the world.

  25. Lucy Wilson

    This book is possibly the most infuriating thing I have read this year It would be great as a much shorter book and is written in prose which is not apparent anywhere on the blurb I m sure the places that the author visited were interesting but they were so drowned in poetic dribble it was difficult to even tell what country he was visiting The book reads like an unedited fever dream.

  26. Evan Rail

    Not so much, as my three year old daughter might put it after many tries, I just can t get into On the Road to Babadag and am giving myself the gift of not having to finish it Like much of Eastern European literature, the writing here is episodic and highly impressionistic, but while that approach might or might not work for something like poetry, in a book length travelogue this kind of writing feels like it is greatly lacking in structure, and importantly depth Characters, for example, are ge [...]

  27. Barbara McVeigh

    Poetic, meditative, and at times piercingly insightful, On the Road to Babadag takes the reader on a trip to the other side of Europe As one reviewer commented, On the Road to Babadag valuable readingIf we can t read our way around Europe, how will we ever find our place, our identity, within it For the entire review guardian books 2011.Stasiuk describes the hallucinatory aspects of his trips his writing sometimes follows suit After awhile, I found I had to take a break from the book because I n [...]

  28. Will

    A most wonderful book I never wanted to end The way I travel, the way I love places, put into lyrically poetic prose like none other I ve ever read Clearly I am drawn to decline, decay, to everything that is not as it could or should be Whatever stops in half stride because it lacks the strength or will or imagination to continue Whatever gives in, gives up, does not last, and leaves no trace Whatever in its passing stirs no regret or reminiscence The present imperfect Histories that live no lon [...]

  29. Rachel

    Once you re able to get over the ramblings and incoherent accounts and the jumping from one city day to another without any warnings, therein lies some hilarious bits that caught me totally unawares Like the Moldovan myth of creation, Misha s theory on the the problem with Moldova, accounts of the border control encounters, inebriated drivers careening over highways in cars that are in horrible conditions, it s a wonder they are moving at all Bus rides that are preceded by the distribution of po [...]

  30. Sorin Hadârcă

    Andrzei Stasiuk bypasses the big cities and favors the small god forgotten towns of Eastern Europe He thinks that in nothingness and degradation there are chances to catch a glimpse of the world as it once was Built to last is something as absurd here as the Disneyland I will use his words saying An eternal end reigns in this land and the children are being born already tired In the opaque light of a late autumn, the faces, the bodies and the gestures of the people are expressive the less sign [...]

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