The Boys, Volume 8: Highland Laddie (2020)

The Boys, Volume 8: Highland Laddie Garth Ennis John McCrea Keith Burns The Boys Volume Highland Laddie Out of Dynamite Entertainment s critically acclaimed title The Boys comes a special story featuring everyone s favorite pint sized Scotsman Hughie with The Boys Highland Laddie written by Garth E
  • Title: The Boys, Volume 8: Highland Laddie
  • Author: Garth Ennis John McCrea Keith Burns
  • ISBN: 9781606902073
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
The Boys, Volume 8: Highland Laddie Garth Ennis John McCrea Keith Burns Out of Dynamite Entertainment s critically acclaimed title, The Boys, comes a special story featuring everyone s favorite pint sized Scotsman, Hughie, with The Boys Highland Laddie, written by Garth Ennis, with covers by Darick Robertson and art by Herogasm artist John McCrea Mind reeling from recent events in The Boys, Wee Hughie heads home to Auchterladle the semi idOut of Dynamite Entertainment s critically acclaimed title, The Boys, comes a special story featuring everyone s favorite pint sized Scotsman, Hughie, with The Boys Highland Laddie, written by Garth Ennis, with covers by Darick Robertson and art by Herogasm artist John McCrea Mind reeling from recent events in The Boys, Wee Hughie heads home to Auchterladle the semi idyllic Scottish seaside town where he grew up All Hughie wants is some time to himself, to return to the bosom of family and friends, and get his head together after two years of unimaginable chaos But our hero s luck has always been cloud than silver lining, and the familiar surroundings he craves are not all they might be You can go home again, but with old pals warped beyond recognition and strangers in town up to no good, whether or not you should is another matter entirely Collecting issues 1 6 of the Highland Laddie series, along with a complete cover gallery.
The Boys, Volume 8: Highland Laddie Garth Ennis John McCrea Keith Burns

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One thought on “The Boys, Volume 8: Highland Laddie

  1. Stewart Tame

    The pace slows down a bit with this volume, but that s fine as Hughie and I needed a break after volume 7 He returns to Scotland to see his family and friends and generally get his head together We also meet someone who is probably going to be important in upcoming volumes Not as much action in this one, but there are some fine character moments This series continues to impress.

  2. Gavin

    To quote Wee Hughie I Ken sez tis shite.This is a diversion from the Boys into a Hughie backstory sidestory.It could have been interesting instead it was a meandering, boring, impossible to understand literally, the dialogue is stupid, and I grew up with a Scottish Great Gran and neighbours, but I could barely figure some things out.Throw in 5 issues of Hughie whining about EVERYTHING and I just wanted to bitch slap him like the boring piece of shit he acts like in this.He visits friends and com [...]

  3. Sam Quixote

    I don t know how he s done it but Garth Ennis has turned one of the most promising series of recent years into an uninspired, meandering, dull mess When the series started I knew Wee Hughie was going to be the character the readers were supposed to see the series through but to be honest he isn t interesting enough to warrant his own book, and Highland Laddie is evidence of this One of the side stories to the series has been Hughie s relationship with a supe in the foremost supe team and neither [...]

  4. D'Iberville Library

    This installment of The Boys is not as action packed as previous ones Hughie has gone home to figure things out after such a trying time during the previous book He is trying to figure out what he is doing with his life and where he is going to go from here There are flashbacks, but not enough to be confusing Mainly, you get to see his childhood friends, both are quite unusual, and finally meet his parents his adoptive parents So, this is mainly a very good look into Hughie s past while he figur [...]

  5. Oron

    A kinda boring sidestory The interesting parts could be concentrated in a single issue, diffinitely not a 6 part story Oh well, let s get on with it.

  6. Lu

    Dear lord am I happy Ennis redeems himself in this one by explicitly and emphatically condemning Hughie s misogyny in the last volume as a character flaw to be excoriated by the very woman who was on the receiving end of it, reducing the poorly conceived Simon Pegg lookalike to a mess of tears, rather than the righteous anger of a Nice, Regular Guy In The Face Of Foul Decadence.While perhaps a diversion from the main superhero plot, small town Scotland and its simple minded denizens are pretty c [...]

