Parting the Waters: Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement 1954-63 (2020)

Parting the Waters: Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement 1954-63 Taylor Branch Parting the Waters Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement First of a volume social history Parting the Waters is than a biography of the Rev Martin Luther King Jr during the decade preceding his emergence as a national figure This page effort which
  • Title: Parting the Waters: Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement 1954-63
  • Author: Taylor Branch
  • ISBN: 9780333529454
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
Parting the Waters: Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement 1954-63 Taylor Branch First of a 3 volume social history, Parting the Waters is than a biography of the Rev Martin Luther King Jr during the decade preceding his emergence as a national figure This 1000 page effort, which won the Pulitzer Prize as well as the National Book Critics Circle Award for General Nonfiction, profiles the key players events that helped shape the American sFirst of a 3 volume social history, Parting the Waters is than a biography of the Rev Martin Luther King Jr during the decade preceding his emergence as a national figure This 1000 page effort, which won the Pulitzer Prize as well as the National Book Critics Circle Award for General Nonfiction, profiles the key players events that helped shape the American social landscape following WWII but before the civil rights movement of the 60s reached its climax Branch then goes a step further, endeavoring to explain how the struggles evolved as they did by probing the influences of the main actors while discussing the manner in which events conspired to create fertile ground for change Also analyzing the beginnings of black self consciousness, this book maps the structure of segregation bigotry in America between 54 63 The author considers the constantly changing behavior of those in Washington with regard to the injustice of offical racism operating in many states at this time.Forerunner Vernon Johns Rockefeller and Ebenezer Niebuhr and the Pool TablesFirst Trombone The Montgomery Bus BoycottA Taste of the World The Quickening Shades of PoliticsA Pawn of HistoryThe Kennedy TransitionBaptism on Wheels The Summer of Freedom RidesMoses in McComb, King in Kansas City Almost Christmas in Albany Hoover s Triangle and King s MachineThe Fireman s Last Reprieve The Fall of Ole MissTo Birmingham Greenwood and Birmingham JailThe Children s Miracle Firestorm The March on Washington Crossing Over Nightmares and Dreams
Parting the Waters: Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement 1954-63 Taylor Branch

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One thought on “Parting the Waters: Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement 1954-63

  1. Frank Stein

    This is simply an unparalleled work of history that makes one appreciate and understand the civil rights movement in a way no other work can It consistently astounds and amazes, which is itself impressive for a tale so often told.To tell the truth, I ve never been very interested in the classical civil rights movement, the one we read about in all the US history textbooks, from the Birmingham bus boycott of 1955 up through the march to Selma in 1965 I thought it was perhaps the most important ev [...]

  2. Clif Hostetler

    This book is the first of three volumes that comprise America in the King Years, a history of the civil rights movement by Taylor Branch which he wrote between 1982 and 2006 The three individual volumes have won a variety of awards, including the 1989 Pulitzer Prize for History This book covers the history of the civil rights movement between the years of 1954 to 1963.This book has over a thousand pages, so I need to confess that I listened to an abridged audio version that is about 6.5 hours lo [...]

  3. Clif

    I first read this book years ago and was so impressed that I put it on the shelf to read again In the meantime, I discovered that this is only the first of three books Taylor Branch has written on the Civil Rights struggle and this time I intend to take them all in.From any perspective, Parting of the Waters is a masterpiece Branch doesn t let a person come into the story without a lively introduction including the character traits that will help the reader keep track of one person among so many [...]

  4. Mikey B.

    A monumental history of America and the Civil Rights movement Superlatives abound It is amazing how Mr Branch can go from the top King, Kennedy, Hoover to people at the very roots of the Civil Rights movement Rosa Parks, John Lewis, William Moore, Louis Allen The cast of characters who made things happen and broke down barriers is astonishing.Dr King is portrayed as a man of moral fibre who knew what was wrong and right in society and deeply tolerant of other people s shortcomings particularly h [...]

  5. Eliz

    For sheer size and detail, it seems inarguable that Taylor Branch has written the definitive Civil Rights Movement history This tome, which I hauled around with me for the better part of three weeks, is only a third of the series In over 900 pages it covers the history of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, the history of King s family in Atlanta and, most extensively, the crescendos and nadirs of the movement from Montgomery to the March on Washington and the assassination of President Kennedy Branch [...]

  6. Bill

    Standing in front of the smoking ruins of the bombed dwelling lately occupied by your wife and newborn daughter before a seething mob crying out to avenge you is a powerful test of a man s character On January 30, 1956, Martin Luther King s house was bombed during the Montgomery Bus Boycott his wife Coretta and daughter Yolanda barely escaped the blast After the bombing, the house was ringed by a thin line of white policemen in imminent fear of attack by a much larger African American crowd Appe [...]