  7. Michael Cairns

    Garth Ennis has been one of my favourite comic authors for some time now I say that up front in case you think I m biased in my writing of this review The Boys is the best thing he s ever created It s disgusting, crude, completely over the top and fabulously funny It s also an original take on the question of what morally ambiguous people might do if bestowed with super powers And what the government would really do if they cracked the secret to the super soldier serum In this eighth volume, we [...]

  8. Albert Yates

    Probably one of my favourite books in the series so far We get to spend a great deal of time learning about Hughie and what made him the man he is today were introduced to two of his childhood friends, one is transitioning and the other has a nasty smell and wears a gas mask all the time on the outskirts of town is a little cove called smugglers cove a fitting name for some drug runners to be bringing a product into the country this is the same location where Hughie and his friends stopped anot [...]

  9. Filipe

    I particularly enjoyed this volume I know it s not a crucial part of the story, being a side story of the main series, but I really liked it.We get to see a little bit of Hughie s Scottish background, his hometown in Scotland, his childhood friends, his family We also get to see some of his personal struggles A really good storyline.The artwork was jaw dropping The Scottish landscape is amazing and we really get a feel of being there.

  10. Michael Hitchcock

    This may be the weakest individual volume, but it plays such an important and intelligent role in the series.On the surface, this story serves as a break from the tension of the previous volumes Hughie has ran far away, as far away as anyone can When a child wants to get away from their troubles, they run away from home But an adult who wants to escape can find solace in running back home.In this case, it s the small isolated township of Auchterladle in Scotland I can t help but think this is an [...]

  11. Jennifer Juffer

    I really enjoyed this issue.It was a nice little break from the Boys and the Supes.Getting to know Hugie and where he came from, I thought, helped the storyline overall.Bringing new characters into the mix made it funny and sad at the same time.As usual, just the right amount of humor and empathy.

  12. Jenny

    2.5 stars Good to get background on Hughie, move the Hughie Annie relationship issue around, but I look forward to getting back to the main stories in the next volume hopefully

  13. Mikael Kuoppala

    The Boys is a peculiarly uneven series both in tone and quality At times it reads like a superhero comic parody, at times like a nihilistic tale of hate and violence, at times like a clever political allegory Recently, the saga has gotten serious and ambitious in its storytelling, delving into the grey, morally ambiguous shades of its characters In Highland Laddie Garth Ennis takes a break after the dramatic events of the previous volume and gives us a calm character story about Hughie returnin [...]

  14. Mike

    I find it fascinating how Ennis can take some seemingly mundane, everyday situations and infuse them with such energy, bizarre and vivid storytelling The characters are so real and fleshed out, just by virtue of the detailed stories they tell each other, and they re like people I instantly know and at the same time have many secrets and layers yet to reveal.Then Ennis adds to the mix a few details of weird, hard, mean people situations and just let s them slowly find their way to our main charac [...]

  15. Gayle Francis Moffet

    A great carry over from the previous arc This arc was originally published as a standalone mini, and I appreciate Dynamite packaging it as simply part of the arc so you know where it fits in and can t miss it The great thing about this mini is that we finally get Hughie s full backstory, not in flashback, but in him visiting back home as he tries to figure out if he really wants to be part of the boys I like where Hughie comes from, and I like that he s clearly not in love with it His friends ar [...]

  16. Deborah Ideiosepius

    recently I have felt that Garth is spinning the boys out way too much I have heard that said about 8 as well but I thought it was pretty good, the multiple story lines kept the whole book swinging along and it reads well on second and third re readings which is emphatically not the case for some of the others The characters are surprising and arresting Garth does charcters well and in this volume I think he was getting interested in the characters he was writing again It seemed pretty damn obvio [...]