  7. Joel

    Parting the Waters defines what a popular history should be detailed, well researched, and as readable as a novel While the life of MLK is the fulcrum of the work, Branch delves deeply into into areas as diverse as the history of Dexter Avenue Baptist and power struggle between Bobby Kennedy and J Edgar Hoover All this detail means that as Branch moves chronologically through the major events of the Civil Rights struggle, you feel like you have the context to understand exactly what these events [...]

  8. Steve Horton

    One of the reviewers echoed my feelingsis is probably the best non fiction I have ever read King is the axis of this brilliant but disturbing narrative, but the history of the US is skillfully interwoven Although there were many uplifting portions of the story, what a sad commentary on us as a nation What were the outrageous demands of the civil rights movement opportunity and equality In what can easily be characterized as a battle of good vs evil, Taylor takes us from the deep south, where seg [...]

  9. judy

    Part of the definitive trilogy on the Civil Rights movement An incredible read meticulously researched It took him 23 years to complete it Branch is white but a number of years ago I saw him on an MLK Day panel on BET He was surrounded by black leaders from the movement whose names probably any informed person knows What does that tell you about how the people who lived the events in this book think about Branch s version The most amazing thing about this book is that you realize that MLK was on [...]

  10. Kay

    This book has been sitting by my nightstand for a while, but when I heard that Taylor Branch, David Simon, and Ta Nehisi Coates were working together on a screen adaptation of it, it jumped to the top of my list Though I know the vague outlines of MLK s life and of the early days of the mid 20th century civil rights movement, I was like many other Americans and embarrasingly thin on the actual details This book was incredibly helpful at filling out the contours of that narrative, and is a fun re [...]

  11. Tia

    This is the most epic, engrossing history book ever It s pretty difficult to find a 1000 page book that s densely written but you nevertheless can t put down, but this book accomplishes that feat It s the first in a trilogy about the Civil Rights Era, and would be a superior replacement for every history book I had to read from 6th grade on through high school For most of us who sat through Texas history, MLK was reduced to his I have a dream speech, and the particulars of his strategic, meticul [...]

  12. Katy

    This book took me a over year to read, but was worth it I read it off and on over a year and a half Such hatred is hard to read, but the hope of Civil Rights for all is a powerful story.

  13. Richard

    Parting the Waters is about the civil rights movement of mid 20th century America Branch indicates in his title that these late 1950, early 1960 s years were properly The King Years Martin Luther King Jr came of age and had his career path steered by the events that were taking place in America at that time, and in turn he became the single most influential figure shaping the manner in which the civil rights battles would be waged The book is not therefore purely a biography of King, as much as [...]

  14. Doreen Petersen

    A very dark period in U.S history and one that must never be forgotten So much can be learned from these pioneers of the civil rights movement A must read for all.

  15. Fritz

    More a history of the times than a traditional biography, Parting the Waters is a fascinating telling of the American civil rights movement up to the time of JFK s assassination There is a huge amount of material in just this first of three volumes, but the pace and flowing concision of Branch s writing makes it easy maybe even necessary to get through.I ve known of many of the history s major characters and events throughout my life, but I had no sense of how superficial that knowledge was King [...]

  16. Donna

    Did not dock a star for the 20 missing pages in the paperback edition I read Accidents will happen I missed some childhood I enjoyed how smoothly this was written the thing is huge, so it was nice bonus while I propped up the brick, that it was also a decent read This is not always true with biographies The book is very detailed about the civil rights movement and the times in general It s a triple biography that adds names, details and background to all that black and white footage I watched wh [...]

  17. Ira

    The book took me weeks to read through and at times I wasn t too happy about its or my slurring pace but when its all said and done this book is great The book is an almost day to day recounting of the uprising of the civil rights movement and begins with King as a young man Branch captures Kings maturation as a leader as seen through the movement There is also heavy room given to the competing leaders, preachers, etc in the movement as well as the Kennedy administration and the state and local [...]

  18. Rick

    The first volume in Taylor Branch s magnificent three volume biography of Martin Luther King, was first published in 1988, and read by me shortly thereafter Then as they were released I read the second Pillar of Fire, 1998 and third At Canaan s Edge, 2006 volumes Parting the Waters won the Pulitzer Prize and the others have also deservedly won various honors because of the skill Branch brings as a writer, researcher and storyteller in the finest sense of that word He weaves a compelling linked t [...]

  19. Brian Willis

    Simply one of the most important books about American history ever written It is a massive book, 922 pages of text, but then again, its epic scope tells an epic story, one as eventful and difficult as the Book of Exodus for which it is named Prefaced with a brief history of the Baptist Church in the South, it then shifts to MLK s emergence as a preacher there, and proceeds to detail how the Civil rights movement emerged from the churches of the South It obviously focuses in major detail about ma [...]

  20. Neil White

    When I started reading this book, I hadn t yet been hired to my current employer, Bush was still president, and there was no such thing as an iPhone It was January of 2006, and the third volume of Taylor Branch s trilogy had just been released, piquing my curiosity enough to check out the first volume.Six and a half years and a thousand massive textbook sized pages later, I m finally laying this massive tome to rest It didn t take me this long because it was bad quite the opposite it was just MA [...]

  21. Jacob

    I found this on display at my library back for Black History Month and knew I had to read it Formidable is right this hefty book, 900 pages, is both a biography of Martin Luther King, jr and a near day to day history of the American Civil Rights Movement The first of a trilogy, it chronicles King s early life, culminating in his arrival at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery in 1954, the shaky start of the movement with the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and follows King and others through to 19 [...]

  22. Jeni Enjaian

    Some things are obvious about this book without even having to crack the cover, mainly the fact that it is quite long and will take quite a while to get through even for a fairly fast reader This is the reason that I am 5 books behind on my reading challenge In no particular order, here are my thoughts about this book First, Branch penned a smooth, well flowing narrative that somehow spans multiple diverse and far flung characters and events in such a manner that leaves very little confusion in [...]

  23. Jeff Sulman

    Anybody interested in getting nuts and bolts of the civil rights movement Here is the book The first volume of three All the stuff your not taught in Black History month.At 1000 pages, covering King s birth and background to the death of Kennedy, it is very tedious and highly detailed but a must for Civil Rights historians.I look forward to reading the second two volumes.

  24. Jenny

    What an amazing book This is the story of the birth of the civil rights movement The bravery and vision of all the people involved preachers, students, eccentrics, lawyers, everyday folks, children springs to life in these pages One person s action, another s decision, a single voice, each a step towards the realization of King s Dream We still have a long way to go on that path Taylor tells a story that is both frustrating and uplifting it is heartbreaking at times, inspiring at others I am eag [...]

  25. Harper

    The first of three volumes about America in the king years all three are good but this first volume I found moved mr, challenged me and hopefully taught me lessons we could all use in these times The courage of the first actors in the civil rights movement equals that shown by anyone in any age It is hard for us to imagine today what changes were put in motion by simple acts of civil disobedience carried out peacefully even in the face of violent response the book explores the king years but is [...]

  26. Matt

    Great book Thoroughly enjoyed the content, the writing, and Branch s approach to the topic, fusing a biography on King with a history of the larger Civil Rights movement The story has an epic sweep, and this volume of the trilogy takes us from King s forebears through the JFK assassination A very edifying read in many respects Highly recommend.

  27. David Bonesteel

    Taylor Branch has written a magnificent history of the early civil rights movement, using the life and career of Martin Luther King, Jr as a framework Although there is a great deal of information about King s life both public and private, other key players in this great drama also receive extensive treatment Some, such as John Robert Kennedy and J Edgar Hoover, are well known Others have received far less recognition Vernon Johns, the powerful itinerant country preacher who was a kind of grandf [...]

  28. Erik Graff

    First of a three volume study of the civil rights struggle in the United States during the 20th century, Parting the Waters focuses primarily and critically on Martin Luther King, but not without extensive forays into other representative events and their participants Beautifully written and profoundly moving throughout, this book is to be recommended to all citizens.I was too young to be much aware of the period, 1954 63, covered My attentions were on the Kennedy administration and the space ra [...]

  29. Thomas DeWolf

    I participate with a group called Coming to the Table comingtothetable which brings together descendants of the enslaved and the enslavers in the spirit of Dr King s dream that the sons of former slaves and slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of Brotherhood I read Parting the Waters to understand fully what it means to work in the spirit of Dr King I ll soon read the other two books in this series I learned about the Civil Rights movement than I previously knew What sta [...]

  30. Pedsplace

    This is one of the best nonfiction books that I have ever read Easily deserving of a Pulitzer, Branch documents the early history of the Civil Rights movement in a thorough but incredibly engrossing style His approach is nuanced and he does not create black and white characters King is a flawed individual who nevertheless succeeds in rising to greatest, to a large extent, as a product of his times But after reading this book, one is thoroughly astounded and appalled at what life was like in the [...]

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