  17. ***Dave Hill

    While collected under the The Boys series, this book was actually a 6 part parallel mini series, dealing with Wee Hughie s crisis of conscience and return to his Scottish home town Typical Garth Ennis dark hilarity ensues regarding how things have changed back home, and when one of the parts of his life he was fleeing catches up with him, Hughie has to decide if he will ever return to the Boys.It s a quieter tale than most of the Boys outings, with very little of the title s over the top violenc [...]

  18. Stephen Theaker

    You generally know in the broadest terms what you re going to get with Garth Ennis violence, outrage and sentiment and yet he never fails to surprise The Boys, Vol 8 Highland Laddie Titan, pb, c.144pp , by Ennis, John McCrea and Keith Burns collects a six issue miniseries following Simon Pegg lookalike Wee Hughie back home to his home town of Auchterladle Little Wee Hughie was quite the Nancy Drew A friend from New York follows him there for a chat, and he makes the acquaintance of a significant [...]

  19. Sean Chick

    The hero going home or going to a place to find himself is an Ennis staple that has usually worked So why not here It is the bad dialogue, dull situations, lack of focus, and annoying humor The main thing is the story tells you nothing about Hughie that you did not already know Starlight Annie has a chance to really shine, and the better parts belong to her for sure But even then something held back Whole thing reads like a half baked side story rushed into print before it was fully formed.

  20. Jason

    What utter crap I ve read a lot of The boys series and they have been top notch, fantastic plot, stunning illustrations, violent and sexy This volume though, apart from being pointless and bringing nothing new to the story, the writing was poor and it looks like the illustrations were done by kids, Hughie looks completely different, I m sure the Butcher appears briefly but I can t be sure as he looks completely different.If you are a fan of this series and are reading this in order then I beg yo [...]

  21. Shannon Appelcline

    A badly bifurcated book The first three issues are almost entirely pointless There s some setup and there s some good attention to Hughie s background, but nothing happens for issue after issue In contrast, the last three issues are quite good We get some attention to unsettled issues from The Boys itself, some great characters, and then some meaningful action adventure at the end.Overall, this mini series is worth reading, but it should have been four issues long rather than six If so it might [...]

  22. Meran

    The Boys, Vol 8, is all about Wee Hughie, his childhood, his hometown, his close buddies, and why he is how he is Excellently written, drawn with clarity, we re left with a mystery just WHO is the older man he meets in a chance encounter in his old home town and he might even be on the mend with his most recent girlfriend, who s finally told him ALL Hughie, however, has held back important facts I think, when she finds out, she just may respond like did when he found out she was a Supe.

  23. Daniel Etherington

    Steps away from the action and intrigue of the main thrust of The Boys narrative Hughie s left The Boys nominally and gone home to smalltown Scotland to reflect on his work, and the revelation that his girlfriend is in fact a member of The Seven the most powerful and most dangerous of the despicable superhuman community.This is Ennis change to give Hughie some background, but to reflect on the significance of home , childhood friendships, and memory.

  24. John Barclay

    A good little series, though it really didn t need to take 6 issues Ennis does pad his stories out a bit in these extra series things doesn t he.Good to get an idea of where the messed up Hughie comes from and why he has such trouble with some of his reactions Still, the whole smuggler plot didn t really work and seemed to hasty a wrap up I really like The Boys, but sometimes I just want him to move things along a bit

  25. Ryk Stanton

    Some silliness, but I appreciated getting to see what Wee Hughie would get up to when he left The Boys for a while when he went home to get his head clear after his girlfriend told him what she did I think thi9s arc deepened the character a bit in just the right way.And yes, it s filled with sex and violence and gore and bad language Don t read it, unless you like that sort of thing.

  26. Ben

    I am a fan of Wee Hughie, and truly hope he manages to avoid what seems like the impending bad end for everyone Therefore I enjoyed this little side trip What I did not approve of The small changes to how his face was drawn Too many hard lines added This is Wee Hughie, there shouldn t be any hard lines.

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